Yocan Stix Oil Vape Pen. The Features, Performance, and How to Use the Yocan Stix Oil Vaporizer

    Yocan Stix Oil Vape Pen. The Features, Performance, and How to Use the Yocan Stix Oil Vaporizer

    What is the Yocan stix oil vape pen?

    The Yocan Stix vape pen is a new vape pen that is compatible with essential oils and e-liquids. It is fitted with tight seals that give you a leak-proof design and ceramic coils used as a heating element.

    The Yocan Stix vape pen seeks to provide a reliable and convenient vape session while offering you a level of performance that can be compared with more expensive and complex vape kits in the market.       

    Features of the Yocan stix vape pen

    Independent leak-proof storage

    This sturdy and long-lasting storage is easy to put together and use. The leak-proof feature gives you the most satisfying vape experience that allows you to add juice to your vape.

    High-quality advance ceramic coils

    The ceramic coils in the Yocan stix vape pen give you a vast and perfectly clean vapor, especially if you want the highest quality vape.

    Adjustable voltage feature

    You can easily adjust the voltage output to fit various vaping occasions.  Click on the power button three times rapidly to adjust the voltage level.

    A micro USB charging port

    The micro USB port on the battery provides for an easy and convenient way to charge your battery. It allows you to carry it anywhere and keep your battery running all along.

    510 threading makes it easy to assemble the components of the pen and fit many other 510 thread storage tanks                                     

    Small and portable

    The Yocan Stix vape pen is different from other vape pens with its simplistic design is small and discreet enough to hide as you hold it. The compact design is made for stealth operations and gives you maximum portability to use anytime.

    Yocan stix vape pen performance

    Despite being a small device, the Yocan stix vape pen feels amazingly solid and well-designed without being hefty and heavy. You can find the Yocan stix vape pen in black, stainless steel, blue, red and orange.

    Each of its designs looks great, thanks to the durable and quality finish that could stand the test of time.

    Each of the Yocan stix vape pen kits comes with a device base that holds the 320mAh internal battery. You get a ceramic coil, base connector and an oil chamber that functions as the mouthpiece.

    The Yocan Stix vape pen battery can easily be recharged using the micro USB cable included in the kit. 

    On the Yocan stix vape pen body, you will get a power button used to turn on and control temperatures of the mod according to your vaping style. It is fitted with a LED indicator that outlines the firing button, which lets you know the charged amount left in your device.

    Quality of Yocan stix vape pen flavor                

    The flavor quality of the Yocan stix oil vape pen is impeccable, with its ceramic coils are used to vaporize the oils in the flavors and preserve the flavors. Yocan stix vape pens are still far from designing the large airflow cartridges that most e-cigarettes use today.

    At the moment, they have a restrictive and a tighter mouth-to-lung airflow system that results in a rich, dense vaping experience that is all tied down to the vape settings you have in place.

    The small size of the Yocan stix vape pen and lack of operation buttons does not stop it from coming with its fair share of options that allow you to fine-tune your vaping experience. With options to set the temperature of your vape device, from low, medium and blue, you get more control over the density of the vape you are using.

    Ease of use

    With the single button design of the Yocan stix vape pen, setting up the device and running it is simple. All you have to do is charge the device using the micro USB cable to any USB block and get powered.

    When the LED lights go off, that indicates that your Yocan device is fully charged and ready for usage. You can easily remove the ceramic coils and replace them by unscrewing the top cap.

    Clicking on the firing button five times will turn on the device, and another five clicks will turn it off. To switch around the three temperature modes require you to click on the firing button thrice and with rapid motions.

    Even though the oil chamber is not sizeable, you still get to enjoy the best vape with the perfect size Yocan stix vape pen. It is fitted with a translucent material that lets you get a good view of how much concentrate you have used so you can refill when you need to. 


    A portable device is one of the immense benefits you get with the Yocan stix vape pen brand. The vape pen is roughly smaller than a ballpoint pen, and it fits almost everywhere, be it in your purse, pocket or even in the tiny compartment found in your backpack.

    The small size is also acceptable for discreet vaping sessions, especially in public.  This is why the Yocan stix vape pen is a stealth vape for oils and concentrates. 

    How to use your Yocan stix vape pen

    1. First, you will need to take the device out of the packaging kit, unscrew the base connector and then unscrew the plastic base from the oil chamber.
    2. Refill the oil chamber, and remember to refill up to three quarters to avoid overflow and spillage. Screw back your chamber onto the base connector.
    3. Screw the oil cartridge into the pen and ensure it fits perfectly
    4. Rapidly press on the power button five times to turn on your device. To adjust to the perfect vaping temperature you desire, click on the power button thrice with rapid motions to signal the device to adjust the voltage.


    If the device required you to press rapidly on the buttons, make sure that you do not stop or go slow because the device may not record the command.

    Pros and cons of the Yocan stix oil vape pen


    • It is simple in design and very portable, which is convenient for usage anywhere
    • Has a voltage adjusting feature to maximize your vape experience
    • Fitted with LED indicators to notify you of the amount of voltage you are vaping on
    • Micro USB charging port to give you an uninterrupted vaping experience.
    • A separate tank that allows for easy refills
    • 510 threading for easy assembly and connection


    • The 320mAh battery is not sufficient for the device despite being small.

    FAQs about Yocan stix vape pen

    Why is my Yocan stix vape pen not working? 

    There could be many possible reasons as to why your Yocan stix vape is not working. It happens because you have a battery that has run out of power or has not inserted the components correctly. 

    You may have clicked on the power button incorrectly. Ensure you press on it rapidly five times without stopping.

    Your battery may have run out of power, so you will need to connect your stix vape pen to a charging source to power it up. Try switching it on, and if it does not respond, you will need to replace the batteries.

    Your vape coils could be worn out, so check to ensure that your coils are still in good working condition. If they appear worn out, get a replacement.

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    The Yocan Stix vape pen is one device that is hard to dislike, with its highly portable small size and lightweight. It is a good option for personal use considering it is discreet. This makes it easy to use your vape in any place you are.

    The compatibility with most oil storages gives you a better vaping experience that you will not experience with other vaporizers.


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