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VPM: VPM Online Vape Shop Vape Products Review

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What is VPM?

VPM is an online vaping company that sells some of the best vaping products in the market. It works with some of the best brands in the market such as PUFFCO, Vessel, CCELL, and others. The company was started in 2014 and since then it has gone on to serve more than 100k customers worldwide.

VPM Main products

The company sells just about any vaping product. From batteries, pod systems, vape pens, to chargers. In short, it is a one-stop-shop for avid vapers. You can get oil, wax, and herb products here too. As such, it is not only confined to e-juices but anything that you can use with an e-cigarette.

VPM Desktop Vape pens

Here, you get a large assortment of vape pens from different brands. Besides, they come in different sizes and shapes. In fact, this is one of their best-selling categories. The pens are portable, lightweight, and easy to conceal with your hands.

Another benefit of using their pens is that they are intended for specific use. For example, you can get an oil, wax, and herb vape pen. This ensures you only get what you want. And the best part, they come at an affordable price for most vapers.

You can get pens from different brands such as Linx, OmniVap, Puffco, and many more. Let’s look at a few.

  • Puffco Plus: this is a wax vape pen that comes in a portable yet elegant make allowing for on-the-go vaping. The mouthpiece acts as a refilling point, splash guard, and carb cap. This ensures that wax concentrate stays safe in the cartridge.
  • Linx Blaze wax pen: this is a classic vape pen that packs a stainless-steel durable construction. Thanks to its minimalistic design, just about anyone can use it without much hassle. It comes with a glass embedded coil atomizer and a plate atomizer for optimum performance.
  • Linx Eden Dry Herb Vaporizer: if you are into herb vaping, get yourself this easy-to-use pen. It comes in black and gray colors, a portable design, and an easy-to-use mouthpiece. You also get a USB charger, 3 mouthpieces, magnetic mouthpiece cap, and other accessories.

VPM Portable Vape Pens

Well, if you like vaping as you travel or commute, then there’s no better way to go about this than buying a portable vape pen. While they have fewer features compared to the mod system, they allow you to vape as you would with the former.

As expected, they come in an ergonomic, portable, and lightweight design. This allows you to vape even as you drive around. They also come with a long-lasting battery because unlike desktop vapes, they are intended for use anywhere.

Again, you can get portable vape pen form some of the best brands in the market. Let’s look at a few.

  • Dipper by Dip: this vape pen acts as a dipper vaporizer and a wax vape pen. Quite some flexibility and convenience there. It has three heat settings, and a button to switch on/off and set the different temperature settings. Allow you need is an USB charging to enjoy vaping as you travel.
  • CCell Palm & Silo Bundle: this is a bundle of some of the best brands; Palm and Silo. They are of high-capacity and allow you to put more e-juice or wx compared to the Dipper type.
  • Vfire by iKrusher: iKrusher is known to manufacture some of the best vape pens in the market and this pen is no difference. With a minimalistic design, it allows you to vape wherever you are. It comes with a 500 mAh battery for that quick yet powerful draw.


Not only does VPM sell vape pens but also their accessories and components. And as expected they are of high quality and they live up to the brands name. let’s look at some of these parts you can get from VPM.

Oil cartridges

Oil cartridges are those parts that you attach to conventional 510-thread vape pen battery. Besides they are easy to replace and are easily available. This explains why they are a favorite for most avid vapers.

So, if you don’t know which to buy, VPM has a wide assortment of empty oil cartridges so you can enjoy flavors when you want to. Some of the brands include iKrusher, Maxcore, and Ispire, among others.

VPM Oil Cartridge Batteries

An oil cartridge will do you no good if it does not come with a battery. As such, VPM aims to provide you, the vaper, with some of the best oil cartridge batteries in the market. They allow you to vape as you move around. Here, you can get batteries from Jupiter, CCell Palm, Vessel Compass, and many more brands.  And all come at an affordable price.

VPM Oil Pods

If you need to replace your vape pod, trust VPM. They have some of the most trusted in the business. You can get anywherefrom 1.0ml to 0.5ml oil pods. They allow you to store your oil for on-the-road vaping. For example, you can get the CCell Luster Pod, Xen Pod, or VFire pod. It all depends with your preferences.

Chambers and atomizers

Well, if you want your concentrate or oil to be safe from leakage or damage, then you need a quality chamber. And this is what VPM offers you. They have some of the most sort-after chambers so you can store your e-juice.

And for the flavor to come out as it should, then you cannot overlook a robust atomizer. This is the part that heats the e-liquid so can get that punchy flavor.

Mouthpieces and tips

The hygiene of your vape system partially depends on the mouthpiece that you use. As such it is advisable that you use a replaceable mouthpiece. VPM offers you mouthpieces that you can replace whenever you want. From small to large, from glass to silicone mouthpieces, you can get just about any of your choice.


Well, in addition to parts, the company also sells you fancy accessories such as water pipe adapters, dust caps, ripper grinders, jars, and more. This is to making vaping more enjoyable.


As mentioned earlier, the company deals with some of the best brands in the market. These brands meet the required regulatory standards atnd have a proven track record. They include iKrusher, Ispire, Maxcore, Linx, Puffco, and many more.


  • A large assortment of products
  • Affordable pricing of products
  • Genuine brands
  • Easy to use website


  • Some products are expensive compared to other online stores.
  • No physical stores.

VPM Reviews: Is VPM Good?

Well, this Canada- and USA- based company is just about any company that an avid vaper is looking for. For one they deal with some of the best and trusted brands in the market. This says a lot about their customer-first approach. It means they keep the safety of the customer before profits and other business aspects.

The company also sells many products meaning that you can order just about anything from it. this ensures that you can get your order as a package, rather than waiting for products from different vendors. What’s more, you get exposed to better products. In that, products that can serve you better.

It is also hailed by lots of customers for their timely delivery. This is unlike other vendors who promise to deliver products on a certain day only to disappoint you.

And once you subscribe to their mailing list you get a 10% discount out of your first order. Besides, they offer their retainer clients with deals, discounts, and sales once in a while.  This allows you to take advantage of new and cheaper yet quality products.

The VPM customer support team is also exceptional with round the clock support. They ensure prompt communication so you can get your order in time. If want to buy from a company that values its customers, try VPM. You won’t regret.

And when it comes to pricing, the company knows how to balance between high-end and average products. This means you’ll get products at just the right price.

Overall, the VPM company is an ideal company for anybody who wants to start vaping.


  1. How to choose the best vape?

Well, all you have to do is know you needs. For example, VPM has herb, oil, and wax vapes. All you need to do is know which you want. And if you want a multi-functioning type, VPM got you sorted.

  1. What are the different types of VPM vape kits?

VPM provides you two types of vape kits; desktop and portable kits. Desktop are ideal for vaping at home or office while portable are ideal for on-the-go vaping.

  1. Is the VPM vape pens worth it?

Yes! VPM vape pens are from some of the most-trusted brands in the market. Besides, the company has to undergo vetting from VPM before they can sell on the platform.

  1. How do I enter the VPM affiliate program?

You have to sign up before you are accepted as an affiliate.