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Top Vape Wholesalers/ Dealers in the United States

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Vape wholesale is a rare opportunity that most people often do not leverage. Vape wholesaler companies usually sell large quantities of vaping products at comparatively lower prices. The US has tons of wholesale dealers and distributors. However, finding the best deals can be difficult, especially when you are a newbie in the vaping industry. There are several factors to factor in when looking for a vape wholesaler in the US. For instance, you must take note of the minimum order requirements, the pricing models, shipping and import taxes, among many other factors.

As always, you do not want to go researching every known wholesaler because this might be a time-consuming and challenging task. To make your work easy, I have compiled a list of some of the USA's most notable vape wholesale dealers and distributors. Here is a summary;

Name Of Dealer

Main Vape Products


Vapor Beast

devices, e-liquids, CBD products, accessories, and disposables.


California, USA.

Direct Vapor

E-liquids, CBDs, MODs, starter kits, tanks, and accessories

Kentucky, USA.


disposables, juices, starter kits, PODs, MODs, Tanks, ATTYs, and Accessories.

Newyork, USA.


devices, e-liquids, CBD products, accessories, and disposables

Florida, USA


Disposables, E-liquids, accessories, CBD products, and many more

Illinois, USA


E-juices, disposables, and Pods, TFN Vape products, devices, vape hardware, etc

Newyork, USA.

Lightfire Distribution, Kanger Wholesale

Starter Kits, Synthetic NIC, E-juices, Tanks, Coils Pods, batteries and chargers, disposables, accessories

Florida, USA

VGI. Distribution - Vape And Smoke Shop Wholesale Supplier

E-liquids, Salt Nic E-liquids, Disposable nicotine devices, synthetic nicotine. CBD, Vaporizers, etc

Virginia, USA

Pyramids Wholesale & Distribution

Disposables, E-liquids, accessories, CBD products, and many more

Nashville, Tennessee, USA

World Wide Vape Distribution

E-liquids, Salt Nic, hardware, disposables, and accessories

Dallas, Texas, USA

G&A Distribution (Vape Plus)

Disposables, open pod systems, pre-filled pods, vape kits and Mods, tanks, coils, vape accessories, e-liquids, etc

New York, USA

Cacuq E-Cig U.S.A. - Vape Distributor/Wholesale



1.Vapor Beast: Wholesale Vape Supplies & Online Vape Shop

Located in California, USA, Vapor Beast is a one-stop wholesaler with a myriad of vape products to pick from. The store is determined to give retailers a more flexible wholesale experience by offering excellent products at pocket-friendly prices, fast delivery times, and no minimum order requirements.

For retailers to purchase from Vapor Beast, they will need to input a wholesale customer application, and the application should be accepted. The store does not have minimum order restrictions, and orders above $1,000 are free and with fast delivery times of between 1 to 5 days. The store offers a wide range of vaping products such as devices, e-liquids, CBD products, accessories, and disposables.


Address:1900 Wright Pl #250, Carlsbad, CA 92008, United States

Contact:+1 877-821-6062

2.Direct Vapor: AN Excellent E-juice wholesalers with Several E-liquid flavors

Direct vapor is another great supplier that offers considerable flexibility to retailers and variety of vape products. The store aims to provide long-term solutions to vape retailers and companies. Retailers will enjoy high minimum orders at exceptionally favorable prices. Moreover, Direct vapor also offers a loyalty system that aims to reward returning customers. With a variety of E-liquid flavors such as fruit flavors, strawberry Vape Juice, berry Flavors, and Nicotine Salts E-liquid, among others, retailers can be sure to find all they are looking for their customers. Popular vape products the store offers include E-liquids, CBDs, MODs, starter kits, tanks, and accessories.


Address:Turning Point Brands, Inc, 5201 Interchange Way, Louisville, KY 40229

3.MigVapor Wholesale: Your Number Vape Shop Supplier in NY, USA.

Mig Vapor is one of the largest names in the vape distribution industry. They are known to provide a wide variety of e-liquid flavors and vaping gear essentials. The store is known to supply some of the latest vaping supplies to retailers across the world. Currently, the store offers free shipping on all orders over $450, shipped in the USA. If you are a retailer looking for any juice flavor, be it fresh farms e-liquids, Lemon dead flavor, fresh-pressed HighNic salts, etc. Migvapor is the place to go. Other products you will find at MigVapor include; disposables, juices, starter kits, PODs, MODs, Tanks, ATTYs, and Accessories.


Address: DBA -WholesaleVapor.com, 279 Front Street, Binghamton, NY 13905

Contact: 1-800-332-0916

4.NicoPure: Bulk E-liquid Wholesalers and Dealer in the USA

NicoPure is an excellent wholesale option for retailers looking for a wide-rounded solution that is great in all elements. With a tendency of designing innovative vaping hardware and producing premium, American-made e-juices, NicoPure has established itself as the leader in the vaping industry. Safety and customer satisfaction are one of their primary goals. Some of the top products from NicoPure include; devices, e-liquids, CBD products, accessories, and disposables.


Address:5909 NW 18th Dr., Gainesville, FL. 32653 USA

Contact:(888) 270-2449 

5.VapeWorld: Chicago's number One Cash and Carry Vape Wholesale

VapeWorld was established in 2005. It is one of the most reliable suppliers in Chicago. It aims to provide different experiences with a much more customer-centered focus. The store has an extremely fast turnaround on issues such as orders and product replacements. Their quick and efficient services are what make the store even more exceptional. High Nic Salt E-liquids, pop hit e-liquid, big bottle juice, candy king, coastal clouds, Khali vapors, twist-eliquids, and innevape are some of the many e-liquid varieties you will find at VapeWord.


Address: 845 N. Larch Ave, Suite 3, Elmhurst IL 60126, United States Of America

Contact:(630) 359-3788

6.VapeRanger:eJuice/eLiquid Distributor: 2500+ Brands

VapeRanger is arguably one of the largest online vape wholesalers in the USA. The store distributes its products to retailers across over 86 countries, and the store is known to offer high-quality products at budget-friendly prices. At Vaperanger, you can be sure to find various vape juices, disposable vapes, and an endless list of e-liquid flavors. You should sign up with Vape Ranger by creating a free wholesale account and start exploring the wholesale brand lineup.


Address:40 Melville Park Rd, Melville, NY 11747, United States

Contact: +1 631-777-3487

7.Lightfire Distribution,Kanger Wholesale

LightFire distribution's main goal is to provide customers with the best vape products and services while ensuring responsible and safe product use. Since 2014, the company has endeavoured to provide vape shops with the best authentic e-cigarettes and vape products. The company has two well-stocked distribution warehouses, which gives the company enough capacity to maintain one of the biggest e-liquid inventories in the industry. Some of the E-juice flavors the company offers include air factory salt, Aqual salt, bad drip, Bam's cannoli, coastal clouds, candy king, glass salt, innavape salt, lemon twist, Pachamama, ripe collections, among others.


Contact:+1 866-375-0541

Address:10601 State St Suite # 5, Tamarac, FL 33321, United States

8.Distribution - Vape And Smoke Shop Wholesale Supplier

Located in Virginia, USA, Vape Guys Inc. has been a key player in the US vaping industry. VGL offers anything and everything related to vape products. Eliquids flavors such as Suicide Bunny, alt zero E-liquid, kilo, aqua e-liquid, bomb sauce e-liquid, burst e-liquid, driplicious, excision, fruitia, and among many others. Apart from e-liquids, be sure to find other vape products such as disposables, vaporizers, hand pipes, batteries, supplements, and other accessories.



Address: 930 South Ave Suite 7, colonial heights, Virginia 23834

9.Pyramids Wholesale & Distribution: BBB Accredited Vape Products Distributor

Pyramid wholesale and distribution is an accredited distributor of vape products. The wholesaler carries everything a serious wholesale dealer should carry. For instance, it offers smoking pipes, grinders, soft glass, bibblers, and many other smoking accessories. What is even more exciting is that it offers these quality products at user-friendly prices. Their primary goal is to offer quality vape products and superior customer service levels. If you are a retailer or reseller in search for a reliable wholesale dealer, do not hesitate to contact Pyramid wholesalers.



Address:5026 Harding Pl, Nashville, TN 37211, United States

10.World Wide Vape Distribution

Founded in 2017, World Wide Vape distribution aimed to provide excellent quality and easily accessible solutions to deal with the threats posed by traditional smoking. The wholesaler embarked on achieving its goals, and years down the line, it has achieved these goals by ensuring excellent quality and reliable customer services. E-liquids, Salt Nic, hardware, disposables, and accessories are some of the many products you will find at World Wide Vape distribution.


Address:10601 King William Dr, Dallas, TX 75220, United States

Contact:+1 469-906-2860

11.G&A Distribution (Vape Plus):

G&A Distribution was founded in Brooklyn at a time when vaping was booming. It has earned a positive reputation as one of the fastest-growing distributors of vape products. Vape Plus boasts more than one decade of experience in the vaping industry. It is dedicated to providing some of the most reputable and great quality vaping products one can think of. With its commitment to providing exceptional customer service, Vape Plus will always go far and beyond to meet customer expectations.

Website: https://nyvapeplus.com/

Contact: +1 347-627-7267

Address: 2578 Atlantic Avenue ENTRANCE, 74 Georgia Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11207, United States

12.Cacuq E-Cig U.S.A. - Vape Distributor/Wholesale in USA

Cacuq is one of the largest e-liquid websites. It strives to provide customers with an ideal shopping experience. The store is also dedicated to providing genuine vape products at the most friendly prices. Their 24-hour online shopping platform will allow retailers to make orders at any time of the day. Some of the popular products you will find at Cacuq include kits, Mods, E-liquids, accessories, replacement coils, rebuildable, among others.  

Website: http://www.cacuq.com/

Contact:+1 626-333-2105

Address:14750 E Nelson Ave E STE F, City of Industry, CA 91744, United States

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