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Are Vapes Gluten Free?

13th Mar 2024 | 719 | Dickson

Vaping is fast catching up with traditional cigarettes on a global scale. In the face of all the legal fireworks and campaigns against and in support of vape consumption, there is one sensitive aspect that both the government and many vape users are sometimes not paying attention to. The big question is, "To what extent is vaping affecting a user's health?" and "Can those suffering from celiac disease also vape?" Is there gluten in your vape? Let's find out.

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What is gluten?

Gluten in itself is not bad. In fact, humans have been consuming it for centuries. It can be found in different types of foods such as grain, wheat plants, and other types of foods. If you have the time, you can extract gluten from your consumption. However, before you embark on the tedious task, it is essential that you know that gluten is a protein that can be concentrated and naturally occurring. So, since it can be concentrated, it can be added to food to increase the protein level and consumption. You can find gluten in Oats, but it is vital you know that, ordinarily, Oats don't contain protein. However, in a situation where oats are mixed with other food ingredients that have protein, then there is a high chance that the oats will contain elements of gluten after the mixture.

Is gluten harmful to your body?

As stated earlier, gluten in itself is not dangerous since it is a protein in nature. So, if that is the case, what then is the problem? Why is it that some people don't want gluten in their meals or anything they consume? The human body contains digestive enzymes, and these enzymes, among other things, help our body system to break down food. Protease is responsible for assisting our body system in processing protein. But there is a shortcoming. Protease can process protein but not gluten. The undigested gluten becomes the issue. Generally, the undigested gluten makes its way straight into the small intestine.

For some people, undigested gluten does not pose any threat because their body system can handle it. However, in some people, the reality is not the same as undigested gluten can trigger severe autoimmune and dangerous health consequences. The autoimmune response is known as celiac disease, and celiac disease can damage the small intestine. If not properly managed, the situation can have a life-threatening consequence. So, you can see that gluten in itself is not evil, as some people have been projecting it. If it works well with your body system, you should have no fears of consuming foods or products containing gluten.

What are the essential components of vapes?

Free Eliquid Ejuice photo and pictureIf you are new to vaping or have been vaping for a while, this is a perfect opportunity for you to know the essential components of what you have been consuming. Here, we will talk about e-liquid, atomizers, and vape batteries.

  1. E-liquid

The e-liquid is the solution driving the cloud. It is not the engine of vaping, but no matter how fancy a vape pen is, it is of no use without e-liquid. There are different types of e-liquid that you can use on your vape device. Some people prefer e-liquid with a fruity taste, while some people with experience in smoking traditional cigarettes may prefer e-liquid that comes with tobacco-flavored juice.

  1. Atomizers

Every vape pen will indeed have an atomizer, just that they may be of different types. As stated earlier, a vape pen needs e-liquid, but the e-liquid also needs an atomizer. The atomizer converts the e-liquid into flavor. A vape atomizer has a metal coil and a wick. When you power on a vape device, it heats up the metal coil from atomizers. Again, it is the wick, which may be made from wool, depending on the preference of the vape producers, that will absorb the e-liquid. Once the metal coil heats to a point and the wick absorbs sufficient e-liquid, the absorbed e-liquids then turn into vapor.

The three major atomizers are:

  • Cartomizers: Cartomizers are holders of e-liquid used in vapes. It works fine and is suitable for vaping. Users of cartomizers only change the e-liquid holder when the e-liquids begin to give a burnt taste.
  • Disposable: As the name implies, disposable atomizer is best for one-off usage. The moment the e-liquid it holds depletes, it cannot be reused.
  1. Batteries

Vapes have three different types of batteries, and they are:

  • Disposable batteries

Disposable batteries are the earliest form of vape pen batteries. They are known as disposable because once it’s empty, the battery usage is over and cannot be reused.

  • Integrated batteries

These batteries are not detachable from their mother device. It cannot be removed, nor can it be replaced.

  • Removable batteries

These batteries are different from the other two. You can remove it from the main device, and if the bars go low, it can also be recharged.

Are PG and VG gluten-free?

Vaping is a smart alternative to cigarettes because, with vaping, you can avoid nicotine. However, if you are looking forward to cutting off nicotine but also have allergies to gluten, then you need to take extra care because not all vapes are gluten-free. A vape can have less or no nicotine but can still be rich in gluten content. Aside from the vape device's mechanical makeup, the vape e-liquid is one area you cannot handle with levity, especially if your body system can't handle gluten.

While propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, the two key components of e-liquid, are gluten-free, the same cannot be attributed to all the flavors. As stated earlier, PG and VG are vital ingredients used in making e-liquid, but other ingredients also come in handy as well. If you are avoiding gluten, your main focus should not be on PG and VG because they don't constitute any problem with your gluten avoidance.

Instead of the heavy concentration of PG and VG, we recommend that you avoid e-liquid with bread, malt, or beer flavor. If you are avoiding gluten, then any flavor that has malt is not meant for your consumption because there is a high chance that barley content will be present in the e-liquid. Where there is barley, there will be rye, and rye are not gluten-free.

How to avoid gluten when vaping

Free Vape Electronic Cigarette photo and pictureDon't just vape; be aware of what you consume. If you are conscious of gluten consumption and its far-reaching impact on your health, the following steps will help you in keeping yourself safe and healthy:

  • Balance your health needs with your vaping pattern

Yes, you like to vape, but it shouldn't be to the detriment of your health. Before vaping or using any vape products, it is best to know your health needs because not every vape you see on the shelf is meant for everyone's usage. If you are allergic to gluten, then stay away from vape products containing links to gluten.

  • Read through the labels

The primary purpose of labeling a product is to educate potential and active users on how to use the products and, importantly, the ingredients used in making the product. In the case of vapes, manufacturers are mandated to list all the ingredients used in making their products, especially the ingredients they use in making the vape e-juice.

If you have issues with gluten consumption, always read through the label of the vape product. Go through the ingredient details and also do proper research on each item on the ingredient list to know its status in relation to your health. For your safety, check all the items to find traces of ingredients with links to gluten.

Gluten in itself is a protein, but that does not change the fact that it can be consumed by everyone. We all have different body systems that operate differently. Gluten is not bad for everyone, but if it does not work for you, for your safety, please don't use or consume any products with gluten components.


It is important that you know that there are thousands of vape products out there, so you must be careful with the brand you patronize. Some vapes are gluten-free, while some are not. Before buying any vape, check through the vape ingredient list to see if it contains gluten or ingredients with links to gluten. The good news is that one of the gluten-free vape products out there is the Upbar GT vape. It has impressive features including the Tesla valve that encourages better air exchange and e-liquid supply while vaping. Here’s what that means for you: zero chances of getting a dry hit.

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