V2 Cigs Pro Series Vape Pen Review and Instruction Guide

    V2 Cigs Pro Series Vape Pen Review and Instruction Guide

    What is the V2 Cig Pro Series Vape Pen?

    The v2 cigs pro series are a series of Vape products manufactured by vaporizer 2 company, also known as the V2. This company has been involved in developing and creating several vape products doing well in the market. The v2 pro series was introduced to bring forth some innovative and cutting-edge technological features.

    Below are the two v2 pro series vape pens that are currently on the market.

    1. V2 pro series 3
    2. V2 pro series 7
    Features of a C2 Pro Series 3
    • The v2 pro series 3 is equipped with a cartridge chamber that secures the cartridge using a magnet
    • Fitted with led indicators for activation status and charge capacity
    • A standard visible button for activation to control the amount of vapor produced
    • Metallic charge port easy to connect with the magnetic head of charger to avoid discharge

    The v2 pro series 3 is one versatile device that supports e-liquids, wax, and dry herbs. You connect the tanks to cartridges through the magnet connector feature. Using this magnetic connection mechanism means that you can only use accessories obtained from V2 cigs and are designed for the series 3.

    The v2 pro will detect the attachments used and adjust accordingly to support e-liquids, essential oils, and dry herbs. To start the vape, you will have to hold down the button for three seconds to start pre-heating the chamber. It then gains the optimum temperature that is needed for vaporization.

    To shut it off again, you will have to press down the button. Only in e-cigarettes, the button triggers the heating elements to give vapor, and then it goes off when the button is released.

    Despite the V2 pro series 3 coming not fully charged, you need to understand that the battery needs another round of charging before using it.  You need to plug in your V2 pro series into a metal charging point that can be plugged onto your wall or car charging slot.

    The three LED lights will keep blinking simultaneously and turn green when the device is fully charged. The pass-through mechanism on a v2 pro series 3 allows you to puff on your vape even as it charges.

    How to use a V2 Pro Series 3

    Push the activation button thrice to activate the device giving you the go-ahead to start your vaping session. When taking a hit, you need to constantly press on the activating button to keep the v2 pro series 3 working

    The only time you will go through a hassle with this vaping pen is when you are switching the cartridges.


    You are advised to clean your v2 pro series 3 to maintain good flavors and make sure your vape device has more days to serve you. To carry out cleaning, any absorbent pipe cleaners and remove the dust by rubbing alcohol.


    • Elegant design that is leak proof and sturdy enough
    • You get value for money with its multiple functions for essential oils, dry herbs, and e-liquids
    • You get to vape even when charging your device, thanks to the pass-through charging system
    • The magnetic features fit into their respective places, making it an easy to use the device
    • You are assured of a lifetime warranty purchase when you buy a v2 e-cig pro series vape pen


    • The loose-leaf cartridge is considered small for vape pens, makes you frequently refill than expected
    • Cartridges are not versatile incompatibility and do not work with newer models
    • You only get one e-liquid cartridge, and to get more, you need to purchase V2 compatible cartridges.
    • The dry herb chamber is not big enough as you would expect for this kind of product
    • It is annoying how the device gets hot after usage for extended periods

    V2 Pro Series 7

    The v2 pro series 7 is somehow longer, with its 5-inch height and about an inch thick. It is easily pocket-able, and for each purchase, you get a magnetic USB charger, wall connector, and three cartridges—a few cleaning tools such as a pick-up brush and more. Their essence is to maintain your cartridge to the best standards.

    The vaporizer has been identified for its great clouds that it produces on a single hit. This is one reason the v2 pro series 7 is suitable for your vaping sessions or parties. On the flip side, it could give you away because it is hard to hit it without being noticed.

    The v2 pro series 7 is so versatile, and it can vaporize several mediums; given the simple design, it is also a simple device to use. The effortless insertion of the magnetic cartridges makes it an attractive device for your vaping needs. The setup process is not hectic compared to other devices. All you got to do is place your cartridge into the vape pen and take your hit.

    The usage of a plastic mouthpiece instead of a glass one makes it a lighter device to use. Plastic is also safe from damage if it falls and is easy to clean compared to glass mouthpieces.

    Heating features

    The v2 pro series 7 allows you to choose from three temperature ranges. It starts from 390° then up to 415° and the highest being 440°. These higher temperature options are suitable for quick vaporization of any cartridge someone uses.

    The v2 pro series 7 is also fitted with an intelligent tech feature to assist those unsure of what setting to use.

    To change the temperature, you only need to do is click on the button twice. Then you will see the LED lights light up to indicate temperature settings, and when you finally get your perfect temperature requirement, click on the button once to set it and go ahead to enjoy your hits.


    • It comes with a sizeable cartridge and battery compared to the previous models
    • You enjoy the pass-through charging feature where you can continue puffing as you charge
    • Comfortable when holding it in your hand and also when using it
    • E-liquid capacity of 2.4ml is an improvement compared to previous models
    • Good design that is leak proof even with everyday usage
    • Three temperature control presets


    • Not a good selection for use with sub ohms

    Learn more about v2 pro series 7 by watching this video.


    FAQs about the V2 e-cigs vape pens

    How long does a v2 pro series vape last

    When fully charged, you get more than 30 minutes of using a V2 pro series vape pen. The good thing about the v2 pro series vape pens is that they allow you to vape as you charge, with the pass-through feature.

    How do you charge a v2 pro e cig vape pen

    When you purchase a v2 e-cig vape pen, you get a USB cable charger that you have to connect to the charging port on your device; you then have to plug the charger into a charging block on the wall or in the car charging system. The charging process will not take more than 3 hours but for the best charge, keep it charging overnight to maximize power storage.

    Is the v2 pro series e-cigs worth it

    Many people who vape may ask themselves about the worth of purchasing a v2 e-cig vape pen; well, you need to know that the v2 pro series e-cigs are worth every penny.

    They are reliable, versatile, and portable. In addition to that, the v2 pro series 7 has a reduced market price compared to the earlier release v2 pro series 3 to carter for those who were left out. You can be assured of good quality by using these products.


    With the details issued, we can see why many vape users prefer the v2 e-cigs pro series. The devices come with a lot of unique features that are impressive and reliable as well.

    Every vape user wants a mod that they can use with different cartridges for different purposes, and these e-cigs work well with e-liquids, dry herbs, and wax which makes it one of the best choices you can get in the market.

    Therefore, you must find an excellent v2 pro series e-cigs and feel the difference in your vaping experience.

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