WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Uwell Caliburn and Beyond: Exploring High-Quality Electronic Cigarette Products

9th Jul 2023 | 234 | upends v

Welcome to the world of cutting-edge vaping with our spotlight on the Uwell Caliburn and other exceptional electronic cigarette products that share similar characteristics. In this exploration, we delve into the realm of high-quality vaping devices that have revolutionized the industry and captured the hearts of users worldwide.

From the sleek and sophisticated Uwell Caliburn to its counterparts boasting remarkable features, we embark on a journey to uncover the innovations, performance, and convenience that define these top-tier electronic cigarettes. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or new to the vaping scene, join us as we dive into the realm of extraordinary vaping experiences and discover the best that this evolving industry has to offer.

What Is Uwell Caliburn Electronic Cigarette

The Uwell Caliburn Electronic Cigarette is a popular and highly regarded device in the vaping community. It is a compact and portable pod system designed for ease of use and exceptional performance. The Caliburn features a sleek and stylish design, making it a visually appealing option for users.

Uwell Caliburn Products

UWELL Caliburn Vape 11W

The UWELL Caliburn Vape 11W Kit has arrived at VAPO NZ, offering a meticulously designed and compact pod kit. This device features a dual firing mechanism and a 520mAh battery, delivering a satisfying vaping experience. With UWELL's Pro-FOCS flavor technology, you can expect an abundance of delightful flavors. The Caliburn Vape is crafted with a lightweight yet durable aluminum alloy chassis, available in various colors. Activation can be achieved by inhaling from the device or pressing the user-friendly firing button. The 2ml top fill pod, equipped with a 1.4ohm resistance coil, allows for easy enjoyment of your preferred nicotine salt e-liquids.


  • Features
  • Integrated 520mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Wattage Output Range: 11W
  • Voltage Output Range: 3.2-4.0V
  • Direct Voltage-Based Output
  • Resistance Range: 1.2-1.5ohm
  • Draw Activated or Button Activated
  • Aluminium-Alloy Chassis Construction
  • LED Battery Life Indicator Light
  • Side Mounted Airflow Holes on Each Side
  • 2mL Capacity Juice Pods
  • 4ohm Pod Coil Resistance
  • Pro-FOCS Flavor Technology
  • Top Fill System: Fill Port Cover and Drip Tip
  • 5mm Fill Port – Dual Ports
  • Minimum Fill Line on Pod
  • Proprietary Gold-Plated Magnetic Snap-In Connection
  • Draw-Activated Mechanism Fault Diagnosis
  • Short-Circuit Protection
  • Low Power Alert
  • 10 Second Cut Off Protection


The Uwell Caliburn G2 pod vape kit offers a compact and user-friendly design, perfect for on-the-go vaping. With its built-in 750mAh battery, you can enjoy a full day of vaping without worrying about frequent recharging. The kit also features USB-C fast charging, ensuring quick and convenient power replenishment.

Designed specifically for MTL (Mouth To Lung) vaping, the Caliburn G2 produces a satisfying amount of vapor. The kit includes a refillable 2ml pod and two Caliburn G coils, providing you with everything you need to start vaping right away.


  • MTL (Mouth To Lung) Vaping
  • Ideal for Beginners
  • Powered by a 750mAh Battery
  • Activated with a Single Button
  • 2ml Pods that can be Refilled
  • Equipped with Mesh Coils

Valyrian Uwell

Experience the Uwell Valyrian SE 25W Pod Kit, an innovative device that combines advanced features with a sleek design. Boasting a powerful integrated 1250mAh battery, this pod kit offers long-lasting vaping sessions. With options for either a 0.6ohm or 1.0ohm resistance coil, you can enjoy flavorful vapor whether you prefer regular eJuice or nicotine salts.

The durable aluminum alloy construction ensures durability while maintaining a lightweight profile, capable of withstanding minor accidents. Equipped with a 3mL pod capacity, the Valyrian SE Pod Kit allows you to enjoy extended vaping sessions. With an adjustable airflow control switch, you can customize the airflow to suit your preferences, ensuring a satisfying vaping experience every time.



  • 1250mAh Battery
  • 6ohm / 1.0ohm Coil Resistance
  • 3mL E-liquid Capacity
  • Type-C MicroUSB Port
  • Adjustable Airflow Control Switch

Uwell Crown Pod

The Uwell Crown Pod Kit is a sleek and portable vape kit designed for convenience. Powered by a massive 1250mAh built-in battery, it offers exceptional battery life for extended vaping sessions. The kit utilizes refillable 2ml pods, providing versatility for use with both Nicotine Salt and Standard E-Liquids.

With its user-friendly design, the Crown Pod Kit is suitable for both beginners and experienced users, catering to a wide range of vaping preferences. Experience the perfect balance of style, performance, and simplicity with the Uwell Crown Pod Kit.



  • Maximum output of 100W
  • Compatible with a single 18650/20700/21000 Battery
  • Equipped with a 6-axis motion sensor
  • Offers Power Mode, Temperature Control Mode, and Mech Mode
  • 2ml e-liquid capacity
  • Utilizes Pro-FOCS Flavor Testing Technology for enhanced flavor
  • Features Plug and Pull Coils for easy coil installation
  • Dual adjustable airflow for a customized vaping experience
  • Convenient top-fill system
  • Mesh coil technology for improved vapor production and flavor.


Uwell presents the Caliburn X Pod Kit, a larger-sized kit that offers an array of enhanced features compared to its predecessors. With adjustable airflow, adjustable wattage, and the ability to use replaceable Caliburn G and G2 coils, the Caliburn X Pod Kit ensures a versatile vaping experience.

Its spacious 3ml Uwell Caliburn X Pod, which is filled from the top, accommodates a generous amount of vape juice. The Caliburn X Battery boasts an impressive 850mAh capacity, providing ample power for all-day vaping. Whether using the fire button or the auto-draw function, beginner users can enjoy satisfying mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping on a single charge.


  • 850mAh battery
  • Auto-draw
  • Adjustable wattage
  • Type C charge port
  • 3mL vape juice capacity
  • MTL vaping
  • Maximum wattage: 5-20W
  • Compact and portable

Other Electronic Cigarette Products


With its sophisticated and compact design, the Mirror exudes elegance with its lightweight body, delicate size, and sleek finish, ensuring a premium vaping experience every time you hold it.

The upgraded mesh coil enhances vapor production, delivering a smoother and more consistent taste, and providing longer-lasting enjoyment. The Mirror truly lives up to its reputation as a flavor monster, all while maintaining its stylish appearance.

Experience the freedom of uninterrupted vaping with the A-grade 500mAh battery, generous 10mL e-liquid capacity, and convenient Type-C charging. With these features, you can indulge in vaping whenever you please without worrying about running out of power or e-liquid. Embrace a seamless vaping experience that allows you to enjoy your favorite flavors for extended periods, giving you the freedom to vape to your heart's content.


  • Dimensions: 89.4mm x 48.5mm x 19.9mm
  • 10mL E-liquid Capacity
  • 0Ω Resistance
  • 500mAh Battery
  • Type-C Charging Port


Experience vaping perfection with Vuse's Alto pod mod, a user-friendly device featuring pre-filled pods for effortless enjoyment. Activated by drawing, the Alto seamlessly operates by simply snapping a Vuse pod into place. Compact, lightweight, and offering a satisfying tight draw, this pod mod ensures a consistently smooth and flavorful vaping experience.

Uncover an array of delightful flavors tailored for your VUSE Alto, available in 1.8ml pods with nicotine strengths of 1.8% (18mg), 2.4% (24mg), and 5.0% (50mg). Embraced by enthusiasts of Vuse Vibe and Vuse Ciro, the Alto delights with its premium flavors and fulfilling sensations, making it a must-try option for any discerning vaper.



  • 8 mL Liquid capacity
  • 0 % Nic strength
  • 350 mAh Battery capacity
  • Weight: 22 grams


When should my Caliburn be replaced?

  • When the flavor of the vape becomes unpleasant.
  • When you see a decrease in your typical level of vapors.
  • When the coil starts to taste burned.
  • If the pod is dripping.

Is there vibration feedback on the Caliburn X?

Furthermore, this vape includes vibration feedback, setting it apart as one of the rare vapes that offer accessibility for individuals with visual impairments. Additionally, it is one of just two models in its lineup that provides adjustable airflow.

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