WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Why does everyone love the flavor from Uppen?

4th Dec 2020 | 248 | ZengGreta

What’s the secret to great flavor in your vape kit? It’s all about the coil.

Lots of vapers find that their chosen juice starts out well, but very soon the flavor is not as strong. Many vapers are also familiar with an unwelcome burnt taste infiltrating the flavor of their favorite e-liquid.

Here at UPENDS, we set out to solve these problems with some pretty intensive research and development, drawing on our long and in-depth knowledge of vape technology production. We knew that, to improve the flavor experience, we had to look at the coil in detail, and introduce improvements to every aspect in order to bring users a fulfilling and sustained flavor.

Original Flavor from Uppen

The result is the EtchipTM coil, fully developed by the UPENDS team and featuring in our flagship Uppen kit.

It’s a true gamechanger, as the first mesh coil to be installed in a pod device. The mesh is created using a highly accurate etching technique, resulting in a high-resistance strip which gives a larger, more evenly heated area compared to traditional wire rolls. The mesh is paired with a flax-based absorbent carrier to trap and deliver the liquid, which our research has shown to give a superior performance when compared to standard cotton.

This combination of uniform heating ability with a stable carrier helps to regulate and control the e-liquid’s penetration rate very precisely. From the very first puff, users experience flavorful and fulfilling vaping with fast, thick vapor, and none of the unpleasant burnt taste so common to many devices.

MTL Etchip Mesh Coil of Uppen

Installed in the Uppen, EtchipTM has been tested with a wide range of popular e-liquids with varying PG:VG ratios, including freebase, nic salt and CBD e-liquids. Depending on the ratio of your favorite juice, the pod should support up to five refills.

Don’t just take our word for it! The feedback from reviewers, vape retailers and vapers has, time and again, emphasized what a great flavor they are getting from Uppen. Just a few words from the many professional reviewers to have given their opinion: Vape Don’t Smoke said, “I’m getting plenty of vapor production, and I’m getting plenty of flavor. Nice thick billowy clouds, I’ve got a 70% VG juice in here and it is wicking no bother.”

DJLsb Vapes stated, “The way this thing vapes is definitely the quality that stuck out to me the most. Even now, a week later, it’s still providing a great flavor with the right warmth and the perfect mouth-to-lung restriction for my liking.”