WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Cleaner Vaping with Uppen

4th Aug 2020 | 266 | Snow

Many vapers are concerned about the hygiene of the kit – as an item which is in regular close contact with our mouths, this is an understandable worry.

 Uppen – our flagship vape pen – has been designed for a cleaner, more hygienic vaping experience. You may have already heard about Uppen’s antibacterial function to really enhance the cleanliness factor, Uppen also features a snug-fitting cap, which acts as a barrier to dirt when not in use. This also makes it much easier to slip the pen into your bag or pocket without worrying that you will need to clean fluff off the mouthpiece before you next use it!

The cap has been cleverly designed so that while you are vaping, it fits securely onto the base of the pen, so that you can be sure not to lose it. Topped with the 18K gold-plated UPENDS logo and clip, the cap is also that little extra detail to bring a sense of class, wherever you are!