About UPENDS



    UPENDS is an independent business subsidiary of ALD GROUP LIMITED.

    While standing behind many great vaping brands for more than 10 years, providing design and manufacturing support behind the scenes, at ALD Group Limited we have been eager to do something more exciting. In December 2019, we created UPENDS to start serving the worldwide vaping community directly.

    We formed when the vaping industry was still in its infancy in 2009. In contrast to many other players, we fully believe that vaping offers an effective alternative to combustible tobacco, and that it can significantly help the world suffer less from the harmful effects of tobacco. Thus, we have continually invested extensively in the research and development of ENDS (Electronic Nicotine Delivery System), staying true to our vision even during the hard times of the industry. We are glad to see that more and more traditional smokers are switching to vaping and improving their life, and we expect to see more.


    While we are happy that tens of millions of smokers are switching to vaping, and that the industry keeps growing, we also note that the vast majority of smokers have yet to accept vaping, simply because most vaping products are still too far away from their expectation. 

    To better serve the majority of smokers, UPENDS focuses on designing next-level vaping devices for adult smokers looking to quit. We look into every single detail that smokers care about, aiming to bring them a better vaping solution, and to help them switch to a less harmful alternative earlier.


    Details matter.

    We redefine ENDS by refining it in every single detail.

    We help adult smokers switch to vaping by providing a NEXT-LEVEL vaping experience.