WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

A New Type of Mesh Coil

31st Jul 2020 | 224 | Snow

With years of experience in the vape kit manufacturing industry, the UPENDS team know well the problems many users have with spitting, popping, burnt taste, leakage – all of which are related to the performance of the coil.

This is why we have created the EtchipTM coil, which sits at the heart of Uppen.

Our research showed that an even distribution of power throughout the whole coil is important in controlling heat, and we developed a special mesh formed not from wire rolls but a high-tech etched  nickel-chromium/ nichrome metal which gives a much larger heating area. This high-resistance strip creates a perfect vaping experience, with the enlarged heating area improving the temperature’s uniformity and controlling the e-liquid’s penetration rate precisely.

vape pen

Etchip™ uses a special flax as the absorbent carrier, which prevents dry hits and a burnt taste with a fast e-liquid delivery speed. Meanwhile, the flax base traps the e-liquid,  preventing the spitting and spillage seen with many other coils.


With many positive reviews of Uppen particularly highlighting the great, sustained flavour experienced even with extended use, we’re sure you will agree with us that this is the way forward in coils!