WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Why is My JUUL Not Hitting? JUUL Charging but Not Hitting

17th Apr 2021 | 59 | upends v

As you choose to start vaping, you will come across much new vaping equipment, one of this equipment being JUUL.  The vaping equipment, like any other machines, sometimes develops problems or breaks down. Even the equipment developed and sold by big names and brands in the market is not made defect-proof.

Most vape equipment develops different defects as you continue using them, which is the case with the JUUL.  One of the most recurrent problems that you JUUL can develop from time to time is that it may fail to hit. A JUUL must hit for you to enjoy Juuling; otherwise, it may be frustrating.

When your JUUL stops hitting, there may be many possible reasons behind this shortcoming; others may be complicated, while others will be easy to solve. In this article, we shall learn the possible causes and how to resolve them at home without requiring an expert.

What is a JUUL?

A JUUL is a type of vape equipment that, when used to consume nicotine, is referred to as Juuling. A JUUL can also be defined as a USB drive-shaped Juuling device that you can use to consume nicotine in the form of vapor. JUULs can also be used in vaping.

Why is my JUUL not hitting?

When you JUUL hits, it allows you to enjoy the produced vapor. If it doesn’t hit, then it loses its meaning, and it may not produce the vapor you need.

One of the most common reasons why your JUUL may not hit is when its battery runs out of charge. But if it is fully charged and it’s still not hitting, then here are the possible reasons;

Pod Defects- when the pods have a defect, you might start by experiencing a burnt hit, then your JUUL stops hitting. This is because the wick in the pod gets dry because the pod is empty and needs you to refill it or the wick has some bubbles around it that prevent the e-liquid flow. If this is the case, refill the empty pod, check the connection with the battery, tap the wick a few times to do away with the bubbles to allow the e-liquid flow.

If it fails to hit yet, here another problem;

E-Liquid Spillages- the JUUL is slim and slick enough to fit in your pocket. Most vapers like keeping it in the pocket so that they can enjoy vaping any day anywhere. Inside your pocket, your JUUL can sometimes leak, blocking the battery from making the right connection with the JUUL.

If this is the case, then you need to clear the blockage. To achieve this, you need to firmly cover the hexagonal opening on the side using your thumb and finger. If the LED light lights up, then you are good to go, but if it doesn’t, place your mouth at the charging end and blow firmly. If you see a liquid around, continue blowing while wiping the liquid until the liquid ceases to come out. This way, it should have started working.

If this does not bear fruits, then thorough cleaning is needed; here is how to go about it;

Is it working? If not, hold the battery upside down and push the pin in using a cotton swab. Hold the cotton swab in the same position for a while before removing it. If you see the liquid on the bottom of the swab, repeat the same process until the liquid disappears.

If it does not hit at this point, you need to employ more cleaning exercises in the next level.

Blocked Innards of your JUUL- this is another cause of malfunctioning of your JUUL. If you have tried the two methods above and the LED lights up, and the battery holds tightly to your JUUL, then you need to disassemble your JUUL for deep cleaning.

Your JUUL has a rubber dam on its top that serves to prevent the e-liquid from getting into the innards. If the e-liquid passes the rubber dam and gets into the innards, then our JUUL may fail to hit.

Here, you need to disassemble your JUUL for further cleaning. Here you need a pin and a screwdriver. Using the pin, push the JUUL LED under the JUUL’s metal casing while inserting the screwdriver on the top of the device; push gently to guide the mainboard and the battery out of the casing.

There is a rubber barrier around the pod contact pins at the top of the mainboard. Once you locate this barrier, remove it. Check whether there are e-liquid stains around the contact pins and around the puff sensor located close to the LED.

Clear any form of coating using a cotton swab. Reassemble all the parts back. At this point, your JUULS should have started hitting.

Note: when you disassemble your JUUL, you need to make sure you do it carefully to avoid damaging some of its parts.

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Let’s have a Look at FAQ Associated with JUULs

Are JUULs Safe?

JUULs are used for Juuling, which is similar to vaping and offers the best alternative way of consuming nicotine without much effects like those associated with smoking. Therefore, Juuling is safer than smoking. 

However, Juuling is not recommended for children, kids, young adults, pregnant women, or individuals who have not used to consuming tobacco. 

JUULs contain nicotine, and they may be addictive.

How do I clean my JUUL?

Cleaning your JUUL is simple thus does not intimidate you, but it is important as it makes sure your JUUL is working properly. For effective and easy cleaning, you need a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol.

Squeeze some rubbing alcohol liquid into the cotton swab and use it to rub the metal casing. This is the regular cleaning that you need to carry out daily before and after vaping.


It is normal for your JUUL to may stop hitting even when its battery is fully charged. This is not because it is inferior, but it is a common scenario that many vape pens and equipment may show after a while when in use. It is evident that mostly when your JUUL is not hitting. It is caused by dirt. It is therefore advisable that you observe a lot of hygiene when vaping and when you store it.

If you happen to travel with your JUUL, it is advisable that you keep it safely where it won’t be disturbed. This will make sure that the e-liquid does not spill to avoid contaminating other parts of your JUUL.

It is prudent to make sure your JUUL is well-maintained in order to last long and give you a satisfying vaping quality. Regularly cleaning also makes your JUUL maintain the vaping or Juuling quality even when it is old.