WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


About Vaping with UPENDS

  • Regarding Questions Over Uppen’s Pen-Style Design

    11th Aug 2020 | 198 | Snow

    Uppen is a pen-shaped refillable vape pod designed for adult smokers, released earlier this year by UPENDS. With more and more vapers getting to know Uppen, some controversy over Uppen’s pen-shape de...

  • The Story Behind the World’s First Antibacterial Vape Pen

    11th Aug 2020 | 250 | Snow

    Why did we at UPENDS decide that a vaping solution with antibacterial properties was important? A recent quote from UK academic Dr Suzi Gage has highlighted this particular issue, focusi...

  • Cleaner Vaping with Uppen

    4th Aug 2020 | 302 | Snow

    Many vapers are concerned about the hygiene of the kit – as an item which is in regular close contact with our mouths, this is an understandable worry.  Uppen – our flagship vape pen – has been d...

  • A New Type of Mesh Coil

    31st Jul 2020 | 308 | Snow

    With years of experience in the vape kit manufacturing industry, the UPENDS team know well the problems many users have with spitting, popping, burnt taste, leakage – all of which are related to the ...

  • UPENDS Giveaway Terms & Conditions

    31st Jul 2020 | 300 | Snow

    The Promoter is: UPENDS of1202, B3 Building, NO.15 Keyuan RD, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China. The competition is open to entrants aged 21 years or over, except employees of UPENDS, and their close...

  • The Story Behind The UPENDS Brand

    31st Jul 2020 | 279 | Greta

    With the prevalence of tobacco smoking as a major part of popular culture, countless lives on earth have been affected. In the mid-20th century, people finally recognized the harmful effects of the ci...

  • UPENDS, the Boutique Vape Brand Established to Redefine Vaping

    21st Jul 2020 | 300 | Greta

    SHENZHEN, China, Dec 11, 2019-- UPENDS, a boutique vape brand which is committed to decline roughness in vape industry and pursue refinement to redefine vaporizers, is established. Being the subsid...

  • UPENDS Releases World's First Antibacterial Vape Pen

    21st Jul 2020 | 270 | Greta

    SHENZHEN, China, Mar 11, 2020--UPENDS released the world's first antibacterial mouthpiece used in its new vape device, Uppen, on March 11, 2020.  Uppen, a portable refillable pod system, adopts a s...

  • Uppen Vape Pen Antibacterial Test Report

    16th Jul 2020 | 208 | Snow

    GUANG ZHOU INSTITUTE OF MICROBIOLOGYTEST REPORT Date Received:Apr.9.2020 Date Analyzed:Apr.14,2020   According to the customer request,add killing rate. Killing rate(Ct-Tt)/ Ct Ct: Bacteria counts ...