What is JVapes? Reviews and Coupon Codes to Make Your Next Purchase Easier

    What is JVapes? Reviews and Coupon Codes to Make Your Next Purchase Easier

    Vaping has gained a significant amount of attention since the introduction of devices like flavored e-cigarettes, e-hookah, vape mods, vape pods, etc. If you’re wondering how is vaping different from smoking and why is it gaining that much acknowledgment. Well, smoking involves the inhalation of the smoke while vaping has nothing to do with the smoke. However, they both give a hit to the throat that may be either strong or mild. Also, e-cigarettes are available in two options - nicotine or no-nicotine. The key difference is the lack of burning as when you smoke, you’re burning thousands of ingredients but vape juices contain just a few ones and they don’t burn.

    When you want to buy vape products online, you are flooded with options but not all of them may suit your needs and budget. So, to make things a bit simple for you, we’re going to discuss a brand name JVapes where you can find an array of products.

    1. An Intro to JVapes

    Established in 2011, Jvapes has been selling a wide range of products but its e-liquid has always been at the forefront. This company is a little bit different than other e-juice companies as they not only manufacture e-juice but also produce a large variety of complex flavors in their certified lab. Available at 50/50 or 30/70 PG/VG, the e-liquid offered by the company is moderately priced and good enough.

    The company has recently announced the end of consumer-facing sales of their nicotine-related vapor products online. This was announced due to the recent inclusion of vapor products in the US PACT Act under which companies can’t ship their products directly to their customers. Though the face of their online store has changed, the company can ship Cannabis Supplies.


    However, Jvapes will continue to deliver the e-liquid via their nationwide distribution channels to the local shops. It means you can buy their products from your nearby stores or vape shops and also ask them to stock your favorite flavors. You can also email Jvapes regarding your concern and let the company know what would you like to have next.

    1. A Look at JVapes Main Products

    The company offers a wide selection of vaping products including Pipes, Vaporizers, Nectar Collectors, Grinders, Bubblers, Bowls and Bangers, Bongs, and Accessories. The selection includes a variety of high-end mods and accessories.
    Here we’ve listed some popular products offered by Jvapes under different categories…


    If you’re looking for some amazingly designed vape pipes, this could be an excellent place to look for. The company has some amazing designs including the ceramic elephant, ceramic pineapple, vintage bus, bumblebees, cactus, mini spoon, eggplant, squirrel’s nest, mushroom, peach, cherry, popsicle, and a lot more.


    • Ceramic Elephant Novelty Pipe: Made of ceramic with a Sienna color finish, it comes with a carburetor.


    • Ceramic Pineapple Hand Pipe: Made of ceramic, this is a fully functional pipe with a mouthpiece.


    • Ceramic Retro Vintage Bus Pipe: Packaged in a color box, this is a fully functional device with a pipe and mouthpiece.


    The company stocks a huge variety of devices used to vaporize substances for inhalation and the most popular ones include Ice Cream by Lookah, Lokee Hi-Rise Oil, Liquids Reactor Glass cartridge, Q7 E-Nail by Lookah, Quartz Wax Tank by Lookah, Seahorse Pro By Lookah, Seahorse Pro Quartz Coils, and more.

    • Ice Cream By Lookah: Available in different colors to choose from, this weed vaporizer is the first dry herb vaporizer from Lookah. It has four preset temperatures and a pre-heat setting denoted by an LED light.
    • Liquid6 Reactor Glass Cartridge: It’s a 510 vape cartridge for precious high viscosity oils and comes with an open-top fill design with an innovative flat mouthpiece. Also, it is crafted from high-grade materials and comes with a capacity of 1 ml.
    • LOKEE Hi Rise Oil Vaporizer: An all-new vaporizer packed with the biggest-sized battery of 650mAh and includes a .5 ml cartridge. It features a micro USB charger cable, X2 magnetic connectors, and an auto-off safety feature.


    A bong is a filtration device that is used for smoking tobacco, cannabis, or other herbal substances. Jvapes offer a great variety of bongs available in many different designs and shapes. Some of the popular options include Gold Fumes Pineapple Bong, Hemper Cactus Jack bong, Goody Glass the Orbit 4 Piece Mini Rig, Hamper Ghost Rig, Hemper Jellyfish Jar Bong, and more.

    • Hemper Crystal Ball Bong: This crystal ball bomb created a storm effect inside the cooling chamber and it releases smoke out of 5 holes. It makes a plume-shaped smoke stream that comes from each hole and comes with a colored showered percolator.
    • Hemper Ghost Rig: This rig features a multi-slit fission diffuser percolator and glows in the dark. It includes a 14 mm make flower bowl and a frosted body with a height of 6.5” and width of 3”.
    • Hemper Gaming Bong: An 8-bit flower chomping Gaming Bong features a green bore tube in a pipe-shaped base and a custom flower bowl. It also comes with a custom flower-chopper bowl, pitched neck, and colored accents.


    A Banger bowl is a dish used to vaporize cannabis concentrates in a bong and may vary in design. Jvapes offer a wide range of Bowls and Bangers that are available in different designs and price range. Here are some popular options available…

    • Blue Blood Term Vacuum Banger: Available with marble beads, this banger is made of borosilicate and features a clear design.
    • Diamond Glass Bowl: A luxurious bowl for smoking sessions that comes with a thick and translucent design and different color options.
    • Quartz Recycler Banger with Carb Cap: Equipped with a removable quartz knot, this banger comes with a bubble carb cap.


    Bubblers are an interesting way to smoke cannabis, tobacco, or other herbal flavors and it is a type of water pipe. Jvapes stocks an impressive range of bubblers that is available in different designs and features. Take a look at some wonderful options…

    • OOZE Silicone Steamboat Bubbler: It features multiple glass chambers and is built with a strong glass that is further protected by a silicone sleeve.
    • Cheech & Chong Double Chamber Bubbler: This double chamber bubbler have thick bases for extra stability and is decorated with a black Cheech & Chong’s decal.
    • Snoop Dogg Pounds Lightship Bubbler: A sleek and modern bubbler crafted from borosilicate glass features a built-in screen and flat mouthpiece.


    An herb grinder is a vaping accessory made out of wood, silicone, plastic, or metal with sharp teeth used to grind up dry herbs. Grinders are often used for bowls and dry herb vaporizers and Jvapes offer some great options to choose from. Take a look:

    • Famous X Aluminum Grinder: A 50mm 3-stage chamber with an aluminium frame and features a sifting screen, stash component, and precision teeth.
    • High Roller Grind & Pack: A grind & pack combo in one features premium polycarbonate, a magnetic lid, and tight closure storage for freshness and odor control.
    • V-Syndicate Grinder: Made from premium materials, the 4-piece grinder features sharp teeth to cut even the dense herbs or flowers.

    Apart from the above-mentioned products, the company also stocks a wide variety of nectar collators and accessories. The accessories section includes torches, lighters, wraps, papers, and more to provide you with a wonderful vaping experience

    1. JVapes Product Review


    At first glance, Jvapes may appear quite an average brand as there’s nothing flashy about the name but they offer some great products at an affordable price. Also, the e-liquid comes in traditional plastic bottles and available with over 50 flavors at 50/50 PG/VG. There are several ‘Black Label’ products that come in 30/70 PG/VG and have a huge selection of flavourful choices.

    The basic products are limited to just a few flavors while others are quite creative and complex mixtures. The e-liquids are well-balanced, flavourful, and offer an impressive vaping experience at a competitive price. Abbey Lane, Fruity Dragon, Furry Wall, Chameleon, Purple Sticky Punch, Ridin Nerdy, Yellow Submarine, and Vanilla Cola are some popular e-liquids.

    You can give the Jvapes products a shot!

    1. Jvapes Coupon Codes

     Want to save more on Javpes products? Well, check out these sites and you may find some exciting offers and discount coupons…

    While you’re looking to save a few bucks on your vape products, there’s a company looking to provide you with an opportunity to explore hundreds of products and make money. UPENDS is a new vape brand that is looking for agents worldwide and offers a wide range of products at a competitive price. Starting your vape business is no more a dream and not all difficult when you can easily choose to become a distributor.

    1. Final Thoughts

     If you’re interested in exploring all that vaping world has to offer, know your needs and do some research. There are many companies out there offering a wide range of vape products that can make it challenging for you to find the best products. Don’t hesitate to look at different options available from vapes and e-juices to accessories and make your vaping experience as satisfying as possible.


    To use the UPENDS website you must be aged 21 years or over. Please verify your age before entering the site.