WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Vape Juice Ingredients Guide: You May Know

2nd Apr 2021 | 92 | upends v

It is a common belief that e-cigarettes have tobacco and other harmful components. The solution used in its making is called e-juice or e-liquid. Its major components include nicotine, flavorings, water, and some vegetable base. 

The components are, therefore, less harmful and will not affect you as you enjoy the moments. Below is a proper and comprehensive highlight of the vape juice ingredients. 

What is vape juice?

Vape juice and e-juice are the same things. You can also have it getting termed as the e-liquid. It is a liquid that gets converted to vapor using an e-cigarette. You will find several types of vape juice, with each having its distinction. The major determinant of the vape juices is the ingredients.

They are major components that make each vape juice distinct. Let’s get into the understanding of each in the section below. 

Vape juice ingredients

Vegetable glycerin propylene glycol

Propylene glycol has been in existence for a long time and has served many roles in making many things. It has the approval of the FDA and CDC hence safe for use. It does not have any short time or long-term effects. 

More studies are getting conducted to determine the fitness of its use. Some people have challenges with PG as it causes some challenges to the eyes and the skin. However, having the vape juice containing more vegetable glycerin lowers the effect and concentration.

Vegetable glycerin has a clear, odorless presentation and gets derived from plant oils. The palm plant is the origin and makes several things such as lotion, cosmetics, and medicine. Amazingly, the levels of PG and VG do not build up in the body.

Difference between VG and PG 

The major difference between the two is the process of vaping. The good thing with the two is that they are good for making good products. Once combined, they produce a better flavor and a stronger vape.

Most vape juices have a blend of VG and PG. Various rations bring about the major difference, as shown below.

  • 70% PG and 1.0 ohm E-Cig makes a good blend for beginners
  • 50% PG + 50% VG is a blend that is best for higher performance that has a resistance of 1.0 Ohms with atomizer resistance.
  • 70%VG makes an ideal combination for both flavor and vapor performance.
  • For ma VG and limited flavor with more vapors, you will have the best blend for cloud chasing.

PG may have effects on people who have asthma and other lung diseases. However, it comes with a great flavor.

Vape juice flavors

Flavors constitute between 1-10% of the whole juice volume. Flavors act as cooking recipes and are quite concentrated. Best flavors get tuned, tested, and then steeped to have a better saturation and distribution.

You can choose to get the flavoring from the internet as some companies use it as their source. However, the head of your flavor is vital as it determines the quality of your juice. 

Therefore, the DIY Vape juices may have unknown elements as they get labeled on the internet for you to buy. The bad thing is that the producers have a right to hold back some product information.

Testing the flavors before use is an important thing. Steeping is also essential as it ensures a perfect blend between the flavor and other ingredients. Some flavors you can get include berry blast, coconut, fresh apple, cinnamon, and even tobacco.  Diacetyl stands out as the best flavor for popcorn. 


Nicotine is an optional element because it is addictive. You will either find it in e-cigarettes or e-cigs. There are several things that nicotine stimulates, such as blood pressure and the nervous system.

Immediately you take nicotine, you feel some freshness on the brain, and the dopamine levels increase. The variations in the amounts of nicotine you consume determine the extremes of the effect.

The largest amount of nicotine is 36mg/ml. No matter the small amount of nicotine you take, it is still addictive. It is optional to use nicotine on your vape juices because of the addictive nature.


Finally, the last ingredient for vape juice is water. It makes the largest percentage of the liquid and facilitates so many things. Mixing up the ingredients needs some water, and the vaporing process also requires a steady amount of water. 

Vape juice ingredients to avoid

There are ingredients that you need to be careful with. Using such products may have short and long-term effects as they do not meet the consumption standards or have chemicals. As the industry expands, more products are still rocking the markets.

Chemicals and foreign bodies in the body tend to affect the functioning of the white blood cells. They increase the level of cellular toxicity and lower the ability of the blood to get adequate oxygen. The following products need some caution when making such choices.


Mixed flavors

You may get some inspiration to buy innovative products. Mixed products are not very good for vape juice. Such examples include kiwi, strawberry, and apple. They contain more chemicals than those flavors with single products. One bad feature of mixtures is that they give rise to new compounds that become risky.


Menthol is a preferred flavor for e-juices. After long vaping sessions, they make the cooling process remarkable. However, the chemicals greatly contribute to epithelial cells and boost the risk of death of cells. Bronchial damage may also arise because of the prolonged use of the flavors.


The vanilla flavor contains vanillin and makes it among the top components. Consuming the vanilla flavor exposes the blood vessels to impairment. Another thing is that it lowers the rate of oxygen production in the body. 


Fruity flavors seem to be very nice. However, they have effects on the heart. Studies indicate that the strawberry makes the rate of cell death extreme. You should also take caution with using the banana flavor as it may not be the best due to the same effects.


Chemicals are known to have adverse effects, such as on the functioning of the blood cells. When you inhale them, you end up letting the body create compounds that, in turn, affect it. In extremes, the body may end up getting entirely damaged. 

There are chemicals that you need to take caution about. They include.


Diketones is a combination of 3 elements that include acetoin, propionyl, and diacetyl. Such compounds have a prohibition on food products but tend to be out of control for inhaling products. The outcome of high consumption is lung diseases and damage. Long-term effects are not very clear, but it is better to avoid their use.

Titanium dioxide

Titanium dioxide contains nanoparticles that are harmful to the brain. It has effects on the lungs and affects neurons and cells. Mutation, inflammation, and cell damage occur because of oxidative stress. Lowering the immune system is also something you are likely to experience. 

UPENDS products

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Having the proper ingredients for your vape juices is essentials. Some will have effects on your body, and some will have no effects. Getting the appropriate combination for your ingredients is a good thing that will make your vaping moments great.