WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Specifications, Design, Built Quality, Flavors, and Everything to Know About Zaero Disposable Vape

18th Nov 2022 | 268 | upends v

I would recommend disposable vapes to novice vapers just starting their vaping journey. Disposables are simple to use. All you need to do to vape on a disposable vape is to open up the package and inhale. With disposables, you do not have to struggle with constant refills or recharges. Vaping has never been this easy!

Whereas disposables are excellent options, choosing the suitable kit is always a problem. The vaping industry is seeing lots of disposables, some with mediocre features that are out to extort money from vapers while offering little to no value. But some, like the Zaero disposable vape, are ideal. Zaero disposable vape has been tested and proven to be one of the best disposable vapes available.

In this article, we will review the Zaero disposable vape. We will learn more details about its features, performance, design and built quality, and flavors, among many other pertinent details.

Zaero disposable vape- The Little Vape With A Fantastic Price and Low Price

The Zaero disposable vape pen gives vapers the flexibility to select their favorite nicotine levels. The vape comes in four different nicotine strengths (0%, 1.8%, 3%, and 5%).

This vape comes prefilled with 1.8ML of nicotine salt, which is enough to give vapers up to 300 puffs, translating to around a day of vaping per vape pen. Zaero disposable vapes are available in nine different flavors. This is undoubtedly the disposable you should consider if you are looking for memorable vaping experiences.

Specifications, design, and Build quality of the Zaero disposable vape

The Zaero disposable vape feels very similar to posh pods. These pods have a long rectangular shape with rounded edges. They are also lightweight and very small, weighing about 15 grams. You could easily carry a couple or more in your pocket, and you will not feel any weight carrying them around. We measured the Zaero disposable vape in 100mm × 16mm × 7mm.

All Zaero disposable vapes come in full black and look sleek. There is a Zaero logo at the bottom and a small drawing of the flavor above the logo. The words “Zaero” are printed on the bottom of the vape pen. These vapes are sold individually and come prefilled with 1.8ml of e-liquid. This e-liquid capacity is enough to take you through various vaping sessions.

Every Zaero disposable vape comes wrapped in a clear plastic outer casing and a colorful flavor sleeve. Vapers should open the box from the side, remove the plastic protectors covering the top and the bottom of the vape, and start vaping. In other words, the Zaero disposable vape comes ready to vape. There is no need to charge it, and neither are there activation buttons to push. You should only avoid placing your finger at the bottom of the vape as it will block the airflow and interrupt your vaping.

Here is a summary of the features and specifications of the Zaero disposable vape:

  • Prefilled with 1.8ml of e-liquid
  • 0%, 1.8%, 3%, and 5% nicotine salt E-juice
  • Up to 300 puffs per vape pen
  • Disposable
  • Measurements: 100mm × 16mm × 7mm

Getting Started with Zaero disposable vapes

Using Zaero disposable vapes does not require any form of rocket science. The only part that might seem a bit complicated is taking your device from its packaging. The plastic wrapped around the device is usually hard to remove. The packaging also has a paper ring and two silicon plugs. All these items can be recycled. Once you unbox all wrappings from the vape, it is time to go ahead and vape.

Remember, the Zaero disposable vape does not need to be charged. It also comes packed with your favorite e-liquid flavor. As I mentioned earlier, be careful not to cover the bottom of the vape since that is where the air enters.

That is all. No LED indicators, no charging, no e-liquid refills, just vaping. It would be best to dispose of the device once it stops producing vapor. That is why it is disposable.

Performance: How do Zaero disposable vapes Hit?

The hits produced by Zaero disposable vapes vary depending on the nicotine strength you are vaping at. The hit at 5% nicotine is exceptionally satisfying. Although the hit might look a bit high, it is not a brutal hit because of the low power output of the Zaero disposable vape and the smoother hit produced by nicotine salt. In fact, the 5% nicotine hit is only a touch looser than the regular cigarette draw. Heavy smokers might need to inhale a little longer to get the best results. But the 5% nicotine will be ideal for transitioning smokers.

The 3% nicotine is a bit weaker than their 5% counterparts. But if your 5% favorite is out of stock, the 3% option could be the next line. The hits are almost inexistent in 1.8% pods. I do not recommend the 1.8% pods to transitioning smokers. Furthermore, their only use is to taper down nicotine consumption. The same applies to 0% pods.

If the Zaero disposable vapes are left unused for a long time, they might flood, in which case you should try out a couple of strong puffs before receiving your standard hits. If this fails, you should try blowing air from the bottom of the device since that is where air enters the pod.

Flavors for the Zaero disposable vapes

The Zaero disposable vapes are available in seven flavors. The flavors are explained below:


The Zaero’s Tobacco flavor is one of my favorites. The flavor is truly in tune with the strong taste of conventional cigarettes. Some even say that this flavor is akin to a cigar, although that sounds a bit over the top. There is no better way of describing this flavor than terming it as “rich and full.” The best part of the Tobacco flavor is that vapers transitioning from traditional cigars will find it an excellent option.

2. Menthol

The Zaero’s menthol flavor is slightly refreshing with a strong minty taste. Most Zaero disposable vape users prefer this option to all other flavors. It is particularly good for vapers who have been smoking menthol cigarettes. You also get to enjoy Its lingering menthol finish.

3. Chocolate

The chocolate flavor is not a very common appearance in the vaping market. The thing with this flavor is that it tastes somewhat casual and artificial. But it is a favorite option for vapers looking to have a decadent dessert flavor. But it is not too sweet (so don’t expect much from it), although you can vape it all day without a Choco-overload.

4. Blueberry Lemonade

I was not sure about the combination of blueberry and lemonade. But I did love the taste. The blueberry lemonade flavor gives a hint of natural lemonade flavor on the first puff. But continuous vaping transforms the taste to a dominant neutral blueberry taste. The flavors do taste something between blueberry and lemonade. I wouldn’t say I liked it, but that doesn’t mean it is terrible. You might love it.

5. Blue Razz

The blue raspberry gives a sweet taste and is also one of my Zaero favorites. It is not sour- just on the cusp of sweet and tart. This flavor is possibly the best choice of fruity options.

6. Banana

We know most banana flavors with the tendency to taste too artificial and more like chemicals. The Zaero’s banana flavor is no different. I will be frank: I don’t love the banana flavor. It does not taste as sweet as you want it to. Although some Zaero disposable vape users have found the banana flavor to give the right intensity, I suggest you give it a hard pass.

7. Sweet Orange

If you are a fan of orange vape juice, the sweet orange flavor is the one you should consider going for. Although it tastes more like tangerine than orange, I have found this flavor somewhat refreshing.

Pros of the Zaero disposable vape

Here are some reasons that make the Zaero disposable vapes an excellent choice:

  • It is compact and lightweight hence easy to carry around
  • It has an excellent built-quality design
  • It is simple to operate (Just remove it from its package and vape)
  • It has a wide variety of flavors to choose from
  • The 5% nicotine pods provide excellent hits
  • Nic strengths available in four different forms

Cons of the Zaero disposable vapes

  • It has an unnecessary packaging
  • Creates a lot of waste since it is a disposable
  • The 1.8% and 3% nicotine pods provide almost nonexistent hits


There you have it. A complete review of the Zaero disposable vapes. It is now time to go ahead and make your purchase. These pods are cost-effective and come at pocket-friendly prices. I would highly recommend the Zaero disposable vapes, especially to novice vapers.