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Is it bad to smoke a burnt vape?

13th Mar 2024 | 854 | Dickson

If you have been subjecting yourself to the taste of a burnt vape due to the need to extend your vape’s lifespan, this is for you. Smoking a burnt vape may seem harmless but is it really safe to do this? Here’s the truth. Smoking a burnt vape can expose you to terrible health conditions that are definitely not worth the risk. Read on to find out why it is bad to smoke a burnt vape and what to do if you’re currently experiencing this.

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Why is it bad to smoke a burnt vape?

In case you haven’t realized the answer to the question “is it bad to smoke a burnt vape,” the undeniable answer is a resounding yes. There’s no way that smoking a burnt vape is beneficial to your overall health. When the vape juice isn’t heated properly, this will burn the coil and result in the burnt aftertaste. However, there are other ways this can be harmful to your body.

  • Inflammation of the lungs

A burnt vape releases the harmful version of its ingredients which have been made to soothe your body. With the harmful versions available in those fumes, they can make their way into your lungs and increase your chances of inflammation. With inflammation comes respiratory complications like shortness of breath and chest pains.

  • Respiratory issues

Smoking a burnt vape continuously for a long time can lead to respiratory issues such as Bronchiolitis Obliterans known popularly as Popcorn lung. This is the result of damages to the small airways in your lungs. Other respiratory issues that can accompany smoking a burnt vape are wheezing, huge bouts of coughing, collapsed lung and chest pains.

What happens when a vape coil is burnt?

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A burnt coil will release harmful chemicals into your body. one of them is Acrolein which experts have shown to cause terrible lung damage and throat irritation. A burnt vape coil also releases the toxin formaldehyde, that has been linked to throat irritations and pulmonary edema. Finally, acetaldehyde which is released by a burnt coil will significantly increase the chances of mouth, throat and lung cancer in vapers.

Why does my vape taste burnt?

Your vape tastes burnt for several reasons and here are some of them.

  • Faulty or overused coils

One of the first things to look out for when your vape taste burnt is the coil. A faulty coil is not necessarily your fault as this could be a problem that is right from the manufacturing phase. However, the coil could also be damaged due to overuse. Sure, coils don’t have an expiry date but they also have a specific lifespan that can vary due to various factors. The lifespan of your coil depends on the operating wattage, how often you vape or the type of coil. Therefore, when the coil is at the end of its life, this will leave behind a burnt taste.

Overuse is also related to chain vaping. Users should give the coil some time to cool down by avoiding multiple puffs continuously. This will make your coil to burn out faster due to overheating. One other common cause of a burnt vape is when the coil is primed incorrectly. When you’re vaping on a new coil, be sure to prime it properly by monitoring how well the wick is soaked with vape juice. If this Is not done correctly, your vape will taste burnt.

  • Choice of vape juice

Your vape juice also matters when vaping. If you don’t choose the right e-liquid, this can lead to your vape tasting burnt. Of course, several brands of vape juice exist in today’s vaping world. Some have a thick consistency that can easily clog up your coils and slow down the movement of e-liquid. Therefore, this will give your vape a burnt taste. This also applies when the vape juice is too watery. The coil will be burnt as the wick won’t soak up the vape juice as fast as it should.

  • Vaping with high wattage

If your vape device has a temperature regulator, you need to pay attention to the wattage when vaping. If this is too high for your coil, it’s inevitable that this will lead to your vape tasting burnt. When the wattage is too high, your vape juice will vaporize too fast when your wick will struggle to re-saturate. This leaves your wick burnt and the resultant bad taste in your mouth.

  • Buying counterfeit disposable vape

Unfortunately, nothing much can be done to stop the production of counterfeit disposable vape. Therefore, there is the possibility that you could buy a counterfeit disposable vape unknowingly. Usually, these contain harmful chemicals that can make your vape taste burnt.

How can I tell if my vape is burnt?

A burnt vape gives off an unpleasant taste. However, this is not the only way to tell that your vape is burnt. There are some other signs to look out for as this will help you know that it’s time to move on from the vape device.

  • Inspect your vape device visually

The best way to tell that you have a burnt vape is to carry out a quick inspection. You should be looking at a device that is clean with a residue-free coil. This will ensure that your vape is functioning optimally. However, if you notice that your vape coil appears darker than normal, this could be a pointer towards a damaged coil that needs to be looked into quickly.

  • Throat irritation

Vaping shouldn’t be a painful experience. You should have a smooth throat hit that contributes towards getting exactly what you need from your vape. However, if you’re smoking a burnt vape, the vapor would leave behind throat irritations. This extra discomfort is due to the acerbic vapor which will lead to painful coughs.

  • Leaking vape pen

A leaking vape pen will leave behind a gurgling sound with every draw of the vape. This is a sign that your coil has been flooded with vape juice and it’s not safe for usage. With a damaged coil, the direct result is a burnt vape as it won’t vaporize the e-liquid properly.

  • Poor vape production

When your vape coil is damaged or overheated, this will lead to a reduced amount of vapor production. Vaping a burnt vape will not leave you with the satisfaction of a cloud after a puff. Instead, if it will produce any vapor, it will be without any real intensity.

How can I avoid a burnt vape?

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Now that you know why your vape pen tastes burnt, how can you prevent this from happening again?

  • Avoid chain vaping

Yes, chain vaping can give you a satisfactory hit back-to-back, but this is not good for your vape device. Taking too many puffs consecutively is a definite way to damage your vape device as this will lead to an unpleasant burnt taste. With chain vaping, you have to take long and frequent puffs without any real pause in-between. This is pretty much the same as chain smoking. However, when you do this, the cotton wicking material inside the coil has no time to soak up fresh vape juice between the puffs. The direct result of this is dry cotton which is still being heated by the atomizer coil in the vape tank. This leads to a burnt cotton wick that will cause that unpleasant burnt flavor. Therefore, it’s best to avoid chain vaping.

Instead of chain vaping, look out for disposable vape devices with high nicotine strengths of not less than 20mg (2%) nicotine salt. With this, you don’t need multiple puffs to get a good hit of nicotine. Take breaks between each puff to avoid overheating your coil and getting dry hits.

  • Always watch your e-liquid level

Don’t be tempted to vape a device that doesn’t have sufficient e-liquid as this can be harmful for both the device and your body. Therefore, you should always look out for your e-liquid level to ensure that there’s always enough for the coil and wick to vaporize, producing the right throat hit. Vaping without sufficient vape juice is one of the reasons why a vape would taste burnt. This is the sign that it’s time to refill or replace your device with a new one. If it is a closed pod system, it’s definitely time to replace the device.

  • Buy only genuine vape devices

Where you buy your vape devices from is just as important as the type of vape. Retailers like UPENDS have set themselves apart as a source for genuine vape devices. Therefore, you should always double-check to ensure that you’re not buying counterfeit vape devices. One of the top disposable vape pens available on the store is the Upox Pro that gives that impressive throat hit and makes maintenance easy. With this vape pen, there’s little chance of smoking a burnt vape as every part is made with genuine material.


So, there it is. It is bad to smoke a burnt vape. Reduce the chances of being exposed to health risks from vaping by buying only quality vape devices like the Upox Pro.