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Vape Pen Globes. A Review and Instruction Guide About Vape Pen Globes

12th May 2021 | 635 | upends v

What is a vape pen globe

The glass globe wax pen is a vape device used by vape users to inhale wax concentrates. It is designed to work as a wax atomizer. The glass globe wax pen is designed to serve people who like wax.

It is equipped with industry-standard 510 threading which means that you can easily swap accessories such as batteries and atomizers.

The 510n threading is high quality and genuinely reliable, so there is no need to be worried about stripping threads. This device allows you to vaporize your waxes and let them cool inside the globe before clearing up for extra rips.

Why use a globe                                  

The globe feature is what makes this vape different from all other kinds of vape. The round shape and large chamber size increase the possibility of vaporizing a good amount of wax and have it build up in the chamber. You can allow the vapor to cool in the chamber before you hit so you can get a super smooth and tasty hit.

However, one issue is that these wax globes are that they require significantly higher temperatures to vaporize any wax. Breathing such vapor can be dangerous to your lungs, throat, and even mouth

In addition to being a good vaporizer, this device is also easy to set up and customizable. The 510 threading means that you can easily swap the glass globe with many options to select from.

How to use your Glass globe

  • Immediately you get your kit, and you need to put the battery to charge till full
  • Screw the battery into the USB cable until it gets tight, then plug your charger into your charging device or source of power
Loading the globe
  • Once your battery is fully charged, disconnect the cable from your device and open up the atomizer using a dab kit. Drop some wax onto the pancake, then secure the atomizer.
  • Screw your atomizer onto the battery, then carefully push the mouthpiece fitted glass globe onto the atomizer, twisting it slightly to get it into position.

Using the globe

Now your vape is ready to go, press the power button 5times rapidly to turn it on. When it turns on, hold onto the power button to start the atomizer and carry out the vaporization of the wax


How to care for and maintaining your Glass Globe Vape

There is nothing complicated about the maintenance; all you have to do is keep them straight after use to prevent the wax from leaking out when the pen is left to lay on its side.  Over time you may notice some build-up starting to form, and you can easily scrape it off from your glass globe and put it back.

The vape pen Globe is a glass atomizer that allows you to vaporizer

ECT Glass Globe Wax atomizer tank

If you are a vape user and try to find a way to get the excellent flavors from your preferred wax concentrates, you need not go farther than the ECT Glass globe wax atomizer tank.

The introduction of the globe style was the beginning of eliminating the numerous issues that were faced with the usage of wax pens and yet still being simple, discreet, and performing extraordinarily.

The biggest plus for the globe-style vaporizer is that it is stable and can hold large amounts of vapor clouds and give more extensive and good hits that you would only find in standard was vaporizers.

This kind of glass globe atomizer tank features a high-quality design and is also retailed at an affordable price, so you would not have to break the bank the get the best wax concentrate. This is the perfect choice for you if you are on a budget.

Design of the glass globe

The ECT glass globe was atomizer tank has been designed to be a cheaper option to transform any 510 thread from an e-juice vaporizer to a wax concentrate vaporizer. This means that it can be used with wax, shatter concentrates, or thick hash oil.

After a complete assembly, the ECT glass globe wax atomizer is made up of the eating head, the round dome made of glass, and the mouthpiece. The device is usually mounted on a 510 threaded base, and it is compatible with all ten threaded batteries, such as the eGO-T 1100mAh battery and the eGo-Twist 1300mAh battery.

How to set up the ECT globe glass wax atomizer

  • Pick your battery and attach it to the atomizer by using screws to hold the two pieces together tightly until it firmly holds
  • Take your wax and fill up the correct amount directly onto the flat surface found on the atomizer center using a dab tool. Be careful not to place excess that will spill over
  • fit the glass globe over the coil and make sure it is well placed
  • once everything is set, please turn it on, and you are good to go         

This atomizer has replaceable coils, and from the package, you will get a ceramic-receptacle topped coil that is already installed and ready for usage. With the tank included, you get 2 additional replacement coils with different purposes that will be of help when a spare is needed

The device is considered very durable, which means that you will enjoy a lot of wax concentrates for a long time before you head over for a change. It would help if you also remembered that the device is easy to refill and maintain.

It highly reduces the amount of time you would be spending cleaning your vape pen, and it also features a leak-proof capability meaning that you do not have to worry about spilling your concentrate

While vaping, you will not feel the burnt element smell you might face when using low-quality atomizers. The globe is designed to give room for more heat to dissipate, so you do not get it when you vape.

It is important to remember that coins do not last forever, and they will burn out at the end of it, which affects the flavor, which is why the globe vape pen kit has two extra atomizers.

The dab rig vs. the dab pen

The Glass globe pen is the nearest thing to looking like a dab rig; although they are still different, most of their functions do not differ by much. The glass globe holds vapor like a dab rig would do and letting it get solid, but it still does not cut it as a proper dab rig would.

The most significant difference between the glass globe and dab rig is that on the vape pen, wax is loaded on the coil before being heated in a vape, and in a dab rig, it is the wax that gets heated first

Alternative Vaping: UPENDS

UPENDS is a growing brand that deals with vape mods and pods. You need to check them to enjoy some high-quality electronic cigarette products. Their unique designs and cutting-edge technology have made UPENDS get worldwide recognition, and they have taken the market by storm through their partnerships with wholesalers who distribute their products.

Uppen plus

MTL Open Pod System

The Etchip coil has been used on this particular pod to keep the fine taste experience of an Uppen Pod. With a unique, legit, and fresh taste, the Uppen plus satisfies you with every puff you take, and just like in the Uppen pod, the Uppen plus is also versatile.


For you looking for an affordable wax vape pen, go for the one that will give you better tasting, smooth hits, and still customizable. It would help if you got yourself a glass globe vape.

This feature will be of good relevance to the enthusiasts who do not mind filling up the chamber. Even though the chamber might not be as big as people would expect, it is suitable for carrying around. For the many vape users who like to mix and match, this device might as well be mixed and matched.