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How to properly inhale vape?

13th Mar 2024 | 845 | Dickson

Smoking is an age-long practice, and the culture has been around for centuries. This ranges from pipes to tobacco-powered cigarettes and to the latest, which is vaping. It all appears evolution is not leaving any aspects of the human epoch behind. The first commercially successful vape device was launched in Beijing, China, in 2003 by Hon Lik, an inventor, smoker, and pharmacist. Since the idea hit the market, it has been spreading across the world like wildfire.

Many people believe vaping is less harmful than traditional cigarettes. Another reason for the widespread usage of vape is that it has a different taste compared to the static vibe smokers get from tobacco. With vaping, vapers can choose their flavor and have a custom nicotine level that meets their health preference. Vaping is not a big deal anymore. But how many people know how to vape? If you are into vaping, do you think you are vaping right? This article will teach you everything you need to know about vaping properly.

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Should I inhale the vape into my lungs or just hold it in my mouth?

Despite the clear difference between cigarettes and vaping, the two share the same idea in the area of usage. For traditional cigarettes, inhaling starts when you place the cigarette stick right between your lips. The same steps apply to vaping. You must put the vape device in between your mouth before dragging. From there, you can then try out mouth to lungs or direct to lungs. You can pick between the two options because the choice is yours.

In the process, you may realize that the vape is not giving the kind of drag effect that you need, and that may cause concerns. So, what do you do? In vapes, you can increase your nicotine intake. If the hash level is low when you are dragging, the best option is to increase the nicotine level. At this point, you’ve to be careful in choosing a cool vaping experience and your cravings

How long should I hold the vapor in my lungs?

Whether you should hold the vapor in your lungs or mouth is debatable. Some vapers don’t like to hold the vapor in their lungs because if the vape is rich in nicotine, some will escape because it will be absorbed into the body system, and that can be dangerous. Some vapers also believe that holding the vapor in their lungs for a few seconds will help them get a hit. However, the leading consensus is that holding vapor in your lungs does not have any benefit other than helping you get your nicotine hit. But then, holding the vapor in your mouth will give you the same result. So what is the point of holding the vapor in your lungs since you will get the same results if you hold it in your mouth? The bottom line is this. If you think holding vapor in your lungs suits you well, then keep doing it. Nevertheless, it is also essential that you know that holding the vapor in your lungs consistently over time beyond three to four seconds can have a negative side effect on your health.

Can improper inhalation affect the vaping experience?

If you are new to vaping, there is a high chance that you may not get it right on your first attempt. If that happens, don’t panic or feel sad. Remember, it is just the beginning, and you are just taking your first baby steps. If peradventure you do not inhale correctly, the side effect will be coughing or, at worst, a resounding rush of nicotine into your body system.

What are the most popular vaping inhaling styles?

How to Vape Correctly and Inhale Properly? - Vapeciga.comEarlier, we’ve talked about mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung. So, this is the point where we expand the scope around the two concepts of inhaling in relation to vaping.

  • Mouth-to-lungs

This inhaling method works perfectly fine with any vape device with a smaller size as the vape has a high resistance coil, and the e-liquid also has a substantial nicotine level. Mouth-to-lung is a unique way of getting the same feel that smokers get with traditional tobacco cigarettes. The method of carrying out this type of inhaling is straightforward, with fewer technicalities or cheating involved.

The first step is to power on the vape device. When the coil has gotten to your desired heat level, slowly draw the vapor into your mouth. Hold the vapor in your mouth for a few seconds. At best, two seconds. At most four seconds. After that, open your mouth to breathe in the vapor into your lungs. Don’t swallow the vapor because you don’t have to. The moment you can feel the vapor in your lungs exhale immediately.

  • Direct-to-lung

The direct-to-lung is an inverse of the mouth-to-lung. Direct-to-lung works perfectly well with bigger vapes with low nicotine and low resistance coils. The first step is taking a drag from the vape. Draw the vapor into your lungs. Don’t get the vapor in your mouth at any point. Take the vapor into your lungs, and once you feel it, exhale immediately.

The significant distinction between mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung is the nicotine strength of the vape device. In preventing improper inhaling, which will ultimately ruin your vaping experience, the best thing is to make up your mind about your inhaling technique. In doing that, you must know your vape device size, resistance coil, and nicotine level of what you are about to vape.

How do you choose a vaping style that suits your nature?

How to Vape: Learning to Inhale ProperlyThis will be primarily determined by your device type and the nature of the e-liquid that runs through it. Every vape is unique, and every e-liquid has its own consideration. If you are just starting out on vaping, you don’t have to be in a rush. Take your time to build your ability to take in nicotine. Start out with a single-use disposable vape pen with the capacity to carry 2ml of nicotine salt vape juice. The nicotine strength should be around 0mg to 20mg.

However, if you are a smoker and you are trying to migrate into using the vape pen with the hope of using it to stop smoking, then your nicotine desire will not be the same as someone who is not a smoker. Traditional tobacco cigarette smokers need a device that can power the highest nicotine level possible. The objective is to give traditional smokers the ability to vape nicotine at the same level they get from conventional cigarettes.

So, as time goes on, the yearning for nicotine drops, and then the nicotine composition inside the vape, the traditional smoker takes drops in direct proportion to his nicotine yearnings. This will not come easy because it is not all e-liquids that can carry high levels of nicotine smoothly without giving the user a harsh effect on their throats. For this purpose, traditional smokers should try out nicotine salt because it has a lower PH level, which is suitable for carrying high nicotine without giving users the harsh throat effect.

Are there any risks associated with improper inhalation?

Aside from coughing and heavy intake of nicotine, here are other negative impacts of not getting it right while inhaling vape vapor:

  • Mouth and lung irritation

Irrespective of your societal status and net worth, one area of your body you don’t want to have problems with is your lungs. Lung irritation can be painful and overwhelming. If you don’t inhale the vapor properly. When it is hot with harsh vapor, and it manages to get into your throat, the resultant effect is likely going to be throat or lung irritation. Avoid such a situation because it is not healthy.

  • Shortness of breath

When you inhale vapor excessively while vaping, it may lead to loss of breath. If it happens often, it could be dangerous or trigger underlying health problems. The situation is riskier if the user has underlying health conditions, especially heart or lung-related conditions.

  • Loss of interest

What will be your reaction if you don’t get the expected satisfaction from your favorite meal? That is the same experience that you will get when you get it wrong with inhaling while vaping. No matter the flavor you are vaping, the moment you get it wrong while inhaling, there is a high chance that you will lose interest in the entire experience.


Whether you choose between mouth-to-lung or direct-to-lung inhaling style, what matters the most is that you choose the inhaling style that works best for you. If you can, you can practice the two steps. You don’t have to rush the process. Take your time to develop the art, and before you know it, you will be at the top of your game.

Another thing that contributes to a proper inhaling experience is the choice of vape device. With a standard vape pen like the Upbar GT vape, you get a disposable vape pen that’s comfortable for beginners and helps you get a consistent draw. This vape pen is built to give you a great throat hit with every puff.