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Once you have got into the world of smoking, you can undo it. However, with the advancement of technology, smoking has also been revolutionized. Vaping is the new trend among smokers and people who want to enjoy nicotine. Vaping has become all the rage these days, but not everyone knows which vaping kits are the best for them. We are here to provide you with the best possible options. You can gather all the information you need and then make an informed decision about the choice of vapes you want to use.

1.What is Wicked Vape?

Wicked Vape manufactures and distributes vaping supplies and kits all across the United Kingdom. They have been in the business for more than a decade. Since their inception in 2008, they have maintained higher quality standards and provided their customers with many amazing combinations of e-liquids and other accessories and vape supplies. Wicked Vape caters to beginners and expert vapers and provides them with premium quality products. Their products are developed, packaged and researched with the help of a highly trained team of experts and provide retail all across the United Kingdom. So if you are looking for a totally wicked vaping experience, then Wicked Vape is the one for you.


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The Wicked Vape Hours:9:15 - 17:00

2.The Wicked Vape Main Products

The Wicked Vape was established with the ambition of providing all the vapers in the world with the best vaping experience ever. It all started with Jason Cropper, who was an old smoker and was introduced to e-cigarettes. He then got himself associated with this new revolutionizing product and created a name for himself. With his long-continued efforts, Wicked Vape was born, and its many products were game-changers for many smokers. Now, Wicked Vape is a brand itself, and you can find any vaping product at reasonable prices on Wicked Vape. The main products they deal with are given below.

  1. E-Liquids
  2. Vape Kits
  3. Tanks
  4. Atomizer Heads
  5. Vape Batteries
  6. Accessories


Like cigarettes, use tobacco for the taste; vaping devices or e-cigarettes use e-liquids to give you the taste you require in your vape. It does not matter if you are a beginner in vaping or a pro; you need to find the most suitable e-liquid, or the experience won't be worth it. A general rule of thumb is that the more you smoke, the higher strength you need to start with. E liquids and vape juices range from nicotine-free to 1.8% (18mg/ml), which means your vape juice consists of 1.8% of nicotine. We have different types of and flavours of e liquids, and the categories are given below.

1.Fruit and Spice

In this flavour, you will find all the fruity flavours of e liquids. The Wicked Vape’s some of the best selling fruit and spice flavours include Blackcurrant, Lychee and Mango. Other similar ones include Cinnamon and Menthol.

2.Sweet and Dessert

This flavour is the best one for people who have a sweet tooth. If you want to enjoy some sweet and dessert flavours, Wicked Vape has your back.

3.Drinks and Cocktails

You can have your favourite kinds of fizzy drinks in this category of e liquids. You can have flavours from sweet soft drinks to energy drinks and cocktail flavours.


You can have the tobacco flavoured e-liquid from Wicked Vape to emulate smoking flavour, and you can have flavoured tobacco to regular cigarette flavoured e-liquid.


If you are a lover of menthol flavour, this one is for you as it is slightly minty, cool and smooth.

4.Vape Kits

An e-cigarette or a vaping kit is a device that has different components to vaporize e liquids into an inhalable form. Wicked Vape provides you with vaping kits in all sizes and a huge variety of different types. There are three main parts of a vaping kit which are atomizer head, vape battery and e-cig tank. Some of the vaping kits available on Wicked Vape are given below.

5.Vape Pods

There are two components in the vape pod, which are a pod or cartridge and a battery and the cartridge clicks into the e-cig battery. These are filled with e-liquid previously and have a higher nicotine strength and do not have a variety of flavours.

6.Vape Mods

Vape mods have a battery, atomizer head and a tank, but unlike other e-cigs, you can alter the vaping experience according to your requirements and achieve higher vapour production with settings.

7.Vape Pens

These are the most common e-cigs in the market these days, and they are called vape pens because they are long and cylindrical in shape.

8.Disposable Vape

If you are starting to vape, then disposable vapes are for you as you don't have to set it up, or no maintenance is required.

9.Starter Kits

Starter Kit is the best for beginners, and it is the best way to make the transition from smoking to vaping.


All the vapers have their own choice of tanks, and that is why Wicked Vape have different types of vaping tanks so everyone can choose from their own convenient options. Here is a list of vaping tanks provided to you by Wicked Vape

1.Ultra Vapor Tank

If you are one of those vapers, who would like to have high powered vapers and cloud chasers who want higher vapour clouds, then this is what you should get.

2.High Vapor Tank

If you are alright with your vapor tank but still wants to have more power and try to lower down your nicotine strength, a high vapor tank is for you.

3.Regular Vapor Tank

It is built for everyday vapers and the best one with well-constructed e-liquid tanks.

11.Atomizer Heads

Atomizer heads are also known as coils in vapor tanks are these are the most important part of vaping kits. Regular maintenance of vaping coils provides a better vaping experience for you. There is a slight difference between atomizer head and coil, which is the fact that a coil is the further part of the atomizer head. Wicked Vape has multiple atomizer heads from different partners, which include the following.

  1. Joyetech
  2. Eleaf
  3. Wismec
  4. UD

You can select the atomizer tanks according to the type of your vape tank.

12.Vape Batteries

Vape batteries are the elements that shape your vaping experience. The vape batteries provide power to the coil of your vaping kits. These batteries vary in shape, style and setting. You can find a range of vaping batteries on Wicked Vape. Different types of vape batteries are given below.

1.Built-in Batteries

You can charge built-in batteries using the onboard USB port, and you can also use the e-cig even if the battery is being charged.

2.Removable Batteries

You can take these batteries out of the e-cigarettes, and charging can be done in a dedicated battery charger while some other e-cigs provide a USB port, and you can charge the batteries just like built-in batteries.


Wicked Vape is your one-stop shop for all kinds of vaping accessories. You will find everything from a vape battery charger to mouthpieces and drip tips at Wicked Vape.

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15.Wicked Vape Reviews

    SquidUser: As a regular vaper, I always wanted a one-stop-shop for all of my vaping needs, and Wicked Vape has provided the solution to it. I can order anything from Wicked Vape without having to worry about the quality of the products.

    Anne1342: Vaping has become easier than ever as I can now order all of my vaping supplies and different vaping kits, mods and mods. In my years of vaping experience, I have never been more satisfied with a vaping shop in the UK than Wicked Vape.

    DamonS2: Wicked Vape has become my new favourite since I have started using it 6 months ago. I have ordered vape pods, and I have been more than satisfied with the quality and work.

    Ridaz3: I ordered my first starter kit from the Wicked Vape, and I must say the quality was superb, and it was a hundred percent recommended for all the vapers.

    16.Wicked Vape Shipping

    Wicked Vape provides nationwide shipping for its supplies in 3 to 5 days. You just have to order and have it delivered to your doorstep.

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