WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Tyson Vape Charging Instructions: How to Use

7th Feb 2024 | 132 | Dickson

In the daily pursuit for man to make life better and even more fun, vaping is among the things that make the world turn around. Most people have opted to use vape products in place of traditional smoking, which seems to be outdated. Vaping provides the best alternative as it is the healthier and more convenient way you can achieve nicotine satisfaction in any place of your selection. There is a seamless number of vape brands that have dominated the market ever since vaping started.

This article will help you know and understand the Tyson vape charging instructions and how to use this wonderful vape product.

Tyson Vape Brand

In the vast array of vaping options, the Tyson vape brand proves to be among the outstanding and most reliable vape brands, with vape products that you can proudly engage in during your vaping sessions. The vape brand bears the name of the legendary boxer known as Mike Tyson. Tyson vape is here to ensure that their customers enjoy durability, packed with flavor, and the powerful punch to keep them craving for more from the Tyson disposable vapes. The Tyson vape brand also offers you various incredibly exciting vape products that include vape pens, pods, mods, atomizers, e—e-liquids, nicotine salts, and other vape equipment to ensure you are a satisfied customer.

Before you learn much about Tyson vape charging instructions, it is highly essential that you first go through a review of the Tyson disposable vape and get to know how impressive its features are. Find out;

Tyson Disposable Vape Review

The Tyson disposable vape is a highly attractive vape device that features a highly compact design. The disposable vape device is available in solid colors and small sizes and is light enough to allow you to move with it wherever you wish without making any significant effort.

This exciting disposable vape device comes with an astonishing puff count of 7,000. This clearly means once you purchase this vape device, you are assured of extended vape sessions without the urge to replace it with another disposable vape. All you can do is recharge your vape device and continue using it for as long as the flavorful puffs last. With the Tyson disposable vape device, it is not about the quantity but the quality of the vape e-liquid it delivers. Thanks to the 15ml of the e-juice that assures you of greatly flavorful and long-lasting moments.

The secret behind the harnessed flavor and puff intensity is the 5% nicotine salt formula that is incorporated. Nicotine salt plays a significant role in ensuring smooth delivery and rapid absorption into the bloodstream. This leads to higher nicotine satisfaction without necessarily consuming high nicotine levels. The Tyson disposable vape employs a mesh coil that ensures an even and consistent distribution of heat. This is the reason why every puff from this vape device is delightful, and the flavor is highly enhanced.

The Tyson disposable vape comes with a highly powerful 550mAh battery that delivers you hours of use between charges. The powerful battery makes the Tyson disposable vape to be a reliable product, as you are not prone to the inconvenience achieved by frequent recharging. To elevate the level of convenience in your vaping experience, this disposable vape comes with a USB-C cable. You can effortlessly recharge your device either at home or on the go.

Tyson Vape Charging Instructions


There is always a convenient and efficient way of doing something. This applies to even charging your Tyson disposable vape. There are certain various indicators that clearly show that your vape device needs to be recharged. You will realize less or no vapor production, the LED light indicator will flicker red whenever you make a puff, and the intensity of the vapor reduces.

 You deserve the following solid knowledge on Tyson vape charging instructions as you aspire to make your vaping experience more convenient and fun;

  • Choose the original USB-C cable for your Tyson disposable vape.
  • Hold one end of the cable and connect it to the charging port that is positioned on the bottom side of the Tyson disposable vape device. Take the other end of the USB-C cable and connect it to a power source. This can include a wall adapter, a computer, or a power bank. You will realize this is just the same as connecting chargers of regular home electronic devices.
  • Once the connection is done, you will notice that the vape device automatically starts to charge. A blue light indicator will be displayed to inform you that the charging process is ongoing. The color on the indicator turns solid blue when the device is completely recharged.
  • You can freely use the Tyson disposable vape device while in the charging mode.

There are certain precautions and measures that you need to take a keen interest in as part of the Tyson vape charging instructions. They are as follows;

  • Make sure that your Tyson disposable vape device is fully recharged before you decide to charge it. There is a deep blue light that will be displayed whenever the vape device is completely recharged.
  • You have to leave the Tyson disposable vape device on charging until it fully indicates a deep blue color, which means the charging process is complete.
  • It is best advisable that you plug the Tyson disposable vape into the electrical outlet using the original USB-C cable that you are provided.
  • If you are facing problems with the original cable or you misplaced it, you are free to explore alternative options. This can be done by browsing the most compatible cables on a trusted website.

How to use the Tyson Vape

Before you know how to use the Tyson disposable vape, it will be better if you first know how it really works. As you know, disposable vape devices work by conducting electricity from the battery to the coil. The coil heats the e-juice and converts it into desirable vapor. The coil is surrounded by a cotton-wicking material that is designed to absorb the e-liquid for the coil to vaporize it. The coil is meant to last for as long as the e-juice exists. There is a 550mAh battery, whose life is limited, as this ensures you do not experience a burnt taste when the e-liquid is depleted.

Using the Tyson disposable vape is incredibly easy to use, as it is perfect for even the elderly who seek to quit smoking. What makes this disposable vape easy to use is that it requires no e-liquid refills, it recharges, and no maintenance measures are required. Follow the following steps and learn how to use the Tyson disposable vape:

  • Open the packaging
  • Remove the sticker from the airflow valve
  • Remove the silicon plug from the mouthpiece
  • Place the mouthpiece on your lips and make short inhales.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tyson Vape Charging Instructions

How do I charge a Tyson vape?

Charging the Tyson vape is among the easiest technical things you can do. All you are required to do is plug into a power source, the USB-C cable, and connect it to the vape device.

How do I know my Tyson vape is charging?

It is quite simple to know whether your Tyson vape is charging as there is an LED light indicator that displays a solid blue light.

How do I know my Tyson vape is out of juice?

You are expected to experience a diminished flavor. The puff taste will greatly reduce and become dull. This means that the wick of your disposable vape is getting dry. You will eventually experience a burnt taste as the e-liquid is depleted, and all you get is a burning smell.

How long does the Tyson Vape last?

The Tyson vape device is a rechargeable electronic device that features a lifespan of up to 7000 puffs as it engages the mesh coil to give you the authentic flavors you desire.

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