The Story Behind The UPENDS Brand

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    The Story Behind The UPENDS Brand

    With the prevalence of tobacco smoking as a major part of popular culture, countless lives on earth have been affected. In the mid-20th century, people finally recognized the harmful effects of the cigarette. In 1969, the members of the European and American Executive Boards of the WHO adopted a resolution to prohibit smoking in WHO meeting places.

    In 2005, the first e-cigarette was launched in China, marking the birth of e-cigarettes and people’s yearning for health. Instead of burning traditional tobacco, e-cigarettes can effectively avoid the harmful substances so that users can enjoy a healthier way of intaking nicotine.

    Since 2010, new products in the e-cigarettes field have rapidly developed in increasingly diversified forms. By this time, China had already become the largest OEM rather than the largest e-cigarette market, with over 90% of the world's e-cigarette equipment being produced in Shenzhen. Meanwhile, the global ecigarette market was growing rapidly and vaping becoming a worldwide popular-culture pastime. In 2014,  vape was named as the word of the year by Oxford dictionary. Ever since, the Bohemian charm of the old Marlboro man has given way to images of a group of friends sharing e-cigarettes on social networks.

    The boom of the e-cigarette industry has attracted countless merchants and brands. Behind the prosperity, issues of varying quality, copycats, even shoddy products and mercenary behaviour emerged one after another. Some observers felt that the industry's flightiness was pushing the e-cigarette sector into an abyss.

    In late 2019, a team eager to overturn the rough image of the e-cigarette industry emerged. Supported by a manufacturing team with over 10 years’ accumulated experience, the team determined to start out on an elegant boutique path. The team named themselves UPENDS,  taking  Refine and Redefine as the underlying philosophy.  Instilling  details,  artistry,  style,  craftsmanship and  taste into the UPENDS gene, they aspired to create an elegant and casual e-cigarette experience for  vapers around the world.

    Throughout the history of tobacco, its addictive nature has meant that many smokers have been unable to rid themselves of the addiction. Now, e-cigarettes developed for smoking cessation with less harm, offer a new way out of the situation. UPENDS firmly believes that the world will not need any form of tobacco in the future. In order to achieve the purpose of tobacco replacement or even smoking cessation, UPENDS has been focusing on refining the e-cigarette so that more and more smokers would take up this alternative.  

    UPENDS Releases the World’s First Antibacterial Vape Pen

    SHENZHEN, China, Mar 11, 2020--UPENDS released the world's first antibacterial mouthpiece used in its new vape device, Uppen, on March 11, 2020. 

    Uppen, a portable refillable pod system, adopts a specialized antibacterial material for the mouthpiece, which effectively reduces the ability for bacteria to multiply, providing a more sanitary experience.

    According to the laboratory testing carried out for the company, the antibacterial rate of the mouthpiece against three common bacteria within 24 hours was over 99.9%. The dirt-resistant cap prevents stains from blotting on the mouthpiece of the Uppen vape pod system in daily carrying and storage.

    Uppen is equipped with the latest flax-based ETCHIP technology. Uppen is the first vaping device to utilize a strip coil, which solves the problems of spitting and popping due to uneven working temperatures.

    Kevin Zor, the Product Director of UPENDS said,  "We focus on each detail during use and strive for an easier, more pleasant and perfect experience."  The 18k gold pen clip guarantees the security and portability of Uppen.

    Adopting the 360-Degree Magnet Auto Focus Connection, this pod system can be automatically drawn back to its position with an instant vibration click. You can handle it even without a glance at it.

    Uppen has been available across the globe in early April this year.

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