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Why My JUUL Won’t Charge? How to fix it?

17th Apr 2021 | 563 | upends v

UPENDS Guide on the possible Reasons Why Your JUUL is not Charging

For the JUUL to operate and allow you to enjoy vaping/Juuling, it must be powered by a rechargeable battery. JUULs come with rechargeable batteries with a capacity of 200mAh. This battery requires regular recharging depending on the frequency at which you vape. Some of these batteries can last for a day, though.

After some time of use, your JUUL may stop charging for some reasons we are going to share here. You need to counter the causes that may lead to your JUUL not charging if you want to enjoy vaping continuously.

Some vapers tend to think that their JUUL is spoilt and may consider replacing it when it is not charging. This is not the case many times. There may be some causes that are a minor cause that you can easily solve and continue enjoying vaping.

Why is my JUUL not charging?

In case you JUUL is not charging, here are the possible reasons and how to overcome them;

  1. Faulty Charger

A JUUL kit comes with a USB charger that you can use to recharge the battery when it runs low. After some time in use, your battery may become faulty and may be the cause why your JUUL is not charging. You can try to change the charger and use a different one and test if your JUUL is charging. 

If the problem persists, then you need to try a different method.

  1. Dead Battery

This can be a possible reason why your JUUL is not charging. A JUUL uses a lithium battery, and lithium batteries are known to lose their ability to hold a charge when in use after some time. When the lithium battery cannot hold a charge, it means it will not charge. 

Before you conclude that your battery is dead, there are some services that you can perform on your battery to see if it can start charging. 

Here is what you need to do to your battery;

Try Extending the Charge- this is one way you can try to revive a dead battery. You can connect your JUUL to your charger and allow it to stay in charge for a while, and try to see if it will start charging.

Reposition the battery- if your JUUL had dropped down earlier and it's not charging, there is a possibility that there is a shift inside the metal casing, and the pins in your battery charger may not be in a position to touch the battery and charging contacts. To make that the contacts meet, remove the battery pod, push the battery down gently using a cotton swab. Try to charge your JUUL. If it is not charging, then you need to try another method.

Solve the Magnetic Issues- this is a common issue that always happens when you disassemble your JUUL. During the process of disassembling, there is a small silver bar right next to the charging contacts called a magnet that if it falls out or not positioned well, your JUUL may not charge and hold a charge. When it is not positioned, the battery and the charger may repel each other; thus, your JUUL will not charge. Make sure the magnet is well-positioned, then try charging your JUUL.

Apart from the battery issues, your JUUL may not be charging because of other reasons that include;

  1. Your JUUL Dropped in Water

If your JUUL dropped in water, this might be the cause why it is not charging. If your JUUL was immersed in water, you could easily revive it before permanent damage is caused. 

Manually remove the water inside the JUUL as much as possible. Remove the pod from the main JUUL kit, blot the water out using a paper towel. Using a cotton swab, remove the water from the top of your JUUL where you removed the pod from. Blow through the JUUL to expel any form of water.

To make sure all the water is removed from your JUUL, place it in a zip-top bag with a packet of silica gel or a cup of dry rice. Keep the battery in the bag for a day before removing it, then try recharging it.

  1. Dirt Charging Port

A JUUL is developed in a minimalist design that will fit in your pocket, thus making it easy for you to travel with it. In the process of traveling, it may leak or gather some dirt like dust. When the e-liquid that leaks and dust accumulate on the charging pins, they block the battery from being in contact with the charging pins limiting charge flow. 

If the charging port is filled with solid e-liquid buildup, try to soften then the solid buildup using cotton soaked in alcohol. 

Use dry cotton to dry up any excess alcohol to make sure the pins are completely dry.

How do you know that my JUUL is charging?

A JUUL comes with a LED light that pulses when it is charging. Some JUULs may come with a small round LED, while others can come with a band of LED lights on the base of the battery. 

When charging your JUUL, make sure you use a USB socket in an upright position. Although the charger is magnetic, if you charge your JUUL at an angle away from the upright position may lead to the breaking of the charging connection. 

If the LED lights do not pulse, then your battery is not charging.

How long does a JUUL Pod Last?

A JUUL is estimated to last for up to 200 puffs. This, however, depends on personal vaping habits. Different vapers take different puffs per day, like 5-7 puffs; this will determine the life of your JUUL pod.

A pack of JUUL comes with pods filled with e-liquid that you can enjoy for a long time.

If you are new to vaping, you may tend to vape less than expert vapers. One pod can take you for a whole month as a new vaper.

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The main reasons stated in this article are the possible cause of your JUUL refusing to charge. The solutions also stated for each problem have been tested and proved to be working, and so if you carry them out carefully, you will have solved the problem. 

However, if you have used your JUUL for a while and experience such problems, you may try to solve them unsuccessfully. This may be as a result of prolonged use, and maybe your JUUL has become obsolete, and you need to replace it. Like any other device, JUUL can also permanently break down and require replacement.