WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

What is Vapor Shark? Vapor Shark Reviews & Coupon Codes

24th Apr 2021 | 11 | upends v

So, you want to start vaping but don’t know which brand to buy from? Well, we got you sorted. In this article, we look at one of the best companies in the market namely Vapor Shark. We’ll cover how it was started and more. So, let’s get started.

1           What is Vapor Shark?

Vapor Shark is one of the leading companies that deal with the sale of quality vape systems. Founded in 2010, the company aims to provide an alternative to traditional smoking; ensuring that smokers are not exposed to cancer causing products.

The company opened their first store in 2012 in Miami Florida. And since the public was not aware of the benefits of vaping, starting was an uphill task. Fast-forward to 2021, and they have numerous stores across Florida, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and other states.

And since they only deal with quality products, they have gone to become a favorite among vapers. From students to professionals, they all hail Vapor Shark for their stellar services and products.

2           Main products

As mentioned, Vapor Shark deals with a wide range of vaping products. Let’s look at what you’ll get from their store.

2.1         Devices

To vape, you need devices and this is where Vapor Shark comes in to play. The company deals with high wattage and affordable devices.

High wattage are those devices that have a wattage rating of over 50 watts. Such devices are suited for avid vapers and can be daunting for beginners to use. They are also a perfect fit for “cloud chasers.”

As such, beginners are most accustomed to affordable devices. They usually have a wattage rating of less than 50 watts. Often, experts recommend that beginners go for 10 watts device as they are more beginner-friendly.

You can buy the GeekVape Aegis X Zeus Kit (high wattage) or Suorin Air Starter Kit (Affordable)

2.2         Starter kits

As a beginner it’s recommended that you settle for starter kits. At Vapor Shark there are hundreds to choose from and they come in different models. Let’s have a look at them.

2.2.1        All in one

They come with all the necessary accessories that you need. You can buy the:


2.2.2        Box Mods

Box mods are well-suited for more experienced vapers. You can choose between:

All their starter kits are from reputable brands such as Smok, Kanger, Uwell, and VooPoo among others.

2.3         Brands

Vapor Shark deals with products from different brands that have gone on to make a name for themselves. Vapers laud them for providing them quality and safe products such as e-liquids and vape pens.

Let’s look at some of the brands they collaborate with.

  • SmokTech: This is a company that deals with vaping kits. They produce starter to advanced kits.
  • Vaporesso: Vaporesso produces kits, tanks, coils, and mods.
  • Horizon: They produce some of the most sought-after kits, pods, and e-liquids and more.
  • FreeMax: FreeMax is yet another trusted kits, coils, and tanks producer.
  • Innokin: Innokin is a renowned producer of e-cigarettes.

The best part about these and more brands is that they are certified and their products undergo third-party testing to ensure they meet the legal safety requirements.

2.4         E-liquids

Not only can you buy kits but also e-juices. Here you can find e-juices of different flavors from different companies. Here are the main flavors to choose from.

  • Fruit: you can buy the SAVEURvape SVRF Balanced or Aqua Flow Ice
  • Dessert: Get The One Creamy Lemon Crumble Cake or Cookie Twist Frosted Sugar Cookie
  • Menthol: you can buy the Air Factory Salts Menthol or Air Factory Salts Menthol
  • Cream: here, there are lots to choose from such as Basix Banana Cream Pie and Pachamama Peach Papaya Coconut Cream
  • Tobacco: if you like the tabocco taste ans smell, get yourself the Air Factory Salts Tobacco or Vapor Shark Pie Tobacco and more.
  • Beverage: for beverage flavors, you can buy the Famous Fair Watermelon Slush or Naked 100 Hawaiian POG.

2.5         Accessories

To ensure that the vape system work for long periods, you’ll need to purchase accessories. Accessories range from chargers to batteries. Thanks to this one-stop shop, you can get them here.

They also have coils such as the SMOK PRM replacement coil. Coils heat the e-liquid so it can produce the vapor that you inhale.

Another accessory you need is a pod. You can get the Smok Nord 2 Replacement pod that comes with 3 pieces. In case you lose one, you’ll always have one to replace with.

Now, if you buy a refillable pod, you’ll need to use a drip tip that is compatible with your pod. As such, you can get the Chubby Gorilla Disposable Drip Tip. You can also buy a glass replacement from the company.

2.6         Atomizers

If you don’t know what an atomizer is, it is that part of the pod system that vaporizes the e-liquid. Without them, you cannot enjoy the flavor-filled vapor. Luckily, you can buy them from Vapor Shark for a pocket-friendly price.

Some of the popular models are:

  • FreemaxFireluke Mesh Replacement coil
  • FreemaxKanthal Triple Mesh Coil
  • GeekVape Aegis Boost Replacement Coil


2.7         Does Vapor shark support wholesale?

Yes, Vapor Shark allows wholesale buying. However, you’ll need to contact them via their wholesale inquiry email (wholesale@vaporshark.com) for more information.

2.8         How long does it take for Vapor Shark to ship my order?

Well, once you place your order within business days, it will take the company less than 48 hours to process the order.

For domestic shipping, the company supports USPS Flat Rate and USPS free shipping. If you use either of the mentioned methods, your order will be delivered within 1 to 4 business days depending on your location.

Alternatively, you can use faster shipping methods such as United Parcel Service, FedEx, and USPS. Here, you can opt for options such as Next Day Air, 2ND Day Air, or Next Day Early AM. As such, you’ll receive your order within 1 and 3 days.

For international shipping, timing may vary depending on your shipping method and location.

2.9         Contacts

So, how can you reach Vapor Shark? Here are several ways.

2.9.1        Contact page: https://www.vaporshark.com/contacts

2.9.2        Email: support@vaporshark.com (general enquires),  wholesale@vaporshark.com (wholesale related issues).

2.9.3        Address: 14300 Commerce Way Miami Lakes, FL 33016


3           Vapor Shark review

3.1         Age-restricted

Once you visit the site, you are prompted to verify if you are over 21 years. While some people may find a way around this, you cannot bypass verification when picking your order. This is because you’ll be required to issue your ID.

3.2         Fast shipping

Luckily, Vapor Shark offers its customers numerous shipping options. This ensures that you get your order just when you need it. also, unlike most vaping companies that don’t ship outside the USA, Vapor Shark ships to countries where vaping is legal.

3.3         Intuitive website

Another thing you’ll love about Vapor Shark is its intuitive website that allows you to navigate through categories without much hassle. If you want to see some of the brands they work with, they are neatly arranged on the site. It is the same case with categories and other pages.

3.4         Different payment options

Vapor Shark allows you pay via your Credit or Debit Card. This allows the company to cover a wide array of customers.

3.5         Global footprint

As mentioned, they ship they products to numerous countries across the globe. This means if you are in Africa or Asia, you get their quality products.

3.6         Stellar customer services

Well, if you’ve been subject to shitty customer services, you know how a turn off that can be. Luckily, Vapor Shark values its clients and it is for this for reason they are ready to answer your queries any time of day.

4           UPENDS: An alternative vaping company you can trust

Now, if you want to buy vaping products from another company, you can try UPENDS. The company deals with pod systems, pod mods, devices, and disposables. All products meet the stipulated requirements by relevant bodies meaning you get safe-to-use systems.

Besides, their pricing is reasonable – not too cheap not too expensive. In short, they give you value for your money, which is not the case with many companies out there. The company also has an easy-to-navigate website where you can place your order with ease.

Currently, UPENDS is looking for distributors globally. So if you want to start or incorporate other brands in your vaping business, you can contact them for the way forward.

5           Conclusion

There’s no denying that Vapor Shark lives up to its name in all areas. From products, customer service, to regulation compliance. This company is what any serious vaper should consider. Also, the products come at a fairly cheap price compared to its competitors.

Having said that, if you want an alternative to Vapor Shark, you can always count on UPENDS. This is one of the fastest growing company that is trusted by many in the market. So, make a wise decision and buy from UPENDS or Vapor Shark.