WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

The vape kit designed for user-friendliness

3rd Mar 2021 | 156 | ZengGreta

We hear so many stories of people new to vaping being overwhelmed by all the options available. Kits featuring rows of buttons, information screens, flashing lights, changeable settings – and heavyweight manuals for navigating everything!

While there is definitely a place for complex vape devices that meet the needs of seasoned vapers of all kinds, there will always be a strong demand for easy-to-use devices which perform well.

This is where the Uppen comes in, created by the UPENDS team.

Beautifully crafted in the shape of a classic pen, Uppen is designed to be comfortable to hold, super-easy to use, and perform brilliantly and reliably right from the start.

You may ask, what makes Uppen such a user-friendly vape kit?

Firstly, it is draw-activated, which is very similar to the action and sensation of smoking a cigarette, and involves no buttons or complicated settings. This simplicity was a priority for us at UPENDS when developing Uppen – it’s a major factor in helping smokers successfully break away from traditional cigarettes.

Secondly, we made sure Uppen is super-easy to set up – the manual runs to only two pages, with clear illustrations to accompany the instructions. The device comes with a standard micro-USB charger, and is fully charged in around an hour. The pod which holds the e-liquid is easy to remove, refill and replace, and uses a magnetic auto-focus feature to make sure it’s properly back in place, every time.

Uppen Vape Kit for User-friendliness

Thirdly, we looked at all the details which would make Uppen the most user-friendly vape kit possible. Designed for easy, comfortable handling and use, Uppen is also incredibly lightweight at only 39g – that’s less weight than an average egg! The compact size and stylish cap make it highly portable, easy to slip into a pocket or bag without it collecting dust, dirt and pocket fluff. The cap helps to keep the flavor of your e-liquid fresh, too – no stale-tasting vape juice after a day or so.

We’ve had great feedback from users and reviewers, who love how easy-to-use Uppen is, and how perfect it is as a starter kit, or as a second on-the-go device for experienced vapers.