What is a Voltage vape shop?Products, Reviews,Find Voltage vape shop near me

    What is a Voltage vape shop?Products, Reviews,Find Voltage vape shop near me

    What is a Voltage vape shop? 

    Vaping becomes the best experience not by using quality vaping equipment, but using something which can also provide the ambiance and mood to escape from the reality and drop into the world of craziness and energy that create that best part of your day. The voltage vape shop is aims to provide not just anything good to vape but something that’s actually unique and which really tempts you to enter into the experience and enjoy every bit of it. It is one of the best vape shops in the USA located at 79 Enfield street and sells about 300 different flavors of vape juices and other vaping pieces of equipment. If you really look forward to being brave enough to try some of the exciting products at the voltage vape shop, just read this article about some of the fantastic features and signature products at our shop.

    Throughout this article guides you into some of the factors that make the voltage vape shop unique from other vape shops and that which helped it to emerge as the most trusted and fan-favorite vape shop in the USA.

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    Know more about Voltage vape shop:

    Voltage vape shop Signature products:

    Voltage vape shop sells an extensive range of vaping products which includes e-cigarettes, and e-liquids mainly. The e-liquids collection includes a great range of exotic flavors that can make anyone addicted to the art of vaping and enjoying the best part of their time. Their large collection of products of famous brands are carefully picked and individually examined to ensure that we give you nothing less than the best.

    If you are a person looking for more choices to pick, you can visit the voltage vape shop and you will be really puzzled and confused about what to buy as they have a large collection of products that no one can resist trying! All their products are something more than what you want and what you expect. The shop provides more and even more to gift you a complete experience that can get you back to your good times in the past and best days in the future. Here are some of the best-selling and signature products at the voltage vape shop that has been the backbone of their reputation and goodwill.

     1.Posh plus disposable vapes

           Disposable vapes are one of the most popular design advancements in vapes and have remained as one of the best options in terms of simple usage, affordability, and maximum utilization benefits. The posh plus disposable vapes are a step ahead of the conventional disposable vapes and have taken the vaping experience to next level. The posh plus disposable vapes are the design innovation of Fuma vapors and the product was designed to create a beginner-friendly, flavorful disposable vape. These disposable vapes offer a massive amount of puffs and are prefilled with 5ml, 6% nicotine salt and are designed to provide almost 500 puffs! The posh plus disposable vape is available in 14 flavors that include mint, frozen apple, minty strawberry, lychee ice, cool grape, frozen mango berry, etc. With a length of 12mm and a diameter of 18mm, the posh plus disposable vapes are one of the largest disposable vapes out there.

    The product is made of an aluminum body and is painted in a color that corresponds to its flavor, with an attractive sleeky and classy design that actually doesn’t make anyone feel like disposing of it. The product consists of a cap for the drip tip in order to prevent lint and dirt from getting into the mouthpiece. The drip tip has an oval-shaped opening and is made of black plastic. These are disposable vapes with spot-on performance and have the best cooling flavors that satisfy anyone who wishes to have a complete and satisfying vaping experience.


    • Draw activated firing mechanism
    • 8mL of E-liquid capacity
    • Completely Disposable
    • 1000mAh battery
    • LED puff indicator


    How to use it?

    1. Open the cap of the drip tip
    2. Just draw on the mouthpiece and starting vaping
    3. The LED lights up and blinks with different colors at each draw to indicate the puff

    Pros and Cons of Posh plus disposable vapes


    • Available in a variety of flavors
    • Up to 500 puffs
    • Attractive design
    • Affordable


    • Larger and heavier compared to other disposable vapes
    • Only available in icy flavors

    2.Voopoo Drag Mini Kit

          Winner of the 2nd prize for the best box mod at the 2019 vamping 360 awards, this mini vape kit has one of the best design options and features a unique GENE.FIT chip for battery-efficient outputs with different power modes to power the UFRORCE T2 tank included in it. The product has a spot-on technical design with stylish looking shape. It consists of a clear OLED display screen that shows the battery level and you can also switch between the resistance/ voltage modes or even adjust the wattage. The drag mini kit contains the newest GENE. The FIT chipset supports VW/VPC/TC/TCR/BYPASS modes and can fire a maximum output of 117W. The Voopoo drag mini kit is packaged with VOOPOO UFORCE T2 Tank with a capacity of 5mL and has the provisions to maximize the vape flavor using both parallel and mesh coils. The T2 tank has a convenient sliding top-fill design with a matching drip tip that complements the side panel of the product and also the tiple-slotted airflow control. The VOOPOO UFORCE UCC coil series is utilized in the product and has a pre-packaged 0.6ohm P2 single mesh coil rated at 24-28W and a 0.13ohm N1 single mesh coil with a power of 50-100W. The tank is also equipped with a built-in bubble gas juice reservoir with a capacity of 5mL, along with a 3.5mL glass tube that accommodates all the required tank configurations of the user’s choice.

    Features of Voopoo drag mini kit

    • Pre-installed 5mL juice capacity
    • 13ohm N1 single mesh coil
    • UFORCE OCC oil technology
    • Triple button airflow control
    • Resistance range: 0.05ohm-3ohm
    • Power range: 5W-117W
    • Voltage range: 0.1W-117W


    How to use Voopoo drag mini kit?
    1. Push back the arrow on the top cap
    2. Add the E-liquid through the slot
    3. Push back the top cap and wait until the coil is completely saturated
    Pros and cons of Voopoo drag mini kit


    • Superior design
    • Short-circuit protection
    • Economic
    • Magnetized battery door cover
    • Premium zinc-alloy construction


    • Not very handy
    • Available only in the same design pattern

    3.Voltage vape shop E-liquids

    Are you really a crazy person? Do you really never want to compromise your vaping experience? Then go ahead and check a few of the E-liquids at the voltage vape shop. E-liquids are not just an aid to vape, it is bottled experience, poetry, hope, energy or anything that you wish to pursue at the best part of your day. It is a combination of delightful flavors and aesthetic colures that really tempts anyone to give it a try.

    E-juices have been one of the main important factors that have remained the most essential element of vaping for a long time. A good vaping experience not only demands good equipment but also the best e-juice to complete the event. E-juices are available in a wide range of delightful and wonderful flavors that includes jam monster lemon, naked man, kiberry killa, and much more to explore and choose.



    e-liquid collection at the voltage vape shop

    How to use E-juices?

    1. Shake your favorite flavor of the e-juice bottle for a couple of seconds.
    2. Open the cap of your e-juice bottle and add approximately 20 drops of the liquid into the E-cig’s tank.
    3. Aim the bottle tip so that no liquid is getting into the center of the e-cig tank tube.
    4. Allow the tip to set for 1-2 minutes and then start using
    Pros and cons of e-liquids at a voltage vape shop


    • Available in a variety of flavors
    • Easy to use
    • Can be used with many types of vaping equipment


    • Not very handy
    • Some customers raised issues about the pore size of the bottle

    Upends: An wholesale vape supplier

    Upends is currently the new dimension for best quality vapes at affordable prices and valuable designs. Its goal is to sell simple and usable devices that anyone can use, whether a first-time vaper or a ‘vape guru’ Upends has the best pods for anyone who wishes to vape! Let us now have a look at some of their path-breaking designs that is really going to create a spot-on transformation in the vape market.
    1. Uppen Plus

    Uppen plus is a simple pod system and a unique version of Uppen’s core products. It is a completely wonderful product designed just to provide you with the fresh, natural taste you desire. With a minimalist and elegant design, Uppen plus has the best features to satisfy you at each puff. The metal cap over the cap protects the E-juice from dirt and thus you can enjoy that same flavor even after several days of no vaping. The product is simple to use, affordable, and is made from aerospace-grade aluminum with a refined touch.


    1. UpOX

    Upox is a highly economic and quality mini-open pod system. With a minimalist design, simple usage, and spectacular features Upox is one of the alternatives to many other vapes that are just an aid to vape. Its coil is made of special cotton cultivated at the golden cultivation zone in the Tianshan mountains. Hence it has the perfect balance between fiber density and liquid absorption which will thus gift you with nothing else but the pure taste of your E-liquid. Upox features the Etchip 2.0 flavor master coil and has the optimum heat efficiency which will thus provide you with a mouthful of flavored vapes at each puff. It is portable, long-lasting, and has a dust-proof design.

    Frequently asked questions about Voltage vape shop:

    1. Is Voltage vape shop worth it?

    Yes. The voltage vape shop is one of the best places if you are looking for some quality, branded products at an affordable cost. It is a great place to go shopping and has a lot of choices along-with a wonderful customer service and fabulous ambiance.


             2.Which are the best-selling flavors of e-juices at the voltage vape shop?

    Voltage vape shop has a large collection of vape juices out of which you can choose the one which matches your personality and mood. They have the flavors for all types of customers and hence our best-selling flavors depend on so many factors. But they sell their products for the crazy and energetic groups who wish not to compromise their best times. Hence, they do have certain best-selling flavors to recommend and that includes salt lava, the naked 100 collections, flaky French, and Cassadaga cannoli.

    3.How to shop the voltage shop products online?

    Voltage vape shops do extend their services at your doorsteps! You can visit our online shopping website https://voltagevape.com/collections/all?page=1#  to take a look at some of their most exciting products. Make sure to create an account at the voltage vape shop online page before you select the product. Once you select the products add them to the cart, add the delivery address, pay the price and you are all set to receive your order within a couple of days!

    Voltage vape shop Reviews:

    Finally a vape shop local and has everything you could ever need! Stopped in today to get some coils. Was helped right away. Knew exactly what I needed. Very nice place and great service. Found my new go-to shop. Thanks again


                                                                                          -Marc Leduc


    Absolutely amazing customer service was phenomenal, very helpful with a wide selection of liquids. Been once and have already found my new vape shop. Very reasonable prices. Highly  recommend trying them out.

                                                                                 -Nick Di Nallo


    Stopped in today my usual stop every Wednesday. Picked up the Griffin 24, 120ml bluebird, 30ml sucked dry by bee in the clouds. Which put me over the rewards so I got my free 30ml juice and chose the steamed milk also by bee in the clouds. Sucked dry is now my favorite close second to blue bird. But I love the free juice rewards. My only suggestion is a juice menu in store so I don't have to bother the lady behind the counter asking what flavor this and that juice is every time. Which is no problem she seems happy to do.

                                                                                                                                      -Jimmy Clark       


    Hope this article was useful to give you a broad idea about the timely service and quality products at the voltage vape shops outlet. To know more about our new ventures and idea please contact us and we look forward to your valuable suggestions and review. Please log onto our Facebook and Instagram pages to know more about our unique commodities, upcoming events, future ideas, and innovations.


















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