Vape Hoodie: Is Vaping Hoodie Real or Just a Fantasy?

    Vape Hoodie: Is Vaping Hoodie Real or Just a Fantasy?

     What is a Vape Hoodie?

    If you think you have seen it all in the world of vaping, you are yet to get yourself a vape hoodie. Yes, it is among the newest trend in the world of vapes. With a vape hoodie, you will no longer have to carry your vaping gears, you wear it. Crazy, right? The draw strings in hoodie have another important task in the life of a vaper other than fastening the hoodie. It allows you vape easily, and discreetly. You will easily pass all the vape check points, to allow you break the rules. The drawstrings are cleverly hidden as your hoodie. You are the only person who will know that you have a vaping gear on your sleeves.

    Talk of convenience. You will never have to juggle between carrying stuff in your hands and holding your vape pens. You might also run out of space to hide your vape pen while on the go. The vape hoodie comes in handy for people who have a lot to handle, for instance holding your keys, phones, etc.

    The vape hoodie system is concealed in a hood lace with rich cotton construction to properly hide the vape system. So, if you are concerned that the weight of the system might weigh heavily on your shoulders, then, worry not. The system is light weight even on the smaller sized hoodies. The hoodies come in different sizes ranging from S, M, L, XL, XXL, and XXXL.

    2.0 How Does Vape Hoodie Work?

    At first glance, you might think a vape hoodie is just another ordinary hoodie. However, different from your typical hoodie sweater, the vape hoodie has been integrated with a whole vape system. Basically, the vape hoodie has fitted with a universal vape system which entails the vape pen and a cartridge on one end. On the other end is a flexible mouthpiece which is conveniently placed for easy access. The smart system is conveniently and discreetly placed to gives you an easy, fun, fashionable, and discreet way of vaping.

    You can connect this vape hoodie to your favorite vape or e-cigarette and just vape from anywhere, anytime you like. How much easier could things get?

    The vape hoodie system is easy and fast to use. The hoodie is made from pure cotton for a comfortable and stylish look. It has just the right weight and is suitable for all types of weather, winter and summer.

    The vape system incorporated in the hoodie is universal which allows you to connect to more than 500 types of cartridges. Among the common brands that you can connect to your vape hoodie is UPENDS, Pax, Juul, RUBI, BO among others.

    3.0 Advantages of a Vape Hoodie

    3.1 Universal Compatibility

    The vape hoodie system is a patented vape delivery system which is compatible with almost every 510-thread cartridge.  You can connect it to nearly all types of e-cigarettes and pod systems such as UPENDS, Juul, Pax and so on. You just need to find one that best compatible with your hoodie.

    3.2 Vape- ready hoodie

    The vape hoodie is not your ordinary hoodie. It is stylish, made with top quality cotton that resists shrinkage, and comes in different colors to enable pick your taste. But above all it allows you to enjoy your favorite vape in style and discreetly.

    3.3. Convenient Vape Pen Pockets

    You will no longer fail to enjoy your vape because you forgot your vape pen. The hoodie vape comes with pockets that are dedicated to hold the vape device. The safe pockets ensure that your vape devices are not damaged anymore due to unsafe storage. Just plug in your favorite vape device to the universal connecter on the hoodie and have fun.

    3.4 Patented Drawstrings vapor delivery system

    The patented vape drawstrings are what makes the hoodie special. The vape system is discreetly incorporated in the hoodie for remote and easy access when vaping.

    3.5 The Vape Hoodie System is Safe

    The vape system is made with top-quality and medical grade silicone rubber which is connected to the durable, washable, and re-usable mouthpiece. Follow the instructions when connecting to ensure safety.

    3.6 Pocket friendly

    The vape system has two discreet, mesh-lined, and breathable pockets which offer a safe spot for the vape device. It keeps it safe from damage and breakage while in the pocket. In addition, the kangaroo pockets have a slim and zippered pocket-in-pocket that is suitable for storing small items that you could easily lose. You can also use the pockets to secure your wallet or phone.

    4.0 Other Vaping Items Disguised as Common Items Disguised

    Vaping has become easier and discreet as the days go by. You can conveniently vape from anywhere and anytime, that to smart and innovative technology that helps to disguise vape system in ordinary items. However, if you are a parent or teacher trying to keep your underage kid from vaping, you should be on the lookout. Vape systems are cleverly hidden in items we use on a daily basis. The following are common items that are also vapes.

    4.1. Back Packs

    You would never think that a back pack could have any other use except carrying stuff. Well, there is something extra that your back pack can do. You can vape from your bag to reduce suspicion and for convenience. The vape devices are cleverly tucked in most unsuspicious parts of the bag. For instance, the mouthpiece of your bag can be placed on the shoulder strap to enable you use easily while on the go.

    4.2. Pens

    An item as little as a pen can be your vape device. Just like a vape hoodie, the vape system is cleverly placed in the pen. No suspicions at all. Also, a vape pen is small you can hide it away in your pocket and vape anytime and anywhere.

    4.3.USB Drives

    Another everyday use item you might not suspect at all is the USB drive. You will vape easily and discreetly with your USB drive vape device. You can easily carry it in your pockets, or bag giving you the freedom to vape from anywhere.

    4.4. Phone Case

    Another clever way of hiding your vaping device is on your phone case. The phone case is basically the vaping device which is designed as phone case. While people around you think it is an ordinary phone case, you will be discreetly enjoying your vape.

    4.5. Smart Watches

    Another thing to watch out for in the vaping industry is the smart watches. The smart watches are fitted with a vaping system and you can hardly tell. You can now vape from anywhere.

    5.0 FAQ

    5.1 When can I use my Vape Hoodie?

    You can use your vape hoodie just anywhere. It gives you a hands-free, convenient, and fun vaping experience. You can vape as you cycle, as you hike, when gaming, or camping.

    5.2 How Can Prevent my Vape Hoodie System from getting destroyed when washing the Hoodie?

    You can safely wash your hoodie sweater without damaging the vape system. The vape hoodie has a stealth zipper perimeter around the hoodie. Simply unzip it and remove the vaping tube. Proceed to wash your sweater. It’s that simple.

    5.3 Where can I get quality vape hoodie?

    If you are looking for ordinary hoodies branded with vape content, you can check on different vape brands websites. Also, you can check on vape stores near you. Alternatively, check for such merchandise on online stores such as Amazon.

    However, if you want authentic vape hoodie, there is a few brands that make them. One of the major brand that specializes with making vape hoodies is the Vaperwear. The hoodies are made with quality fleece which is suitable for all seasons.

    Other vape wearables you get from this brand are backpacks, baseball hats, t-shirts, t-shirt hoodies, among others.

    Final Thoughts

    The vape industry is always growing. New devices, vape gears, products keep on coming to the market. Now, we have everyday items disguise the vape system. The creativity and innovativeness in the vape industry is striving to make life easier, convenient, and more fun to the life of a vaper. The vape hoodie is one of the coolest way you can vape handsfree. Just go and get yourself one.


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