UNI Vape Pen. A 2021 Review of the Yocan UNI Vaporizer

    UNI Vape Pen. A 2021 Review of the Yocan UNI Vaporizer

    What is Yocan UNI vape?

    UNI vape is a vaping device made by the Yocan Company that makes vaping products. If you like to enjoy vaping dry herbs, essential oils, and waxes, you need to get yourself some of the best Yocan products. Yocan has been consistent in building its products with the best quality materials.

    The products are user-friendly, which is one reason you could be one of the millions of Yocan brands. With their long list of products available, we are interested in the Yocan UNI vape that has been a go-to vape for everyone.

    With the Yocan UNI vape, you will enjoy an adjustable and compatible 510n thread atomizer. You can be sure that the UNI vape is developed to fit any atomizer you can find. It has an attractively sleek and compact design making it one of the most portable vape devices. It would be best if we tell you that the UNI vape is also cheap, so it is very accessible today.

    Most people will tell you that the Yocan UNI vape is valuable in working with atomizers, hence a few limitations about this device. We have mentioned the universal compatibility of the Yocan UNI vape. We need to add that it also possesses nearly all the features you would expect in a big brand vaping product. These features are pre-set wattage, super-fast pre-heating, and a window to view your oil levels to make sure you refill in time. You will also get to enjoy your dry herb and wax cartridges on the Yocan UNI vape.

    Yocan UNI vape specifications

    Do not be surprised by the simple design of the UNI vape, and the device is loaded with a lot of features that make it an outstanding vape. You get to experience the adjustable height feature and a patented adjustable diameter design. These two are enough to assure you that your 510 thread tank will be a perfect fit.

    I also have to mention that you do not have to worry so much about power because the Yocan UNI vape comes with a 650 mAh battery with three wattage settings. With such power output, be sure the UNI vape will vaporize your oils, herbs and was effortless.

    Other notable features include a firing button, an OLED color display screen, and three-light indicators that show you how much charge is left in your mod. We have mentioned the liquid visible window that lets you keep track of your usage and lets you know when you need that refill to avoid cutting your vaping session. Like any other mod in the market, you are assured of getting a USB charging port.

    How to use your Yocan UNI vape

    Okay! You have already purchased a Yocan UNI vape, but you are clueless about what to do with the mod, tanks, and cartridges in your kit. Well, I will go ahead to tell you that this mod is very simple to use, and you will be surprised when you try it yourself. So here is a little guide on how you can fix your UNI vape to get ready for work.

    First, get your 510 magnetic rings and push them into the device; this is necessary for fixing your atomizer. Proceed to install your atomizer, and you can adjust the length and width to get a perfect fit for the mod you are using.

    Now your atomizer is in its place, with its e-liquids, oils, or herbs in place. Click on the activation button two times to start the pre-heating feature. This should not take more than 10 seconds. If you feel like you need more power in the mod, click on the button thrice to navigate variable wattage pre-sets. You will read the indicator lights as follows to know what wattage you are working with. Three lights on=high voltage

    • Two lights on= medium voltage
    • One light on = low voltage

    And that is all you need to enjoy some good UNI vape uniqueness. Press and hold on your firing button, then inhale slowly and consistently. To turn the device off quickly, press twice on the power button.

    Watch this video to learn more about Yocan UNI vape


    How to clean the Yocan UNI vape

    One thing to note is that your Yocan UNI vape deserves to be handled with care. Therefore, you will make sure that your mouthpiece does not hold any dirt in it or the 510 thread ring has no dirt build-up on it.

    How to charge the Yocan UNI 

    When purchasing a Yocan UNI kit, you get a USB charging cable to insert on the charging port. The charging port was placed strategically, and you can charge when the device is placed straight on the table to avoid liquid leakages. To keep a healthy battery, use all the available charges until it drains completely and then charges again so that your 650 mAh battery can serve you for long.


    • Well-designed lightweight device
    • Compact design fitted with exclusive features
    • It feels good when held in the hand
    • The cartridge is well concealed inside the mod
    • The 510 threading is compatible with many types of atomizers
    • It has an adjustable height and diameter feature that is patented
    • Long-lasting 650 mAh battery that lasts long
    • The wattage settings allow for oil, e-liquid, and herb vaporization


    • The Yocan UNI vape is bulkier and

    FAQs about Yocan UNI vape pen

    How long does a Yocan UNI last?

    The UNI is said to have a shorter battery life compared to other vape devices. You will only get nearly 30 minutes of use if you are an advanced vape user who does many huts in a day. The advantage of it is that you can vape as you charge, and it will take you less than 80 minutes to charge fully.

    How do you charge a Yocan UNI vape?

    The Yocan UNI uses a normal USB charging cable that you attach to the port located on the pod's side. Connect the cable to a charging block on your wall or car, and you are set. Make sure that your battery is fully drained before fully charging to help extend your battery life.

    How much is a UNI vape?

    The UNI vape mods are price friendly, and for $40, you can get yourself one of these beautiful devices. The cheapest device in the collection only comes with the e-liquid cartridge, and for wax and dry herb units, you will have to purchase the cartridges on their own

    How many hits are in a UNI vape?

    The UNI vape pen cartridge holds roughly 1 millimeter of e-juice, which means that you get approximately 300 puffs from a single cartridge.

    Is the Yocan UNI vape worth it?

    Yes, the Yocan UNI is identified an s a mod battery, but it is also good for vape cartridges. This device design is good for THC and CBD cartridges. The versatility of the Yocan UNI vape is unmatched, and with its current market price, you can be sure that you are getting reliable quality.


    Upcott Great value prefilled pod system

    The innovative and simple structure of the Upcott does away with unnecessary expenses and provides you pleasant vaping options at a good price. The organic cotton fittings help to prevent leakages, spitting, and pop problems.

    The thick organic cotton fittings give room for delivery of the original flavorful and satisfying vapor cloud. You further get an assured quality from the GMP pharmaceutical manufacturing environment. It is ensuring that you get reliable quality.


    If you do not like carrying multiple batteries around for vaping, then the Yocan UNI is the best option for you. In addition to reducing bulking, you get some of the hardest hits a vape could give. The device generally serves you well, and the 510 thread batteries have an added advantage and appeal.

    There are a few UNI products that you may choose to select from, but you are guaranteed that each of these will give you the best vape experience. You are assured of getting discretion, portability, and reliability. The adjustable wattage settings also give you so much control of your vape.


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