WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Uppen, As Pretty As It Is Good

24th Sep 2020 | 219 | ZengGreta

A top-quality vape product with beautiful aesthetics – this was the aim of the team at UPENDS from the very first stages of developing Uppen. Our vision was to create a classy, high-tech and lightweight refillable vape pen which performs beautifully and looks great in any situation! 

The pen body is made from adonised aluminium, giving a light yet sturdy product with a long life-expectancy – we want Uppen users to get years of satisfying, fulfilling vaping with their kit.

Every part of Uppen has been carefully designed using ergonomic principles – it was our priority to create a product which feels pleasant to the touch, is easy to hold and handle, and an ideal size for carrying comfortably in a pocket or bag.  

Uppen’s barrel features decorative fluting which was inspired by the shape of classic Roman columns, while classical music was the influence in the design of the mouthpiece, which is fashioned on that of a Yamaha clarinet, for the most comfortable vaping experience. That’s not the only notable thing about Uppen’s mouthpiece; it also has a highly effective antibacterial function, which you can read more here.

All of this is topped off with the snug-fitting cap, which keeps your Uppen clean when you’re not using it. The cap sports an 18K gold-plated clip embossed with the UPENDS logo, giving a subtle extra touch of class. While you’re enjoying the smooth draw and sustained flavour from your Uppen, the cap can be securely placed on the bottom of the kit, avoiding it becoming lost. A simple but effective solution!

Whether you are a first-time vaper or have enjoyed vaping for many years, we’re sure you’ll agree that Uppen is the sophisticated, great-quality vape product you’ve been looking for!  

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