WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Why Your Vape Tastes Burnt and How to Fix It

5th Mar 2021 | 39 | upends v


1.     The UPENDS Guide to Causes of Burnt Taste and How to fix it

Vaping is an enjoyable exercise, and many people who have quit smoking praise vaping as the best alternative to smoking. Regardless of the vaping equipment you are using, experienced, or experienced, you may often experience a burnt taste when vaping.

The burnt taste and vapor cloud may affect your throat and cause a serious cough. This is the least you could expect from your vape as it is unpleasant. If you are new to vaping and experiment with a burnt taste, you may quit vaping and opt for smoking, but this should not be the case.

Burnt taste does not mean vaping is bad, and you should quit. Our guide here will open to you the causes of a burnt taste during vaping. After knowing why we experience this taste, we shall then learn how to correct it and prevent such a shortcoming in the future.


Before we get into the causes of a burnt taste, it is good that we understand some of the most confusing vaping experiences; burnt hits and dry hits.

2.     What is the Difference between Burnt Taste and Dry Taste?

Most vapers use burnt taste and dry taste to mean the same thing, but they are two different experiences. A dry taste is not pleasant and less shocking when compared to a burnt taste.

You will start experiencing a dry taste as soon as the wick of your coil starts drying up. Unlike the burnt taste, a dry taste gives you less flavor without coughing and nastiness.

A dry taste is an indication that a burnt taste is on the way, but this is not the usual experience with vaping, but why are they occurring?

3.     Why does your Vape Taste Burnt?

A burnt taste is unpleasant and may expose you to a coughing effect. You may have made the mistake of powering your atomizer when there is no enough e-juice on the wick. Here the coils will start burning the wick, and then you will inhale a burnt taste.

Here are the reasons attached to a burnt taste;

        i.            High Power Vaping

Different coils come with varying wattage limits, and when you vape at high wattages, the e-liquid vaporizes very fast. As this happens, the wicks fail to re-saturate; thus, the coil ends up burning them, causing a burnt taste.

Always understand the wattage standards of your coils to make sure you don’t exceed the recommended limit. In case you experience a burnt hit, make sure you quickly check to the mode and see if you accidentally switched to a high wattage setting.

      ii.            Chain Vaping

This is the most common cause of a burnt vaping taste, more so to new vapers. Chain vaping simply means taking lots of puffs consecutively without allowing the wick to soak up the e-liquid. This makes the wick dry and maybe burnt by the coil.

When you notice that a burnt taste is developing, you need to slow down in puffing to allow your wick to soak.

    iii.            Priming your Coil Incorrectly

This is a common occurrence on new coils. When using a new coil, you need to take time and prime the coil head before refilling the vape tank.

Priming is simply meant soaking the wick in the e-liquid directly before you start vaping. This serves to make sure that the wick is completely saturated.

The wick is made less porous as it is made from dry cotton, which is tightly compacted. So, if you don’t prime it well, you are likely to experience a burnt taste.

    iv.            Vape Juice Running Low

It is always advisable that you keep your vape tank filled up with your favorite e-liquid. You need to make sure that the e-liquid covers the input holes around the sides of your coil head to avoid the risk of burning your wick and end up experiencing a burnt taste.

To avoid such a shortcoming, make sure your tank is always full or does not get below a quarter full.

      v.            How do you Fix a Burnt Hit?

As discussed above, the main cause of a burnt taste is when the coil gets burnt. If we take good care of the coil, then we could solve the burnt taste feel.

One of the main ways of making sure your coil does not get burnt is to prime it properly.

Here are ways that can fix the burnt hit experience:

    vi.            Priming Your Coil

As discussed earlier, priming the coil simply means soaking your new coil into an e-liquid to make it saturated before using. Whereas the concept of priming similar, it varies from one vaping equipment to the other.

4.     Priming Vape Tank Coils

Vape tanks come with replaceable coil heads that can be primed using a similar priming process. Here is a simple priming process:

  • Have a new coil ready
  • Drip a few drops of an e-liquid inside the coil and on the wicking holes
  • Fill the e-juice tank with your favorite e-juice
  • Have your tank screwed on the mod and allow it to settle for 10 minutes. Inhale the vape through the tip without firing to speed up the priming process.
  • If you use a vape tank with adjustable wattage, make sure you start vaping at the lowest wattage setting.

When the coil is fully primed using this process, you will be sure that you will enjoy the best vaping experience with no burnt taste.

5.     Priming a Refillable Pod

Refillable pods come without an e-liquid, and you are required to refill them. Since the coil is in-built, priming it is easy.

  • Fill the pod with your preferred e-liquid
  • Allow the system to settle for a while
  • Inhale some puffs on the pod without the battery to make sure the liquid gets into the wick to avoid dry hits
  • Make short puffs to start with on your first vape

6.     Let's have a Look at the Common FAQs Associated with Burnt Taste and fixing it

How do I tell if my coil is burnt?

You may have taken into account all the mechanisms to keep of the burnt taste, but you still experience it. If this is the case, then maybe your coil has already burnt cotton inside. This will continue producing a burnt feel.

This is the time to grab a new coil and replace it to continue enjoying the best vape.

How often should I change Coils?

Coils do not come with an expiry date but get spoiled depending on how you use them. Different factors may determine the lifespan of your coil, including:

Frequency of use- the more you vape, the faster your coil gets spoiled. If you consume more milliliters per day, you are expected to have your coil changed sooner.

Wattages- the coils come with recommended vaping wattages. If you vape at elevated wattages, your coil may get strained, and its lifespan is reduced. Vaping below the recommended wattage is not good either due to residues' accumulation that reduces its lifespan. You need to make sure you operate at the recommended wattages.

Why does my New Coil still taste bad?

You may be unlucky here. If you just changed your coil and primed it well, but it still tastes bad, then you must have been duped.  Now that there is a growing demand for vaping equipment, some developers may have produced a dysfunctional coil, and you need to have this coil changed. This brings us to the question: where can I buy the best vaping equipment?

7.     Where to Buy the Best Vaping Equipment

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8.     Conclusion

Vaping is the best alternative to smoking, but you will enjoy it depending on how best you use the vaping equipment. One of the shortcomings in vaping is the burnt taste, and with this guide, you will not experience it anymore.