Vaping Vibe:  Vaping Vibe Products Review, Coupon and Promo Codes

    Vaping Vibe:  Vaping Vibe Products Review, Coupon and Promo Codes

    Due to the diverse use of nicotine and other nicotine-related products, there have been successive improvements in nicotine products to achieve customer satisfaction, the efficiency of products, and value addition. Vaping has been on the surge in this; therefore, products like e-liquids, cartridges, and disposables are meant to ensure convenience and efficiency to their users. All these products have been customized to fit the use in such ways as portability, energy-saving, and flavor, so the user can have a list of flavors for the customer.

    Vape Vibe.LLC is a premium electronic cigarette store located in Orchard Ave, Altoona. It is a one-stop-shop with a store of a variety of vaping products to fit your need. Their website and mail address are designed to offer services in order-making and delivery to their customers.

    What is Vape Vibe?

    This is an all-around shop for a variety of vaping products. It is an e-cigarette store in Orchard Avenue, Altoona. They have stores also in Johnstown, Dubois, Huntingdon, and State College. Apart from visiting the stores physically, you can conveniently make orders through their website. Products stocked by this shop include but are not limited to e-liquids, pods, nic salt, coils, and disposables. They do have other accessories to boost production efficiency in the hardware section. This may include; batteries, pod systems, and tanks.

    Vaping Vibe E-liquids

    The e-liquids are categorized into two based on quantity, whereby there is 50/60/75ml and e-liquid 100/120ml. these two also have a range of flavor for customer satisfaction.

    Pink Punch Lemonade E-liquid

    Californian coast is known for different things; among them are the lush lemons that grow there. Twist E-Liquids perfectly blends these lemons to achieve an impeccable taste that has made this product outstanding and a choice to many clients. The lemonade comes in a 60ml container, and its bland and spicy flavor has made it a highly approved product.

    Mangomg E-liquid

    Mangoes have a soft, pulpy, and sugary taste that has inspired this product. The Mangomg has been designed to give you as its consumer a bore-free experience. You will always get to enjoy fruit and delicious mango in this 60ml bottle of Mangomg e-liquid.

    Fruit Punch E-liquid

    Made from citrusy oranges and sweet pineapples, the fruit punch gives you an adventure in the tropics with a sensational and mouth-watering flavor. A careful blend to achieve a balanced fruit flavor explosion of the fruit comes in a 100ml bottle to match your desire.

    Vaping Vibe Nic Salts

    Island Mango Nic Salt 

    We all desire to go for a vacation on some cool island to break from the daily hassle; however, the vacation has been conveniently made to fit your desire through the Island Mango Salt. This product offers you a special paradise experience through the juicy mango flavor without having to peel mangoes. It comes in an affordable 10ml bottle.

    Blooze’I, Nic Salt

    A rejuvenating punch is all you need for a completely great day. Vaping with blooze gives you one of a kind sensational sweetness of saccharine blue raspberries fitted in a 30ml bottle.

    Vaping Vibe Cartridges/Pods

    Following the rising need for convenience in the use of nicotine products, there has been a need to improve user experience by making products of less hassle and satisfying the need of the consumer. 

    There is a variety of products in the pod system, which include;

    Aspire AVP 2pk Mesh Pods

    Designed with new technology, the Aspire AVP is made of mesh with magnetic components for easy refill and leak proofing. It is compatible with most types of filling bottles whereby you detach the pod from the device to reveal the spring-loaded leak-proof valve and replace it back after refill. It is advisable to let the device settle for at least 5 minutes to soak the cotton. It has a capacity of 2ml.

    WISMEC MOTIV 2 Replacement Pod Cartridges

    These replacement pods are specifically built for the WismecMotiv 2 AIO Pod System, and they come in a slightly higher capacity compared to the AVP Pods. Fitted with a snug magnetic connection and a side airflow, the replacement pods can be easily separated during refill. It has a single bottom fill port with a rubber stopper.

    Vaporesso RENOVA Zero 2pk Refillable Pods

    These replacement pods come in a pack of two and are individually meant for the Vaporesso Renova Zero pod system. This product is environmentally friendly as it is recyclable. It is BPA-free to ensure the consumer gets the desired flavor. It’s made to satisfy the consumer in many ways ranging from; the Press To Fill (PTF) system designed with a stalwart sealing system to ensure it does not leak and child-proof. 

    Other specifications are:

    • 0ohm Mesh coil rated for 9/11/13W.
    • 3ohm CCell coil rated for 7/12W.
    • PCTG design, 
    • Organic cotton.
    • Proprietary connection.

    Vaping Vibe Disposables

    The easy usability of disposables contributed to their vast use by consumers. It is convenient for any user as it does not require refill or any kind of maintenance.

    Cali Bars Disposable

    This is an e-cig disposable pod system that allows you to enjoy e-liquids through one product. It comes in fruity and menthol flavors to deliver a smooth vaping experience. Each bar uses a 280 mAh battery and is pre-filled with 1.3ml of e-liquid, which is approximately 300 puffs.

    Introduced by Propaganda, the Cali Bars is a disposable vape that contains flavored E-Liquids. These include; strawberry ice, peach ice, mango nectar, blue razz, orange cream, banana ice, and sweet mint.


    Vape Vibe also has the hardware to enhance your vaping by making it hassle-free and convenient. Their shelves and web page have a number of goods to ensure you have a wonderful vaping experience.

    The hardware is;


    Accessories are meant to make their products user-friendly and improve usability. By so doing, the Vape Vape shop offers you goodies at an attractive cost. The accessories include; Micro USB charging cable, USB car charger, SMOK TFV12 Prince Replacement Glass, Refillable Unicorn Bottle, and Nite Q4 battery charger.

    Pod Systems

    The OVNS Duo Pod System KIT, for instance, gives you the true meaning of vaping by its button design that makes your vaping easier. It is tiny and well-crafted with a simple magnetic connection between the cartridge and battery and allows you to enjoy a duo flavor in one system.

    Key Features                                           

    • Battery Capacity: 400mAh
    • Pod Capacity: 2.0mL
    • Working Voltage: 3.3-4.2V
    • Resistance: 2.0 Ohm
    • Output Wattage: 7.2W

    Vape Vibe Coupon and Promo Codes

    To allow you to buy vape equipment at discounted prices, the vaping vibe vape shop gives coupons and promo codes to allow you to shop at discounted prices. Depending on the type of code, you can shop at variable discounts on various products. For instance, you can be allowed to buy certain vape equipment 40% less than the market price.

    Here are some of the Vape Vibe Coupon and promo codes;

    For more vaping vibe coupon codes, you can visit Vaping Vibe.


    Vaping is on the rise due to its exquisite design and user-friendliness. It gives a consumer the freedom to control the flavor, meaning one can make concoctions of desirable e-liquids for the refillable tank system. Vape Vibe offers consumers a vast product system allowing vapers to enjoy improved pod system and other e-liquid systems.


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