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How to clean a vape

13th Mar 2024 | 194 | Dickson

Every time you change the flavor of your vape juice, this is automatically the right time to clean your vape tank. It’s a great idea to remove residues and clean your vape tank before placing any new flavors to avoid getting them mixed. Imagine how unpleasant it would be to taste remnants of last week’s tobacco flavored vape juice in your new strawberry flavor e-liquid. No doubt, that will ruin your vaping experience. How do you clean your vape when it is time to get rid of the dirt? Here’s our comprehensive guide for you.

Your Guide on How to Clean a Vape Pen

How to clean your vape tank

  • Disassemble your device: The first step is to take out all the removable parts. Get the tank out from the battery mod and the coil from the tank as well. If there is some e-liquid left in the tank, this is the time to empty it out completely. Look out for any other additional pieces that you can separate, including the mouthpiece
  • Place the components in a bowl of warm water: All components except the coil should take a dip in a bowl of warm water. For some proper deep cleaning, you can include a small amount of washing-up liquid and use an old toothbrush to give each part a good scrub.
  • Rinse out: It’s important to properly rinse out your components, especially if you used a washing-up liquid. If possible, rinse out in clean water multiple times to really get it all out.
  • Wipe with a dry cloth: Once your vape tank is clean, carefully wipe with a dry cloth and air dry the components to eliminate any liquid from your vape parts.

For some extra deep cleaning, you can dampen a paper towel with vodka or rubbing alcohol. Then, wipe the inside of your vape tank with this alcohol-soaked paper towel, especially areas where residue may have been deposited. As soon as this is done, rinse the vape tank with warm water to completely get rid of any alcohol residue. Place on a different paper towel to dry for a few minutes and then reassemble when you’re sure it’s completely dry.

How to clean your vape coils

How to Clean Your Vape Tanks and Coils - Vaping360

Cleaning your vape coils doesn’t undergo the same process as cleaning your vape tank. This means that you can’t exactly clean your vape coil. Your vape coils are not meant to get wet as this will damage them and make them burn out. Coils can’t be fixed but you need to look out for when they become worn out. Therefore, it’s best practice to replace your vape coils at least once every four weeks. Of course, this depends on your level of usage. How do you know when you need to replace your coil? The first sign is when your vape device starts giving off a burnt flavor while the actual flavor of your vape juice fades out over time. There are also physical signs, especially the coil looking darker than usual. Maintaining your vape coils involves extra attention to details and not ignoring the signs. If your vape device produces less vapor than usual or experiences leakages, then it’s time to replace your vape coil and not clean them.

How to clean your vape battery

When you examine your vape device, you will notice a main chunky mod section that houses the battery. You’re not expected to clean your vape battery, especially in the same way you would clean your vape tank. The battery is where you would find all the electronic components and you know that water and electricity don’t mix. They should never be placed in the same place. So, if you must clean this area, take out an antibacterial wipe and clean the outside of your mod. This will help to get rid of residue, dirt and germs around this area.

Rather than use water on your vape battery, you should clean the thread where the battery connects with your atomizer or tank. Dirt can accumulate in this area due to leakage or condensation, leading to disruptions in the connection, and poor operation of your vape pen. Therefore, you can clean the battery thread with alcohol-soaked sticks and dry it out properly. This is more than enough to sufficiently clean this part of your vape device. 

Why should you clean your vape?

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How well do you want your vape to function? If you need that smooth performance free of bad taste or poor vapor, then it’s best to clean your vape. Cleaning your vape is one of the best ways to extend the lifespan of your vape device and of course, reduce the costs of replacing damaged parts on your vape pen. It’s no secret that the accumulation of dirt can lead to damages within your vape device. It can negatively impact your power connectors and lead to faster draining of your battery. That would leave you replacing your vape device earlier than planned, leading to extra expenses.

One of the best things about vaping is how you can experience a wide variety of vape juice flavors with a strong throat hit. However, if you don’t dedicate the necessary time towards cleaning your vape, best believe that this will drastically turn down your flavor experience. Not cleaning your vape tank regularly will leave behind a sticky residue that will eventually reduce the performance of your vape mod. Therefore, this is the direct result of flavor contamination. A coil that is overridden by dirt will lead to low levels of vapor production when vaping.

Although there is a consensus that vaping is safer than smoking, vaping can be a risk to your health when the device is poorly maintained. Irregular vape pen maintenance can lead to dirt deposit in your old e-liquid which will be a significant risk to your health as users will be inhaling impurities. Overall, cleaning your vape will improve its performance and make the process as smooth as possible. You’ll notice the free flow of air and how it takes minimal effort to puff a good smoke.

How often should you clean your vape?

This greatly depends on how often you use your vape and if you switch up e-liquid flavors regularly. If you’re the type of vape pen user that loves to change flavors a lot, you would have to thoroughly clean your vape tank each time you take out the flavor for a new one to avoid flavor mixing. If you are not able to do a deep cleaning each time, it is still important to rinse out the vape tank before putting in a new one to reduce the chances of flavor contamination.

Regardless of this, you should do a deep cleaning of your vape tank after every ten refills. You’re also free to clean your vape every time you notice that the device is not producing as much flavor as it should or there’s something different about the flavor experience and not in a good way. Maintaining your vape device means you have to always be aware of changes in its operation. When there are signs like sticky parts, changes in vape taste or clogged pen, you should be able to identify this as early as possible and get to cleaning. Of course, regular maintenance will significantly reduce your device from getting this dirty in the first place.

So, the rule of thumb is that you clean your vape pen as often as you use it. For intensive users, clean your vape device at least once a week. However, if you fall more into the casual vape user category, this can be at least once every three weeks. Take out some time regularly to inspect your device for changes in your coil appearance or cracks on the tank that can lead to leakage.

Best tips for cleaning your vape pen

Here are some practical tips for cleaning your vape pen.

  • Use the right cleaning products

The first step towards having a hitch-free cleaning experience with your vape pen is to use the right cleaning products. It’s always best to avoid using water to clean your main device as this could damage electrical components. A better option is isopropyl alcohol which can be poured into cotton swabs to reach difficult areas.

  • Properly dry out components

For the cleaning procedure that involves placing some components in warm water, you need to pay attention to the drying process. Be sure that all surfaces are dry before assembling your vape device. Leaving moisture when coupling could lead to damages.


Cleaning your vape pen is a smoother experience when you buy the right device from the start. That’s where the Upox Pro comes in. This vape pen has all the impressive features you will need in a device to meet your vape needs while still making it convenient to maintain without hassles. With periodic cleaning, you can be sure that nothing will stand in the way of getting the right throat hit and flavor from your Upox Pro. So, while it is great to maintain your vape pen, it is best to dedicate that energy to the right device that rewards your efforts.