WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

A Complete Review of the Rick and Morty Disposable Vape

18th Nov 2022 | 964 | upends v

You might have heard of or seen Rick and Morty on your tv screens. I first heard of the name Rick and Morty from a popular cartoon series created by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland. So when I heard of Rick and Morty disposable vape, I was curious. I wanted to know its features, performances, pros, and cons, plus all other pertinent elements I would find suitable.

This article provides a complete review of the Rick and Morty disposable vape. It will explore essential elements such as how good the Rick and Morty disposable vape is, their prices, how long they last, performance flaws portrayed by these disposables, and many other elements deemed necessary. So without much ado, let us dive in:

Overview of the Rick and Morty disposable vape

The Rick and Morty disposable vape, sometimes called the Movkin RandM Dazzle, is a disposable vape pen that has been around for some time. The vape pen uses a clear tank, a colored LED light, and artwork depicting the cartoon characters of the Rick and Morty disposable cartoon series.

The vapes with 6ML nicotine tanks. It also features a strong battery capable of giving up to two thousand puffs. The vape pen is also available in eight different flavors. One thing I have loved about the Rick and Morty disposable vape is that it is chargeable. It means that one can use all available e-liquid before disposing of the vape pen.

How is the Vapor production of the Rick and Morty Disposable Vape

If you are the kind of vaper who want to cover your face in a cloud of smoke, then this option might not be the best for you. What else can you expect from something that uses five percent salt nicotine?

To cut a long story short, the Rick and Morty disposable vape is not very good with the vapor production. The amount of vapor it produces is about the same amount one would receive from a regular cigar. It is an ideal vapor for those who want to vape without drawing significant attention to themselves.

The Build and Design Quality of the Rick and Morty Disposable Vape

Like most disposables, the Rick and Morty disposable vape has excellent built and design quality. The design has a smooth and solid feel. Moreover, the vape does not rattle nor produce strange sounds as you operate it.

The vape also features a transparent, integrated tank with a round drip tip, providing a comfortable fit within the lips. Its design is also comfortable to hold. Its small stature gives it portability features which is good because you can throw two or three in your pocket, and you won’t even feel the weight.


The Rick and Morty disposable vape is available in eight exceptional flavors. This flavor variety is good since it gives vapers the freedom of choice and the chance to enjoy their favorite taste in a vape. The eight flavors are listed below:

  • Walnut
  • Blueberry ice
  • Green apple lemon
  • strawberry cake
  • cool mint
  • Guava
  • Iced grape bombs

The only bad side of Rick and Morty disposable vape as far as flavors are concerned is that they do not have tobacco and coffee flavors. The two flavors are common among most vapers who use them as nicotine replacement therapy. For such vapers, something tasting like a cigarette will be a big plus for them.

The Battery Life of The Rick and Morty Disposable Vape

One of the most vital factors to consider when buying a disposable vape pen is its battery life. Most disposable are non-rechargeable, and therefore, the battery life matters. It would be bad to throw away your vape because the charge is exhausted when there is still some e-liquid left inside.

The good thing about the Rick and Morty disposable vape is that it is rechargeable. So even if the charge is exhausted, you can charge the vape and continue vaping. You will only dispose it once the e-liquid is depleted.

The Rick and Morty disposable vape uses an integrated 1100mAh battery. This battery capacity is enough to take you through several vaping sessions, giving up to two-thousand puffs.

How Do I Use The Rick and Morty Disposable Vape Pen?

Using the Rick and Morty disposable vape is pretty simple. No form of rocket science is needed. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use the Rick and Morty disposable vape.

Step 1:Take the Rick and Morty disposable vape out of its package

Step 2:Pull off the silicone plug on the mouthpiece

Step 3:Tear the sticker located at the bottom of the vape pen and allow the vape to settle for about five minutes

Step 4:The dazzle is now ready to use

What is the cost of a Rick and Morty Disposable Vape?

Another factor to consider when you go shopping for a disposable vape is its price. There are different models of the Rick and Morty disposable vapes, and each model has a different price attached to it. But the prices usually range from $9.99 and go up to $19.99.

Models of the Rick and Morty Disposable Vape

The Rick and Morty disposable vapes are available in the following variants:

  • Ricky and Morty Max
  • Ricky and Morty Dazzle
  • Ricky and Morty Mini

What is the Major Problem with the Rick and Morty Disposable Vape?

There have been reports that this disposable is not associated with the trademark brand and is therefore considered counterfeit. Additionally, this vape is not associated with any known regulation or certified ingredients, which further raises vapers’ eyebrows. A friend who used this vape pen before also complained of issues with hitting. All these issues bring us to the next big question: Are Rick and Morty Disposable Vape pens safe for use?

Are Rick And Morty Disposable Vape Pens Safe For Use?

Like all vapes, disposables are generally considered safe for use (especially healthwise) than conventional cigars. You should know that vapor and smoke are two different things and that vapes do not produce harmful substances that are harmful to human health, such as tar and carbon monoxide. Tar and carbon monoxide are the most toxic ingredients of Tobacco.

The fact that Rick and Morty disposable vape pens are not made by legitimate copyright owners raises a question about their safety. These vapes are manufactured in China with no known standard or accredited regulation attached to them. Their safety is, therefore, unknown. Even worse are the compliance issues associated with these vapes. If you are the cautious type of vaper looking for safe disposable vape pens, the Rick and Morty disposables might not be the thing for you.

User Reviews

“I came across the Rick and Morty disposables on Alibaba and decided I would try them. I am a fan of strawberry cake, and so I went for that flavor. I would be lying to say I experienced any performance issues with this vape. I loved the way it worked, and the flavor tasted exactly the way I wanted it to.” Kelvin Phillips.

“A friend recommended this product to me, and I decided to give it a try. I am a big fan of rechargeable disposable vape pens, and I am always looking to have something I can rely on for two weeks or so. The Rick and Morty disposable did not disappoint. I would 100% recommend this product to anyone looking for a durable and dischargeable vape pen. I also loved their flavor variety. They have something for everyone.” Wayne Armstrong

“This is undoubtedly the worst disposable vape pen I have ever used. I was lured by its fancy name, having followed the Rick and Morty cartoon show a few years ago. It is a decision I would live to regret. They have a very narrow flavor selection. The flavors taste weird, and lots of performance issues. The manufacturer is not known, and the vape has lots of safety concerns. I will not recommend this vape to anyone. Not even my worst enemy. Anonymous

My Final Verdict About this Product

Not so much is known about the Rick and Morty disposable vape. I had a hard time finding one for this review. This is not a product I would give any high rating. It has some performance concerns and a narrow flavor selection. However, if you are a big fan of cartoons and looking for something that brings with it a novelty factor, then you can proceed and give the Rick and Morty disposable vape a try.