Yocan dry herb vaporizer review and instructions. A Complete Guide About Yocan Dry Herb Vape Pens

    Yocan dry herb vaporizer review and instructions. A Complete Guide About Yocan Dry Herb Vape Pens

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    Yocan has been a reknown player in the vaping industry as a brand that produces quality vapes at affordable prices, such as the latest Yocan HIT. Yocan has become the go-to brand for consumers who want to experience and enjoy the same level of sensation as using a premium vaporizer without the premium price tag.

    Many of Yocan’s wax vapes are made to evaluate and even better vaporizers in that platform. The same can be said for its weed pens & dry herb vaporizers. Below are some of the dry herb vaporizers from the giant can

    Yocan iShred Vaporizer

    Anyone addicted to vaping knows how tiring the dry substance grinding process is. Moreover, you have to bring along an additional device with you to prepare your herbs. However, iShred has changed how we absorb our substance with its undoubted convenience; it comes with a built-in tuner that allows you to grind a tiny amount of herbs on the run.

    It has many other features, including a LED that even lets you check out the phase of your device. The powerful battery makes it work for a longer time and last for a whole session. The automated shutoff also helps to retain the battery as much as possible by turning off the device after only five minutes of no use.


    • 2600mAh Battery
    • Temperature Range: 200F – 460F
    • Built-in Grinder
    • OLED Display
    • Built-in Stir Pin
    • 5-minute Safety Shut-off
    • Micro USB Charging


    • The in built grinder can prove needed in several situations.
    • The temperature control feature allows you to manipulate the flavor.
    • The built-in stirrer allows you to manage the herbs inside the chamber.
    • The display is readable even in sunlight.
    • The device has a portable design.


    • The battery is non-removable.
    • The performance of the grinder is questionable.

    Yocan Evolve-D Plus Vaporizer

    At affordable prices, it provides some high-end features. The device exceeds its previous iteration with some upgrades that are worth your attention. The heating chamber is more extensive than before to store herbs and provide vapors for a considerable time.

    In every draw, the dual atomizer delivers delightful flavor and thick vapors to your mouth. However, there are no significant changes in the design and performance of the atomizer than the previous model.


    • Dual Coil
    • 10-Second Auto-Shut Off
    • Functional Mouthpiece
    • Huge Heating Chamber
    • Built-in Storage Jar
    • Long-Lasting 1100 mAh Battery
    • Built-in silicone jar for discreet storage
    • Instant heating time
    • Dual quartz atomizer
    • Long-lasting battery
    • Meager price


    • One temperature setting
    • The undetermined warranty period

    Yocan HIT Vaporizer

    It presents a convection oven that transforms your dry herbs into vapors without consuming them. Almost all vaping devices use the principle of conduction and end up burning your substance. Having a convection oven makes it rise above the rest. On to that, the convection ovens are much simpler to maintain and clean as well.


      • OLED display: 
      • Temperature Control: 
      • Dual-Session Mode.
      •  Inbuilt stirring tool: 
  • Magnetic mouthpiece.
  • Aluminum oven 
  • Oven capacity of 0.25 g
  • Heat time of between 30-40 seconds 
  • Temperature setting between 200 -480 F
  • Charging time between 1 and 2 hours
  • 1400 mAh battery capacity

  • Advantages

    • Easy to use and load
    • Portable 
    • Good battery life 
    • Easy to switch to various options 
    • Shorter heat uptime 
    • Great flavor 
    • Long-lasting atomizer 


    • Not suitable for large dabs

    Yocan Evolve Plus 2 Vaporizer

    The easy-to-switch function allows you to rapidly switch between extracts and substances to choose whatever fits your state. It comes with a  preinstalled 1100mAh battery that is designed to last a long time.

    Compared to your average vape pen, this device is extremely lightweight and more portable than other devices.


    • Integrated Storage Compartment
    • Multi-Function Portable Vaporizer
    • Micro USB Charging 
    • 15-Second Automatic Shutoff
    • Fast Charging
    • 510-Threaded
    • 1100mAh powerful battery


    • Easy to use and load
    • Portable 
    • Good battery life 
    • Easy to switch to various options 
    • Shorter heat uptime 

    Yocan Evolve-D Vaporizer

    It may not be as pronounced as the plus version of this model, but it is pretty affordable.  It can be hidden in your pocket without any trouble. It provides flavorful vapors with a cloud of smoke so dense that it amazes people.

    The trick lies in its efficiently working atomizer coils. The device is outfitted with a functional tool that lets you move the substance to prevent combustion. On the con side, the battery is weak; it is not enough to provide long-lasting vapor sessions. So, you ought to have to recharge it after a while.


    • double Coil Technology
    • large Dry Herb Chamber
    • Built-in tamping tool
    • Double  Purpose Cap
    • Yocan Evolve-D Coil
    • 650mAh Battery


    • Easy to use and load
    • Portable 
    • Good battery life 
    • Easy to switch to various options 
    • Shorter heat uptime 
    • Great flavor 
    • Long-lasting atomizer 


    • Not suitable for large dabs
    • Gets hot after being used for sometime

    How to use Yocan dry herb  vaporizer

    • Prepare your substance. It is recommended to grind your substance into smaller and delicate pieces for effective results.
    • Open chamber by lifting the magnetic mouthpiece away from the battery 
    • Carefully load your substance into the ceramic chamber. Using a small folded piece of paper folded to load your substance avoids wastage and saves on time 
    • place back  the mouthpiece by connecting it back  to the magnetic connection of the battery 
    • Ensure that your Yocan dry herb vaporizer is fully charged before using it 
    • Then press the mouthpiece of your atomizer between your lips, then prepare to inhale.
    • To halt /start heating, press the power button down for two seconds. You can change between 3 and 5-minute session mode by holding power and down buttons simultaneously.
    •  Once the device heats up thoroughly, it'll vibrate to let you know when it's time to inhale.

    How to clean Yocan dry herb vaporizer.

    The Yocan Hit is a dry herb vape. Like any other dry herb, vapes need regular cleaning and maintenance to guarantee efficiency and longevity. To clean the device, you will need to disassemble it and soak them in an isopropyl solution.

    Make sure that the container jar is empty by tapping the full content in a bin. After 20 minutes of soaking, remove the parts and wipe them using a clean cloth.


    Mouthpieces come in glass, plastic, or rubber; ensure that you use a cleaning agent that does not rust it. Cleaning the battery is also essential. Remove all clogged particles on the surface of the battery. Also, wipe any debris that is stuck between the battery and the heating chamber. This ensures an interrupted power flow and eliminates incidences of misfiring.

    Cleaning the Hit frequently maximizes the device's effectiveness and longevity. However, the crucial thing is to know how to clean the Vaporizer safely. That includes familiarizing yourself with the right cleaning equipment and solutions. Hopefully, after going through this pointer, you can now go ahead and clean your Hit.

    Is Yocan dry herb vaporizer worth it?

    Well, it's a bold device, it's a budget dry vape in a crowded market, It is fine, looks good, is portable, and the inbuilt stir tool is convenient. 

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    The Yocan Dry Herbs are good pod selections from the Yocan vape company. The company has done its best to come up with the best innovations on every update they release. The original Yocan Vaporizer  took the industry with a storm and ever since, people have been trying to buy these products all over again. There are a few notable improvements that set the Yocan Dry Herb from the Yocan Wax pen and this is what every vape user expects.

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