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Zen Vape Pen: Buying Guide of the Best Zen Vaporizer in 2021

23rd Apr 2021 | 153 | upends v

A well-functioning and the simple vaping device is what you want. There are very many brands of vape pens in the market. But which is worth buying? Today we want to cover Zen vaporizers. There are various Zen vaporizers, but we will cover the best in 2021.

So, which is this vaporizer? Zen Stilus Pro Convection evaporator. This vaporizer uses the latest vaping technology and offers you flexibility and freedom of vaping.

That being the case, we will cover features, specifications, pros & cons, and more.

Let's begin.

Features and Specifications of Zen Stilus Pro Convection Evaporator

In this section, we discuss the features and specifications of this Zen vape pen.

Zen Stilus Pro Convection Evaporator

Zen describes this vaping device as one with the best functionality and simplicity. Additionally, this evaporator has an elegant style and is versatile. For pure and tasty vapor, this device uses convection heating technology.

So, the following are features of the Zen Stilus Pro Convection evaporator.

Convection Heating Technology

Your vaping sessions will not be the same again. This is because this Zen vaporizer uses convection heating technology.

Zen Stilus Pro convection evaporator is ideal for herbs. But you can also use waxes and vaping oils.

This is because it has separate chambers.

Thus, making your vaping enjoyable. The convection heating technology works by ensuring the herbs, waxes, or vape oil is uniformly and gently heated. The hot air generated gets out of the chambers by convection.

The vapor is pure and tasty. This makes you enjoy vaping from the first puff to the last.

NB: The heating time is approximately forty-five minutes.

Wide Temperature Range

Do you want to vape using a lower or higher temperature? This vaporizer allows you to set the temperature of your choice. When you have this vaping device, you can select the heating temperature from 80°C to 220°C.

Furthermore, you can change the degree-precise setting from Celsius to Fahrenheit. Thus, making use of the device simple.

2 Operating Modes

Either set normal or time operating mode; these modes control the device as you vape. The normal mode enables the vaporizer to heat the e-juice, wax, or herb to your set temperature. When you don't vape for five minutes, the Stilus Pro automatically goes off.

The time mode allows you to set the minimum and maximum temperatures, and the vaporizer's time should heat. When the set temperature is attained, the heating stops, but the vape pen keeps the temperature constant for the time set.

When the set time is almost elapsing, the evaporator vibrates for thirty seconds to the end time. You can increase the time by two minutes.

Do this by pressing the power button twice. In case you forget the remaining time, you can view that by pressing the power button and view the display.

LED Panel

Get to view the charging level, operating mode, battery level, temperature, and heating process through the LED panel. This display gives you real-time information about your vaporizer.

3-Button Operation

An aspect that makes the use of this Zen vape pen easy is the three-button operation. This means you can select different settings through the three buttons.

Black Screwable Glass Mouthpiece

Using the Stilus Pro is the best as its mouthpiece is made of glass and is screwable. This makes steaming hygienic, as the mouthpiece is simple to clean.

Also, you can purchase a silicone mouthpiece and fit instead of a glass mouthpiece. Clean your mouthpiece using a brush and stuffing tool that comes with the product.

Build Quality

The Zen Stilus Pro convection evaporator has a robust design. The material used in making the housing of this evaporator is aluminum. The aluminum is 100% milled. This gives the vaporizer a good look and makes it lightweight hence portable.


This vaporizer has a replaceable 18650 LG battery which has a 3200mAh capacity. The battery takes one hour thirty minutes to charge fully.

This evaporator comes with a USB-C cable for charging.

Note: You can purchase an extra battery if you want to continue steaming before charging the two batteries later.


  • Technology – Convection heating
  • Dimension – 18cm x 30mm
  • Charging time – 90 minutes
  • Heating time – 45 seconds
  • Material – Aluminum
  • Battery Capacity – 3200mAh

Pros and Cons


  • Quick heating time
  • Large battery capacity
  • Easy to clean
  • A robust build quality
  • LED panel
  • Two operating modes
  • Wide temperature range


Not that we know.

Zen Stilus Pro Convection Evaporator Reviews. Is Zen Stilus Pro Convection Evaporator Good?

What we can assure you is that this Zen vaporizer is the best in the market? This is due to its advanced features. For sure, you cannot find the aspects of the evaporator on any other vaping device.

So, in this part, we discuss the reviews of this Zen vape pen.

A good build quality. Many of the buyers who already have this Stilus Pro say that its build quality is the best. This is because of the material used in making the housing of this solid and durable. Additionally, aluminum is resistant to corrosion which guarantees you that the vaporizer won't get damaged.

Light Emitting Diode Display. Get to know all settings of your vaporizer, such as battery level, charging level, operating mode, heating process, and temperature. This fascinates vapers who use this evaporator. The display panel is found very few vape pens.

Fast heating. Don't wait for five minutes to vape your e-liquid. This doesn't happen when you have the Stilus Pro convection evaporator. It only takes the utmost forty-five minutes to heat your herb, wax, or vape oil. For sure, this is faster than any other type of vaporizer I have used before.

Operating Modes. Another feature that many buyers have talked about is the two operational modes. Choose between normal and time modes. Depending on your preference, set the operating mode that fits you the best.

Easy to clean. Are you worried about how you will clean the mouthpiece and chambers? To maintain the performance of this vaporizer, you need to clean the device regularly.

When it comes to cleaning the chambers, Zen advises you to use a cotton swab, preferably Q-tip and isopropanol. Clean the mouthpiece using a brush and a stuffing tool.

How Do You Use a Zen Stilus Pro Convection Evaporator?

Is it your first time buying the Zen Stilus Pro convection evaporator? Then using it can be a challenge. To simplify that, we are going to show you how to use this vaporizer effectively.

Turning on and off the Vaporizer

When you want to switch on or off the Stilus Pro, press the power button thrice. This works in both instances.

Setting Temperature

This can be challenging, but setting the temperature is relatively easy. All you need to do is to press and hold the power button for two seconds. Don't let go of the power button. Now choose your preferred heating temperature.

When you continue pressing, the temperature increases by 10 degrees Celsius; to return to the starting temperature, press the power button five times.

If you set the temperature, the LED will flash, indicating the heating process; when the set temperature is reached, the flashing stops.

Suppose you are not using the vaporizer for at least five minutes it automatically goes off. This is a safety feature protecting the evaporator from damage.

Battery Low

How will you know your vaporizer is out of battery power? Check the LED panel and if you see the display flashing a blue light six times. Then it is time to recharge your device.

Switching Off the Light Emitting Diode Display

In case you don't want the LED, you can turn it off by pressing the power button twice. This allows you to use the device without the light, which can be distracting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Clean the Zen Stilus Pro Convection Evaporator Chamber?

Cleaning the chamber is simple, as you need to have Q-tip cotton swabs and isopropanol. Dip the cotton swab into a container with isopropanol. Now start cleaning the chamber. Repeat this process until you are sure the chamber is clean.

How Much Does This Vaporizer Cost?

€124.95 is the cost of buying and shipping this vaporizer to your destination. It is relatively cheap when comparing it with others when you add the shipping cost.

How Long Does Zen Stilus Pro Take to Charge?

It takes 90 minutes for this evaporator to charge fully. Use a USB-C cable to charge this vaping device.

How Long Does It Take to Ship this Vaporizer?

It takes 1 to 3 business days for the product to arrive at your destination for those in Germany. But when you make your payments before 2 PM, you will get your product the same day.

As for international shipping, Zen offers DHL Express at an extra cost. This guarantees you that the product will reach you in 1 business day.


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