Chinese pharmacist Hong Liq created the first e-cigarette in 2004, wanting to help himself quit smoking. His father's addiction to nicotine had killed him, so he worked for a long time to find a harmless alternative. Little did he realise at the time that he was giving rise to an industry which would see the birth of a whole subculture of "vapers". Now vaping has become such a mass phenomenon that it is heard even in remote villages where men are still smoking "samokrutki" of tobacco in the garden. Entering the specialized shop can stand with a jaw drooping: the model "vape" and accessories for them so much that sometimes it's easier to choose a car or computer than an e-cigarette. To make your task a little easier, we've put together the 10 most popular e-cig models for a range of prices and features. There won't be any expensive devices here, but we've decided to leave out the disposable ones for a couple of hundred too. The ranking is up to date for 2019.
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    The Yocan Lit vape pen is a unique vape device manufactured by the famous company Yocan.
    Yocan has been a reknown player in the vaping industry as a brand that produces quality vapes at affordable prices, such as the latest Yocan HIT.
    The IQOS is a tobacco product that gives flavor by heating the tobacco and not burning it.
    The Yocan Magneto is an upgrade version of Yocan Evolve Plus. As the name suggests, it has a magnetic loading tool and a magnetic mouthpiece. 
    The Yocan Hit has almost all the essential features of a dry vaporizer, with an inbuilt stirrer, an enormous 1400mAh battery, and a vibrator for added advantage.
    The Yocan Loaded Vaporizer is a unique wax concentrate wax pen with a chest-thumping design and technology geared towards an improved wax concentrate vaping experience.
    The Yocan line-up is Yocan Regen. Regen is one of the best portable wax vaporizers in the market.
    The eGo-T is an electronic cigarette series under the ego division of the Joyetech vape company.
    The Yocan Evolve wax pen boats of a single button and a fixed temperature option to give you nice experience.


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