WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Vapes Without Nicotine: A Comprehensive Exploration

8th Dec 2023 | 332 | Dickson

The realm of nicotine-free vapes has gained significant traction among individuals seeking to reduce their nicotine intake without forsaking the pleasure of vaping. This comprehensive exploration delves into the safety, target audience, and detailed reviews of prominent nicotine-free vape options available in the market.

1. Safety Considerations:

Nicotine-free vapes, exemplified by renowned brands like Lost Mary, provide a viable and safer alternative for those endeavouring to diminish their nicotine consumption while maintaining their vaping habits. Lost Mary's extensive range of flavours, available in both 20mg and 0mg strengths, underscores the commitment to safety without compromising the sensory delight of vaping.

2. Target Audience:

Nicotine-free vapes are particularly well-suited for two distinct groups. Firstly, vapers aim to gradually reduce their nicotine dependency while still enjoying the act of vaping. Notably, Lost Mary's discreet and compact disposables, such as Pineapple Ice and Grape in 0mg, cater to this demographic. Secondly, infrequent smokers who find pleasure in the inhalation process itself, independent of the nicotine component, can seamlessly integrate nicotine-free vaping into their preferences. The sleek and portable design of options like Crystal Bar disposables further enhances the suitability for on-the-go vaping experiences.

3. In-Depth Reviews of Select Nicotine-Free Vapes:

Lost Mary BM600 Disposables:

Renowned for their diverse flavour palette, Lost Mary's offerings in 0mg, notably Pineapple Ice and Grape, deliver a delightful blend of fruity and refreshing notes.

Vampire Vape E-liquids:

The stalwart Vampire Vape brand, featuring classics like Heisenberg and Pinkman in nicotine-free iterations, caters to a wide spectrum of flavour preferences with their complex blends.

SKE Crystal Bar Disposables:

Crystal Bar's Lemon & Lime and Blueberry Raspberries in 0mg stand out, providing a nuanced vaping experience with tangy citrus and sweeter berry undertones.

Club Juice E-liquids:

Positioned as a budget-friendly option, Club Juice's Menthol and Berry Menthol, with a 50% VG concentration, offer straightforward menthol flavours, making them an ideal choice for mouth-to-lung (MTL) kits.

Element E-liquids:

Element, a prominent e-liquid manufacturer from Florida, USA, distinguishes itself with high VG concentrations (80%) in offerings like Pink Lemonade, Strawberry Whip, and Crema, providing intense and varied flavour profiles for sub-ohm kits.

Hangsen E-liquids:

Hailing as one of the oldest flavour houses globally, Hangsen's zero-nicotine tobacco flavours, including USA Mix and Golden VGA, cater to MTL kits, striking a balance between rich taste and discreet vapour production.

Riot Bar Disposables:

Riot Bar, a UK-based brand, introduces carbon-negative disposables like Cherry Fizz and Strawberry Blueberry Ice, aligning with environmentally conscious choices in the realm of nicotine-free vaping.

El Diablo E-liquids:

El Diablo, an esteemed British vape manufacturer, offers rich and fruity experiences in flavours such as Calavera Catrina and Passion Bomb, with a 50% VG concentration for those preferring minimal vapour output.

Pros and Cons of Vapes Without Nicotine


Safety and Gradual Nicotine Reduction:

Pro: Nicotine-free vapes, exemplified by brands like Lost Mary, offer a safer alternative for individuals looking to reduce nicotine intake gradually.

Pro: Provides a pathway for vapers to maintain the vaping experience without the addictive properties of nicotine.

Diverse Flavor Options:

Pro: Brands like Vampire Vape and SKE Crystal Bar offer a wide array of flavours in nicotine-free versions, catering to diverse taste preferences.

Suitability for Specific Preferences:

Pro: Ideal for infrequent smokers who enjoy the act of vaping without the nicotine component.

Pro: Options like Crystal Bar disposables with Lemon and lime or Blueberry Raspberries in 0mg suit those seeking tangy or sweeter berry notes.

Environmental Consciousness:

Pro: Brands like Riot Bar introduce carbon-negative disposables, aligning with the growing demand for environmentally friendly vaping options.

Budget-Friendly Choices:

Pro: Budget-conscious vapers can opt for brands like Club Juice, which provides cost-effective nicotine-free e-liquids.

Rich and Varied Flavor Profiles:

Pro: High VG concentration in options like Element's Pink Lemonade and Strawberry Whip ensures intense and layered flavour experiences for sub-ohm kits.


Limited Nicotine Replacement Options:

Con: Nicotine-free vaping may not be suitable for individuals seeking a direct replacement for nicotine, as it caters more to those gradually reducing their nicotine intake.

Potential Flavor Intensity:

Con: Shortfill e-liquids, designed to be nicotine-free, can be more concentrated than 10ml e-liquids, potentially leading to stronger flavours that may be harsh on coils.

Varied VG Concentrations:

Con: The variation in VG concentrations (e.g., 80% in Element and 50% in Club Juice) may require users to choose options compatible with their specific vape kits.

Disposable Vape Considerations:

Con: While disposables like Lost Mary and Crystal Bar offer convenience, their environmental impact might be a concern for users mindful of sustainability.

Potential Adjustment Period:

Con: Users transitioning from nicotine-containing vapes may experience an adjustment period as they adapt to the absence of nicotine.

Flavour Subjectivity:

Con: Flavor preferences are highly subjective, and what suits one user may not be appealing to another, leading to a potential trial-and-error process.


The array of nicotine-free vaping options showcased in this exploration underscores the industry's commitment to providing a diverse range of choices. Whether aiming to reduce nicotine consumption gradually or seeking the pleasure of vaping without nicotine, these options guarantee a safe, enjoyable, and tailored experience for individuals traversing the world of nicotine-free vapes.


1. Are nicotine-free vapes safe?

Yes, nicotine-free vapes are considered a safer alternative for individuals looking to reduce their nicotine intake. Brands like Lost Mary prioritize offering 0mg options, ensuring a safe vaping experience without nicotine-related health concerns.

2. Who are nicotine-free vapes suitable for?

Nicotine-free vapes are suitable for two main groups: those aiming to gradually reduce nicotine consumption while still enjoying the vaping experience, and infrequent smokers who appreciate the act of inhaling without the nicotine hit.

3. What are the popular nicotine-free vape brands and flavours?

Several reputable brands offer nicotine-free options, including Lost Mary with flavours like Pineapple Ice, Vampire Vape with classics like Heisenberg, and SKE Crystal Bar with Lemon and lime disposables. These cater to a diverse range of flavour preferences.

4. Are nicotine-free vapes environmentally friendly?

Some brands, like Riot Bar, introduce carbon-negative disposables, showcasing a commitment to environmental consciousness. However, users should be mindful of the environmental impact of disposable vapes in general.

5. Can nicotine-free vapes be cost-effective?

Yes, brands like Club Juice offer budget-friendly options with nicotine-free e-liquids, providing a cost-effective solution for vapers seeking a variety of flavours without nicotine.

6. How do VG concentrations impact the vaping experience?

VG concentrations vary among brands. High VG options, like Element's Pink Lemonade, are suitable for sub-ohm kits, providing intense flavours. Lower VG concentrations, such as Club Juice's 50%, are better for Mouth To Lung (MTL) kits.

7. Are there potential drawbacks to nicotine-free vaping?

While nicotine-free vaping offers numerous benefits, users transitioning from nicotine-containing vapes may experience an adjustment period. Additionally, the subjective nature of flavour preferences and potential environmental concerns with disposables are factors to consider.

8. Can shortfill e-liquids impact flavor intensity?

Yes, shortfill e-liquids designed to be nicotine-free can be more concentrated than 10ml e-liquids. Users should be aware that this may lead to stronger flavours, potentially impacting coil longevity.

9. How can users find the right nicotine-free vape for them?

Exploring a variety of brands and flavours is key to finding the right nicotine-free vape. Consider personal preferences, VG concentrations, and environmental factors when making choices.

10. Is there a risk of strong flavours impacting coil performance?

Yes, stronger flavours from more concentrated e-liquids, especially in shortfalls, may lead to faster coil degradation. Regular coil maintenance and awareness of flavour intensity can help manage this potential issue.

11. Can I use nicotine-free vapes to quit smoking entirely?

While nicotine-free vapes can be a step towards reducing nicotine intake, quitting smoking entirely involves a comprehensive approach. Seek advice from a medical practitioner for specific recommendations on quitting smoking.

12. Are there specific considerations when using disposable nicotine-free vapes?

Yes, users should be mindful of the environmental impact of disposable vapes. Brands like Riot Bar offer carbon-negative disposables, but sustainability-conscious users may explore reusable alternatives.

13. What is the difference between Mouth Lung (MTL) and sub-ohm kits, and how does it affect nicotine-free vaping?

MTL kits are designed for a tighter draw, suitable for higher nicotine concentrations and 50% VG e-liquids. Sub-ohm kits, with higher VG concentrations like 80%, produce more vapour and are ideal for intense flavours but may not suit everyone's preferences.

14. How can users mitigate potential coil issues with stronger flavours in nicotine-free vapes?

Regularly cleaning and maintaining coils can help manage potential issues associated with stronger flavours. Users may also consider trying different brands and flavours to find options with balanced flavour profiles.

15. Is there an age restriction for purchasing nicotine-free vapes?

The legal age for purchasing vaping products, including nicotine-free options, is typically 18 or over. Adherence to local regulations is crucial, and reputable sellers may implement age verification measures.

16. Can nicotine-free vapes help with stress relief and relaxation?

The act of vaping, even without nicotine, may offer a sensory experience that some users find relaxing. However, it's essential to explore individual preferences and consult with a healthcare professional for stress management strategies.