Xhale City Vape Shop: Xhale City Vape Shop Coupons and Promo Codes

    Xhale City Vape Shop: Xhale City Vape Shop Coupons and Promo Codes

    If vaping is your obsession, you need to make it unique from how you vape and the accessories you use. You need a stylish and smart vape device to not only make vaping effective but also to make vaping enjoyable. All these are not possible without the right shop or vape store for you.

    As a vaping enthusiast, you need to mark out the best vape shop that serves your best interest. You don't need to worry over this as we introduce you to the Xhale City Vape Shop that will serve you the best. Apart from stocking the best vaping equipment, Xhale City Vape Shop offers great customer service and offers the best guidance to the newcomers in the vaping world.

    Here, we are going to give you a wider view of the Xhale City Vape Shop. Let's read together to the end!

    What is Xhale City Vape Shop?

    As its name suggests, the Xhale City Vape Shop is a renowned vape equipment shop established in 2014. It is deep-seated in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. After being in the market for a while now, Xhale City Vape Shop has set up 23 different outlets in Georgia. This is in a bid to make sure you receive the best services when visiting them physically.

    If you don't reside within Georgia, you don't need to worry as Xhale City Vape Shop is also available online: you only need to click here and get the best vaping equipment you might be looking for.

    From the Xhale City Vape Shop, you can get numerous vaping equipment, including vaporizers, e-liquids, supplements, and many more.

    Xhale City Vape Shop Products

    1. Xhale City Vape Shop E-Liquids

    The Xhale City Vape Shop allows you access a good number of the best-known e-liquids that you can always count on. They include;

    Air Factory Pyrisalt E-Liquid

    If you happen to visit the streets of Xhale City Vape Shop, you will first notice a fast collection of Air Factory Pyrisalt E-liquid. It is a mixture of sweet tropical candy and berries that will let you vape more and more.

    Air Factory Pyrisalt E-liquid is developed by experienced chemists, thus maximizing quality at a molecular level with a balanced and refined recipe.

    It comes on a 30ml bottle and available on 18mg and 36mg nicotine strengths.

    Coastal Clouds E-Liquid

    Coastal Clouds E-Liquid is another premium e-liquid that you can find on the shelves of Xhale City Vape Shop. If you manage to spot matte black bottles with pretty labels, then you are in hold of Coastal Clouds E-Liquid.

    You can enjoy Coastal Clouds E-Liquid in different nicotine strengths ranging from 0, 1.5, 3, 4.5, 6 and 12mg. The Coastal Clouds E-Liquid is unique as it is rare for e-liquids to come in a nicotine strength of 4.5mg. It also allows you to enjoy a 0mg vaping experience.

    POP Hit Salt E-Liquid

    POP Hit Salt E-Liquid comes in a 30ml bottle with either 25mg or 50mg nicotine strength.  POP Hit Salt E-Liquid allows you to enjoy flavours like Grapple Berry that blends grapes and apples. Chilled Banana gives you a mouth-filling banana flavour, Strawberry Watermelon, which brings together the two most preferred flavours infused in 25mg and 50mg.

    POP Hit Salt E-Liquid allows you to enjoy 70% VG and 30% PG in a 30ml bottle.

    POD Systems

    Apart from premium e-liquids, Xhale City Vape Shop also stocks the best pod systems that you can always readily find and buy.

    Before deciding on the best pod system to lay your hands on, it’s good to know what a pod system means. A pod system also referred to as vape pods, provides you with a low-pull under high nicotine strengths as compared to tanks. The pods are simple to maintain and easy to use.

    As a new vaping enthusiast, the pod systems are the best equipment to use and still experience the cigarette-like experience with ease.

    Here are some of the best pod systems that you can find on Xhale City Vape Shop shelves;

    Voopoo Drag X Plus 100W Pod Kit

    Voopoo Drag X Plus 100W Pod Kit is one of the unique pod systems that you can always count on. It integrates a metal and leather finish that makes it lightweight, portable and comfortable to use.

    Voopoo Drag X Plus 100W Pod Kit is equipped with a GENE.FAN 2.0 chipset that has a stronger explosive power, more stable output and intelligent functions than its predecessors. This makes it the best to trust in vaping.

    It has a 5.5ml e-liquid tank that is easy to refill, with a silicone stopper that makes it leak-proof. You can decide to choose from different colours, including the Classic, Prussian Blue, Smoky Grey, Marsala and Sandy Brown.

    Geek Vape Aegis Boost Pro 100W Pod System Kit


    This is an outstanding vape pod as it comes with a 5-100W range, wide temperature control, and it is able to hold up to 6ml of e-juice. This allows you to take control over the vaping intensity and experience you want to enjoy. The 6ml capacity allows you to vape for a long time before refilling it with e-liquid.

    This pod system is powered by a single 18650 battery that is sold separately. The battery is 510-threaded, thus compatible with the pod system.

    Xhale Disposable Devices

    Here are the best disposable devices that you can find on the shelves of Xhale City Vape Shop:

    POP Extra Disposable Device

    The POP Extra Disposable Device is a unique disposable device that you can always find in Xhale. It comes ready to use thus;, you don’t need to refill, charge or experience leakages and spit-back.

    It is built with high quality and convenience that offers the best vaping experience. When you want to vape, you don’t need to power it as it is draw-activated; it comes with a patented auto drawing mouthpiece.

    A single POP Extra Disposable Device kit allows you to enjoy up to 1200 puffs drawing your vape from its 4ml e-liquid tank.

    POP Disposable Device 50mg – Lush Ice

    POP Disposable Device 50mg – Lush Ice is a unique disposable kit with no operating buttons. This device is draw activated, and there is no risk of vaping under unclear settings. This also makes it easy to use and maintain.

    It houses a 1.2ml juice that is high enough to let you make up to 400 puffs per device.  Here you will enjoy a hit from 5mg nicotine strength per volume.

    Crave Plus Disposable Device

    Crave Plus Disposable Device comes with a 50mg nicotine strength e-liquid that is held in a 2.5ml tank. The high-capacity tank allows you to enjoy up to 600+ puffs in a single kit before it is depleted.

    It is powered by a 480mAh capacity integrated battery that powers it all the time without recharging it. 

    This disposable device comes with Red ice Crave that gives you a sweet, tart and crisp flavour enhanced with icy menthol undertones.

    Xhale Starter Kits

    Xhale City Vape Shop also stocks the best starter kits that include;

    SMOK MORPH Dual 18650 Starter Kit

    This is one of the best Xhale starter kits with outstanding performance. It comes with high-performance features, including an IQ-S chip, Dual external 18650 batteries, TFV18 tank that allows you to control the airflow, VW & TC modes that are switchable and an innovative base. All these outstanding features combine to make sure you get the best vaping experience.

    Some other Xhale City Vape Shop starter kits include; SMOK Rigel mini kit, GEEKVAPE Auegis Legend Zeus edition starter kit, Vaporessa FORZ TX80 Starter Kit and many more.

    Xhale City Vape Shop Coupon and Promo Codes

    To allow you to shop at discounted prices, Xhale City Vape Shop offers you the best coupon and promo codes.

    Some of the notable Xhale City Vape Shop includes;


    Vaping is the best alternative to consuming and satisfying your craving to smoke. This can only be true if you get the best and the right equipment. After going through the Xhale City Vape Shop and the products it sells, there is no doubt that you can trust it and get the best. Xhale City Vape Shop has a collection that ranges from the sleekest, newest, latest and most functional products that you can always find applicable. Here you will also get a warranty on the products you choose.


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