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Understanding The Breeze Pro Blinking Issue: Troubleshooting And Solutions

5th Jul 2023 | 2617 | upends v

If you are a user of the Breeze Pro vaping device and have encountered the issue of blinking lights, you are not alone. The Breeze Pro blinking issue is a common concern that many users experience. When the LED lights on your device start blinking, it can be frustrating and confusing, leaving you unsure about the cause and how to resolve it.

However, worry not! In this article, we will delve into the world of Breeze Pro blinking and provide you with helpful troubleshooting tips and solutions. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced vaper, understanding the reasons behind the blinking lights and knowing how to fix the issue can greatly enhance your vaping experience with the Breeze Pro.

So, let's explore the potential causes and effective solutions to tackle the Breeze Pro blinking problem head-on.

Understanding The Breeze Pro Blinking Issue

When your Breeze Pro starts blinking, it's an indication that something is amiss. The blinking lights serve as a form of communication, signaling different issues that may require your attention. It's essential to decipher these blinking patterns and understand what they mean to effectively troubleshoot the issue.

Low Battery

One of the most common reasons for blinking lights on the Breeze Pro is a low battery. When the battery level drops below a certain threshold, the device will blink to alert you. In such cases, simply connect your Breeze Pro to a charger and let it charge until the blinking stops.

If your disposable vape features an indicator light, it serves as a battery status indicator. When you inhale, observe if the light blinks or illuminates in a different color, often red. If the device remains unresponsive, it indicates that the battery is depleted. Typically, a dead disposable vape may still provide an extra puff or two if left untouched for several hours.

Disposable e-cigarettes are typically designed with batteries that outlast the e-liquid supply. Therefore, if your device's battery is completely drained, it is highly likely that the pod is also empty.

Not Sensitive Airflow Sensor

A disposable vape relies on an airflow sensor to detect your inhalation. At times, a non-responsive disposable vape may be attributed to an airflow sensor that lacks sensitivity or is obstructed by condensation buildup within the device. To potentially resolve this issue, you can try increasing the air pressure flowing through the disposable vape by covering one of the intake vents with your finger while taking a puff. This method might restore functionality to the puff sensor.

Coil Resistance Issue

If the Breeze Pro continues to blink even after charging, the difficulty might lie with the coil resistance. An incompatible or faulty coil can trigger the blinking lights. To resolve this, check if the coil is properly installed, ensure it is compatible with your device, and replace it if necessary.

Deflate air bubbles

In the event that air bubbles develop around the wicks of your disposable vape's pod, you can experience weak hits. Tap the device lightly against a surface to expel air bubbles. You should experience some wonderful hits once more after giving the wicks a few seconds to become moist.


E-Liquid Level

Insufficient e-liquid in the tank can also cause the Breeze Pro to blink. When the e-liquid level is low, the device may not be able to generate vapor effectively, resulting in blinking lights. Refill your tank with e-liquid and ensure it's adequately saturated to resolve this issue.

Connection Problems

Blinking lights can sometimes occur due to poor connections between the tank and the battery. Disassemble the device, clean the contacts, and reassemble it securely to ensure a proper connection.

Device Malfunction

In rare cases, a malfunction in the device itself can lead to blinking lights. If you've tried all the troubleshooting steps without success, it may be necessary to contact the manufacturer or seek professional assistance to diagnose and repair the device.

How Is A Disposable Vape Pen Recharged?

To recharge a disposable vape pen, follow the same procedure as you would for any electronic device equipped with a USB charging port. Typically, it takes approximately 45-60 minutes for vapes to reach a full charge.

The indication of a fully charged status may vary depending on the specific device. When you connect it to a power source, observe the device closely. If there is an illuminated light during the charging process, it is likely to turn off once the charging is complete. On the other hand, if there is no light initially, it may illuminate once the charging is finished.

What Would Happen If Your Disposable Vape Pen Lacked A Charge Port?

Not all disposable vape pens are made to be rechargeable, despite the fact that lithium-ion batteries can be done so. The primary reason for this is that the non-rechargeable disposable device only has enough vape liquid to last for the duration of one charge. Given that it is empty and cannot be filled, you wouldn't want to recharge it in this situation.

Remove And Replace Any Incompatible Attachments

Any disposable vape that has a port for an additional electronic device, such as a recharger, can experience this.

  • Remove any extras, such as the cart or a charging wire.
  • Analyze the problem to see if a proprietary fit is to blame.
  • Change it out for a different cart or charge cord (preferably from a different manufacturer).

Knowing that not all carts will fit on your disposable vape pen, even if they screw on, is important if you use one. Even though it may occasionally feel snug, the components and batteries may not actually be connected adequately.


What If You Try To Charge It And It Starts Blinking?

Your gadget may flicker to show that it is charging while it is doing so. When done, it can return to solid or stop. However, there might be another factor at work.

The outlet where you're connecting it in or the USB connector you're using might not be compatible. The other components could be having physical or electrical problems that are to blame for the issue. The disposable vape pen might not be to blame for the LED blinking.


My disposable vape blinks when an outlet won't charge it; this has occurred to me a few times. In other cases, the issue was with the cord itself.

New And Blinking: Send It Back Right Away

It's undesirable when a disposable vape pen has a light that occasionally blinks before you can use it.

  • Keep the box and your receipt.
  • Take it back to the store where you bought it.
  • If you bought something online, record a video and send an email.

It's very likely that the item leaked during shipping. Variations in air pressure can result in vape liquid leakage into the battery compartment's internals. The majority of vapes contain technical and physical safeguards that stop the device from firing while wet, such as rubber plugs.

Sadly, if the electronic protection engages and the disposable vape pen is fresh new, you can't fix it on your own. Of course, you are welcome to attempt a fix, but I strongly advise against disassembling your disposable vape in order to address a flashing light issue. Any opportunity of returning it will be lost.

In this situation, speaking with the product's seller—rather than the manufacturer—is your best course of action. I hope your receipt is still in your possession. Take the gadget back if it's a real store and explain what's going on.


Can the blinking issue be resolved without professional help?

In some cases, simple troubleshooting steps like cleaning the contacts, reattaching the pod, or ensuring a fully charged battery can resolve the blinking issue. However, if the problem persists or if you are unsure about how to fix it, it is always best to seek guidance from the manufacturer or a professional in order to avoid any potential damage to the device.

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