WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Where to Buy Mint & Menthol Juul Pods? Mint Juul Pods Near Me!

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JUUL pods are disposable and non-refillable cartridge that contains unique and satisfying JUUL e-liquid. The e-liquid used, contains a combination of nicotine, benzoic acid Propylene glycol and Glycerin. 

JUUL has different flavors of vapes and the major flavors include Mint and Menthol Flavored pods. This article will tackle the JUUL products, flavors and where you can get them.

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Where to buy mint & Menthol JUUL pods?

JUUL are e-liquid pods that act as an alternative for cigarettes. They unique satisfying JUUL e-liquid that offer an icy smooth hit. The following are brands and products that you can get the JUUL pods in different flavors. 

Price point NY

It is the ultimate shop for all vaping and smoking accessories that you need. They sell both refillable and pre-refilled pods in a refreshing mint flavor. 

Each pod mint offers 200puffs in a pre-filled pod having a capacity of 0.7ml. 

JUUL Glacier Mint

The brand has a mission of to improve the lives of world smokers. Vaporizers and pods are available. Glacier Mint is the common product that has a crisp flavor with a fresh finish. It has a nicotine strength of 18gm per ml. Each pack of Glacier Mint has 4 pods. 

JUUL Classic Menthol 5 Percent

The pod contains a specific pleasing menthol e-liquid that holds a capacity of 0.7ml of e-juice and 5% Nicotine strength. 

 It contains a pack of 4 JUUL pods that are refillable. It does not only have menthol flavor but also a brisk finish. 

Where to buy by following the following links

Going with your preference of your flavor, you can buy the mint and menthol JUUL products in any of the below places: 


It is an international tech company based in Washington that focuses majorly on e-commerce and digital streaming. Beside that also offer delivery of their products they sell online.

For the JUUL products, Mint and Menthol flavored pods and kits such as The Case compatible with JUUL pods. 

JUUL Stores

The brand was designed to act as a satisfying option to cigarettes. The products are simple and satisfying. Nicotine levels both salts and strength are regulated together with standards of an adult smoker. The devices from JUUL comes with a USB charging dock and are sold separately. 

What's inside in mint / menthol juul pods?

JUUL Mint it is made to sooth your feelings with a refreshing mint taste from the Mint JUUL pod. The e-liquid consisting inside is got from salts that are found in tobacco leaves. Therefore, it provides 4% nicotine by weight. 

The Mint JUUL pack comes with 4 pods inside that are actually equal to 1 pack of cigarettes. For each pod there are approximately 200 puffs available. The e-liquid capacity of each pod is 0.7ml. 

For the JUUL Menthol pod, the pack comes with four non-refillable pods with an e-liquid capacity of 0.7ml. For total utilization of the flavor it has a ceramic coil constructed with a leak resistance proof. 

The JUUL Menthol has a classic menthol flavor, when vaped it has a taste and feel of a Menthol cigarette. 

About JUUL pods

The JUUL company producesJuul e-cigarette, which atomizes nicotine salts from leaf tobacco then supplied by one-time use cartridges.

The pods are small and bear a resemblance to flash drives, and since they are small, that means they are easy to carry around.

The brand is very popular, and the reason why it has cited to its famousness it’s because of the varieties of flavor vaping solutions. JUUL pods contain nicotine based salt, and some of them contain twice as much nicotine as other e-cigarette types. 

Even though the Pods have regulated nicotine levels and are naturally derived from the tobacco leaves, they have some side effects. One might experience throat and mouth irritation because of the high accumulation of nicotine level in the pods.

Besides that, coughing and nausea might be also a major side effect from using JUUL flavored pods.

JUUL pod ingredients include:

  1. Nicotine
  2. Propylene Glycol
  3. Benzoic acid that helps in providing cigarette like satisfaction
  4. Flavor

What Flavors of JUUL pods are there? 

JUUL pods have different flavors so that it can give the user a choice of different varieties to your taste. 

However, JUUL pod comes in different flavors such as Menthol, Mint, Mango peach, among others.

The common flavors include:  

Virginia Tobacco Flavor

It has infused with a flavor of Virginia tobacco leaf that exhibits a thick tobacco vape fog when exhaled. Its classic and not super dry like any other tobacco flavored pod. 

Menthol flavor

It’s vape flavor gives the delicious taste of traditional menthol cigarette with a similar throat and nicotine hit. 

Fruit Flavor

The flavor may comprise of different fruits infused, such as grapes peaches and berries, to give a complete delicious fruit flavor. 

Mango Peach Pineapple flavor

It is one of the popular flavors that it is a combination of mango, pineapple and peach. The mixture will restore the original taste and give an amazing vaping experience. 

Mint flavor 

It is made to sooth your feelings with a refreshing mint taste from the Mint JUUL pod. The e-liquid consisting inside is got from salts that are found in tobacco leaves. 

Crème Flavor

For this flavor, it comes with a fruity taste for example banana cream or pineapple cream. The VG/PG ratio of any cream based flavored product id 50/50. Providing a smooth throat hit. 

How long does each JUUL pod last?

The pods are self-contained and are fully disposable and can hold up to 0.7ml of e-liquid. 

As stated by JUUL website, the designed pod can approximately last 200 puffs. This can vary from person to person on how each vapes. Focusing on the charging and duration a pod can last, a charge is supposed to be for a day. 

The battery capacity of 200mAh gives the device an allowance to work up to 4 hours if heavily used. Personal vaping pattern vary completely, and depends on how one vapes. 

How many puffs are in a JUUL pod?

JUUL company stated that one pod is estimated to have 200 puffs. However, it is roughly imprecise that has the same amount of nicotine as one pack of cigarettes.  

Reviewing some of the vapors reviews, they said that it depends on how much and how hard one puffs. If one puffs averagely, one can attain the 200 puff mark. 

From the above article, it clearly describes the JUUL products, how affordable they are and where to find them. The brand is headquartered in San Francisco and still you can request for your flavor, accessories and e-juices.

They are helping to end the era of combustible cigarettes and providing the vapors with another alternative. Get yourself a flavor of your choice at an affordable price from JUUL Pods.

Here is a Video, showing how to find a Juul Pod Shop near me;

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UPENDS gives a chance for vapors to refill the vaping pens once they are over. The capacity of the e-liquid available, is 2ml.

The brand ensures each detail during use and strives for a more accessible, unique, and satisfactory experience. 

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