WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


About Vaping with UPENDS

  • Best CBD & Hemp Extract Vape Juice | Best CBD E-Liquids & Flavors

    1st Apr 2021 | 234 | ZengGreta

    Since we are entering a new millennium, it is very common to find CBD vape oil on the market. These are becoming more and more popular every day, as they successfully give people a calming effect to c...

  • The vape kit designed for user-friendliness

    3rd Mar 2021 | 208 | ZengGreta

    We hear so many stories of people new to vaping being overwhelmed by all the options available. Kits featuring rows of buttons, information screens, flashing lights, changeable settings – and heavywe...

  • Why does everyone love the flavor from Uppen?

    4th Dec 2020 | 249 | ZengGreta

    What’s the secret to great flavor in your vape kit? It’s all about the coil. Lots of vapers find that their chosen juice starts out well, but very soon the flavor is not as strong. Many vapers are a...

  • UPENDS Visual Identity System Update

    4th Dec 2020 | 35 | ZengGreta

    Beloved UPENDS customers and partners,   To reflect our developing mission, we have updated the UPENDS visual identity (VI) system, with a refreshed logo and color scheme. The UPENDS mission is to b...

  • Uppen, As Pretty As It Is Good

    24th Sep 2020 | 221 | ZengGreta

    A top-quality vape product with beautiful aesthetics – this was the aim of the team at UPENDS from the very first stages of developing Uppen. Our vision was to create a classy, high-tech and lightwei...

  • 10 Creative Features of Uppen Vape Pen

    19th Sep 2020 | 285 | Greta

    Shaped in an exquisite pen, Uppen, a portable refillable pod system, is created for people chasing elegance and quality of life. Designed with the joy of life in every detail, Uppen shows an elegant a...

  • UPENDS IECIE 2020 Expo Review

    28th Aug 2020 | 267 | ZengGreta

    From 20th to 22nd August 2020, UPENDS attended the IECIE Expo, showcasing its debut product, Uppen. It was the first expo UPENDS has taken part in since it was established, and was able to reach glo...

  • 2020 International IECIE eCig Virtual Expo

    18th Aug 2020 | 216 | Snow

    From August 20-22, 2020 Beijing time, the IECIE eCig Virtual Expo will be held both online and offline synchronously. Wish you could be in Shenzhen and attend the expo this year? Join our online booth...

  • Why UPENDS is a Premium Vape Brand?

    11th Aug 2020 | 311 | Snow

    There are all kinds of different reasons people use vapes. Some are replacing the traditional cigarette, some are looking to quit smoking altogether, and some are professional trick vapers.Based on ca...