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Why Does My Vape Taste Burnt After Charging?

2nd Mar 2024 | 165 | Dickson

Vaping is fast becoming a favorite pastime. While many people enjoy the scented taste and aesthetics, users often face one problem—a burnt taste after charging. Undoubtedly, the taste can be irritating and ruin your vaping experience. Thankfully, there is a solution.

In this comprehensive vaping guide, we explore the deep ends of the widespread burnt taste problem, its solution, and the best way to go about charging your vaping device. Keep reading for an in-depth overview of how to do away with burnt taste after charging.

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What Causes Burnt Taste after Charging the Vape?

It goes without saying that burnt isn't precisely a vape flavor. So, what is its cause? This section highlights common reasons behind the burnt taste you experience after charging.

1) Insufficient Priming

Priming a vape's coil gives the e-liquid time to saturate the wick in the coil's head. By priming, you prevent the wick from burning when you activate the battery.

When you don't fully prime your vaping device after charging and go for an inhale, you risk experiencing a dry, burnt hit. If you have had that before, you know it is not very good.

So, when priming, give the e-liquid time to soak the wicking material well before you activate the battery.

2) Coil issues

Another common issue behind the burnt taste when vaping is overheating. This phenomenon can dry the wick of your vaping device.

Overheating is often as a result of several problems. We have chain vaping, using a low device, or using a damaged device. These factors dry out your vape's wick fast, which results in burnt hits. 

More so, vape coils degrade over time. When the coil becomes degraded, you are more likely to have a burnt taste in your mouth while vaping.

Coils play a crucial role in your vaping experience and should be treated as such. Chain vaping burns through your coil fast and leaves you with degraded coils in no time. 

3) E-liquid issues

When the levels of e-liquid in your vape are low, it might cause a burnt taste after charging. Usually, it is advisable to do a proper priming before you vape. When you vape, your coil vaporizes the e-liquid in the tank.

However, with almost no e-liquid present, the coil burns the wicking material inside. This process is responsible for the acrid and off-putting burnt taste. 

Besides low e-liquid levels, using the wrong e-liquid also contributes. There are various types of e-liquids to suit the different vaping devices. Using an e-liquid that's too thick or thin might result in experiencing a burnt taste.

It could also damage your coils. Vapers need to obtain more knowledge of P.G. and V.G. content, how they affect the thickness of e-liquids, and which devices these thicknesses are compatible with. 

How to Avoid Burnt Taste in Vapes?

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Vaping can be awful if you often experience the acrid, unpleasant, burnt taste when you go for an inhale. With that in mind, here are tips you can use to prevent your vaping device from developing a burnt taste: 

1) Proper priming techniques 

If you want to prevent the unpleasantness of burnt tastes, you need to learn how to prime your coil correctly.

Priming your coil is a straightforward process that can significantly lengthen your coil's lifespan. Doing this helps saturate your coil's wick with e-liquid and prevent burnt hits. 

When you get a new device or coil, prime it by adding a few drops of your e-liquid to the top of the coil. Just a couple of drops will do; you don't need to go overboard and flood the coil with e-liquid to get the proper saturation. 

Also, you want to add a drop or two to the juice holes around the coil, where the wicking material is. This way, you saturate the wick with enough e-liquid to prevent the burnt taste.

Once this is complete, try to draw on your vape without powering it. This method helps remove the liquid from the coil. At most, three times is okay. 

2) Regular maintenance 

Most, if not all, vaping devices are mechanical devices, which means they wear out with use. There is a need for regular maintenance to ensure your vape is in the proper form to keep delivering as it should! 

A major component that contributes to the burnt taste that comes after charging is the coil. The coil degrades with time. More so, the coils often face hiccups. With that in mind, you must keep an eye out for your coils. 

Check the status of the coil, and if it is wrong, change it. Burnt tastes are not rare in vaping. When you experience it, it might mean your vape's coil needs a do-over. Besides the regular maintenance of your coil, you also need to clean your vape regularly. 

3) Stop Chain-vaping 

Vaping is an enjoyable experience, and the range of various flavors makes it way better. However, chain vaping does more harm than good, especially for your device.

One of the leading causes of burnt taste after charging is chain vaping. After all, vapes are mechanical devices, so they are liable to wear and tear. 

When you vape non-stop over some time, you wear out your coils and burn through your vape's wick faster.

This way, you start to experience burnt hits sooner rather than later. It pays when you ration how you vape. It improves the experience and helps maintain your vape's lifespan! 

How to Troubleshoot Burnt Taste in Vapes?

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The burnt taste doesn't damn your vape. In fact, the phenomenon is way more common than you think. Most avid vapers experience this at least once. If your vape started producing a burnt taste rather than the cherry blossom you paid for, you aren't alone.

So, what are the steps to take the moment you notice this burnt taste? In this section, we review the troubleshooting steps: 

1) Checking e-liquid levels

Once your vape starts to produce that unflavorable taste, your e-liquid volume is low. Undoubtedly, if you keep your vape tank filled, you reduce the risks of burnt hits. So, take a glance at the levels of your e-liquid when you feel that hit.

You can pop open your vape kit if you have one and opt to refill. And if it is a disposable, you can get a new one. We recommend a reputable brand you can trust later in this article.

2) Inspecting the coil

Aside from the e-liquid level, coils are also behind the well-known burnt hits. Coils have a lifespan, and once it is almost over, they announce their passing through burnt hits.

When you start experiencing a sharp, burnt taste while vaping, it might mean that the coils are long overdue. It is a sign that you need to replace the coils. All you need to do is take out the worn-out coil and put in a new one. 

How you replace your vape coils depends on the tank. Most vape devices often involve unscrewing either the top or bottom cap to have access to the coil.

Also, you might have to unscrew or pull out the coil before you replace it with a new one. Nonetheless, it is also vital to note that sometimes your coil only needs a good clean. You should consider this option before heading out to get new ones. 

Note: If your vape device uses a clearomiser or cartomizer, you have to screw in a new one rather than replace the old one. 

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Burnt hits have various causes, from inadequate priming to low e-liquid levels. Now you know the likely reasons why your cherry blossom tastes like burnt wire.

Undoubtedly, it is an unpleasant experience, but it is a very avoidable one as well. Remember to ration your vaping, prime properly, and always top up your e-liquid levels!

Preventing a burnt taste after charging is a significant maintenance issue. If the problem persists, get professional help or get an Upends disposable. We are biased towards the latter, though.

At a discounted price, you get a new vape and burnt taste-free experience. See you next time, and happy vaping!