VooPoo DRAG 2 review and instruction. The Specifications, Features, Build, and Design

    VooPoo DRAG 2 review and instruction. The Specifications, Features, Build, and Design

    The VooPoo DRAG 2 is a mod unit from the DRAG series by VooPoo companies. The VooPoo DRAG 2 utilizes an 18650 dual battery and the T2 sub-ohm tank. The original drag before Drag 2 was a very excellent device and sold a lot of units.

    It featured a very smart GENE chip, and had a firing tine of 0.01 seconds. All these awesome features came at a very good price tag. Even with all the best features, there were a few issues with the mod and the drag 2 is seemingly here to help address these issues.

    Specifications and features of the VooPoo DRAG 2

    • Has power ranges between 5-177 watts
    • The output voltage ranges start from 0-7.5 volts
    • Uses dual-18650 batteries
    • The resistance starts from a minimum of 0.05 ohms and a maximum of 5 ohms
    • There is room for upgrading the software
    • Built from zinc alloy and resin material

    Build and design of the VooPoo DRAG 2 mod

    The drag 2 is a mod that uses dual 18650 batteries and fires up to 177 watts. This unit is only available in black but the resin colors have a wide range of selections. The large branding that was added to the previous version has been toned down and makes the unit more discreet.

    This time they avoided the rectangular shapes and gave the unit more rounded edges which is very pleasant to hold.

    The drag 2 weighs approximately 157 grams which makes it about 50 grams lighter compared to the original drag. The paint job feels good and the magnet systems are very strong, but we hope it does not turn out as the original drag. The door does not rattle up but you can easily slide the door open with your hand.

    The LED screen is great too, it is crystal clear, very easy to read but the black and white would have been better if it was colored. The buttons click pretty well and they surely feel like an upgrade from the initial Drag unit. The atomizers have a 25mm diameter and is flush from the edges. 

    The UForce T2 Tank

    This is so far one of the best tanks ever installed on a vape mod. The unit is of good quality and well-constructed. There are no much differences that can be seen compared to the earlier released UForce tank apart from its color and tank sizes. 

    The tanks style seems to be a depiction of the transformers. The diameters stand at 26.5mm and is built with stainless steel, with a Pyrex and resin construction. The tank has five distinct parts that make it easy to clean and maintain.  

    How to use the VooPoo DRAG 2

    • To turn the device on and off, press the power button five times consecutively
    • When your device is turned on and you want to change the power modes, click on the power button three times. (It goes from power, custom, TC and FIT which are available in the sub menus.
    • Pressing the plus (+) sign and the minus (-) can navigate through the sub menu of the modes.
    • While operating on the TC mode, you can adjust the wattage by pressing the button four times
    • While vaping on custom mode, you can adjust the wattage and temperature by clicking four times
    • By clicking  the fire and + button will lock the device but it can still fire up
    • If you need to change the screen orientation, press fire and –

    Battery performance of the VooPoo DRAG 2

    The drag 2 also uses the dual-18650 batteries and they are good at delivery. The unit can use various batteries including Samsung 30q. These batteries can average 5 hours while running at 65W. This means that the drag charging system can balance power but charging it externally still works better. 

    Performance of the VooPoo DRAG 2

    The VooPoo DRAG 2 work well when in the VW mode. The mod has a quick response and can work perfectly across various wattage ranges. The ranges between 40-50W are perfect for a quality vaping session.

    The performance is always in relation to the type of tank you add onto the device and the hard hitting response is very oaky. The combination of the 0.2ohms and the 0.4 ohms gives so much flavor and it does a good job in giving vapor. 


    The fit mode is similarly good just like the VW mode. But if you tweak the settings just a little bit, you can maximize your battery life and get so much clouds. The modes generally work okay but the standard coils gives you more freedom over the quality you get. However, if you are a first time vape users, it may take a lot of time and guess work to find the appropriate settings for good response.

    TC-Mode performance

    The temperature control systems work pretty okay. The option allows you to set the highest wattages and it gives you more room to personalize your performance to what matches your preferences. With everything tweaked fully, you get the best out of the TC mode. The UForce tank does not come with the extra TC coils but you can screw in your TC tank and start vaping. 

    Ease of Use

    Apart from knowing the basics of handling a Mod, the main adjustments to do on this pen are changing tanks and refilling. The good thing is that these process are very easy to go by. To refill, you just need to push out the cap on the tank and insert your juice bottle spout into the refill hole. Fill up to your required amount and close it up when the process is complete.

    The process of changing coils is somehow involving but all you need to do is to unscrew the tank bottom when it is empty. Once the bottom is out, remove the coil from the base. The new coils can be inserted in the same spot but you need to remember the coils need priming before use. 

    Generally, the mod is very easy to use and programming the different modes is very easy. You might get a manual that helps you use newer vaping devices. Generally speaking, the grips and everything will not give you so much trouble.

    Pros and cons of the VooPoo DRAG 2


    • The whole unit is built with quality in mind and the design is good
    • They vapor and flavor production is good assisted by the UForce T2 tanks
    • The top filling design is very easy to use
    • The battery can last for a very long time
    • The menu has been synchronized to be user friendly and excellent in performance


    • It would have been better with a 20700 battery option
    • The raised 510 connection port leaves a small gap
    • The battery door starts playing at some point
    • Some goon-style tips cannot work with this tank
    • The airflow could feel somehow restricted

    FAQS about VooPoo DRAG 2

    Is the VooPoo DRAG 2 worth it?

    The VooPoo DRAG 2 is worth it. The device has been built with precision and it delivers the best vapor and flavor. It is definitely recommended for everyone who want to get more performance out of their Mod

    How much does a VooPoo DRAG 2 cost?

    The VooPoo drag 2 mod is not pricey, its price range is set to compete fairly to the other units available in the market. The device costs roughly $81.99 and you might be lucky to get it on offer



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    The VooPoo DRAG 2 is the best device that can work for you at different modes. The chip in this device is still the GENE and it is quite responsive and fast. There are high chances that you will enjoy this device and the pricing is reasonable. You can trust the best VooPoo technology and you will definitely enjoy having this in your collection.


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