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How to zero a vape

13th Mar 2024 | 823 | Dickson

Have you ever wanted to enjoy your vape in public but need to do it cautiously without anyone’s knowledge? That’s where zeroing a vape comes in. For many people who live in areas where vaping is banned in public places like movie theaters, shopping centers, workplaces and bars, it can be quite uncomfortable to have that fantastic vape experience with people staring down your face. To zero a vape, this is not about breaking the laws but more about ensuring that you don’t make others around you uncomfortable when you vape. So, this article will take you through how to zero a vape including the amazing art of stealth vaping and the best techniques to make this successful.

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What is stealth vaping?

This is a popular form of vaping where you use a small and discreet device to minimize how much odor and vapor from your vape device goes into the atmosphere around you. Therefore, to successfully engage in stealth vaping, you need to choose the right e-liquid, nicotine strength and flavor that provides decent levels of vapor without sacrificing the maximum throat hit experience. Zero vaping is a form of stealth vaping.

What is zero vaping?

Zero vaping is known as an advanced method of stealth vaping where you take in the vape and exhale no vapor. This is the ultimate vaping method as it gives people around you absolutely no idea that you are vaping. You can achieve this by using small pod devices with high nicotine levels and low wattage coils so as to produce light vapors that don’t form a cloud in the air. With lighter vapor, you can take puffs without producing clouds of smoke in the atmosphere. Therefore, vapers can control their puffing patterns to achieve zero vape visibility when they exhale vapor from their vape pens.

Best techniques to zero a vape

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Now that you get that the idea of zero vape is to be as secretive as possible throughout your vaping session, it’s time to explore some of the best techniques to zero a vape. Of course, this requires mastering how to hold your breath for as long as necessary. So, take as much time as you need to master this.

  • Taking multiple short inhales: This is perfect for beginners as the last thing you want to do is take a long puff that leads to coughing out smoke violently. With this technique, all you have to do is pull a small puff alongside some air through your mouth and nose. The next step is to hold in the air while exhaling vapor, then inhale a bit of air as many times as possible. At this point, your chest would feel enlarged due to the numerous intake of air. Finally, hold your breath for a few seconds and then release the vape. While this might sound complicated, consistent practice will have you mastering this technique in no time.
  • Deep inhale: Just as the name sounds, this will involve taking one deep inhale that will last enough to come out in smokeless vapor. So, start with a small puff which you will push with a deep inhale into your lungs. This should last for at least three seconds or a little more, while maintaining your breath in a deep and steady manner. Finally, slowly exhale while your lips are pursed, and you have successfully done zero vaping.

What are the best devices to zero a vape?

The first step towards success when you want to zero a vape is to choose the right vape devices. This will go a long way in making the process seamless and increases your chances of better delivery. So, here are the devices to look out for.

  • E-liquids

Paying attention to e-liquids helps to reduce how much your vape leaves out a fragrance with each vapor sent into the atmosphere. So, if you truly want that stealth mode, avoid e-liquids with a pungent smell. Look out for vape juices with mild scents, especially fruity flavors and nicotine salts. Therefore, check the scent of your vape pen first. Typically, those with high VG ratios tend to generate big clouds of vapor. For the best results, look out for vape juices with either 50VG or 50PG as this will go a long way in delivering a lovely flavor without that massive cloud of vapor. Nicotine salts also don’t emit strong smells while releasing light vapor.

  • Discreet vape pen

Another important thing to consider when zeroing a vape is to choose a discreet vape pen. You need it to be small enough to fit into your palm as these are usually the types with low-power outputs. Meanwhile, you should also look out for the low wattage which should be compatible with a high-resistance coil. The purpose of this is minimal vapor production so that it doesn’t draw attention. Compact devices make it easy to move around with your vape pen. So, take some time to browse through available options of pod systems and starter kits to get the best results.

What are other stealth vaping techniques I can try?

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Stealth vaping can be done in a wide variety of ways. Here are some other techniques that can give amazing results, as much as zero vaping.

  • Longer hits

Yes, longer hits is one of the most effective stealth vaping technique available. It’s also not surprising that this is quite common as more people prefer to zero a vape this way. All it takes is to have a vape pen that is as discreet as possible and contains high-PG vape flavor. As soon as you have that covered, you should place the mouthpiece for inhaling and activate the vape pen depending on its mechanism. Gently pull vapor from the device until you are quite full and leave this to settle for a few seconds in your lungs. After that, exhale it and the condensation of vapor is as minimal as possible while giving your body amazing nicotine sensation.

  • Vaping into your shirt

If taking longer hits turns out to be more complicated than you can manage, don’t fret. You can easily opt for the technique of vaping into your shirt. This is great when you need to be discreet at the workplace. To vape into your shirt, take a simple inhale of the vapor, hold for a few seconds and blow into your shirt. With this, most of the vapor is absorbed by the fabric of your shirt and that leaves very little to move around in the air. Of course, you have to practice this for a while to avoid mistakes such as taking long and hard hits.

  • Vaping into a napkin

Similar to the technique of vaping into your shirt, you can choose to vape into a napkin. If it’s too much trouble hang your clothing over your mouth every time you vape, blowing the vapor straight into a napkin is a worthy alternative. What works best for this is a paper towel as the goal is to use a material that absorbs as much of the vapor and scent as possible. So, after taking a simple inhale, hold the paper towel over your mouth and gently blow into it.

Is it illegal to zero a vape?

Truly, zeroing a vape comes with its potential risks and it can be considered illegal to vape in public areas where there could be minors. Therefore, you need to be conscious of your immediate environment before engaging in zero vaping. Avoid public spaces with kids or adults that could be threatened through your actions. It’s best to limit your vaping to areas where adults are comfortable with it, such as a party or a private gathering. Therefore, be fully aware of your actions as you consider the legal and reputational consequences as this will help you make informed decisions about where to zero a vape.

Where can I zero a vape?

In many countries such as the US and UK, vaping is mostly legal across open-air spaces. Therefore, with it being acceptable to vape in gardens, riversides and even at parks, you have numerous options to explore this little hobby. Even better, it’s perfectly okay to vape in your home, especially if you’re not intruding on the comfort of the homeowner or any other occupant. Some areas with vaping restrictions include hospitals, business spaces, airplanes and airport terminals, public transports and cinemas. So, be sure to confirm that you’re not about to zero a vape in an illegal area that could lead to more trouble than it is worth.


There’s a common misconception that the smoke from a vape is as bad as that from a cigarette. In fact, some people associate vaping with the addictive habit of smoking cigarettes. So, what this means is that not everyone will be a fan of vaping and that’s okay. One way to show respect for others is choosing the right vape pen. A top choice is the Switch Mini which comes in a variety of fruity flavors and makes it super easy to zero a vape without worries. From the discreet packaging to its impressive wattage features, you know you’re in great hands.