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Top Vape Wholesale Dealers and Distributors In The Netherlands

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Vaping in the Netherlands is increasingly popular. Perhaps this explains why most people aspire to create vape shops to cater to vapers' ever-changing needs. If you are in the Netherlands and looking to start a vape shop or stock an existing one, here are some of the best wholesale dealers and distributors you should consider.

Name of Wholesaler/Distributor

Main Products


Vape Wholesale Netherlands


E-liquids, E-cigarettes, MODs, Tanks, accessories, disposables

Global distributor

TGC Trading


starter sets, e-liquids, clearomizers, tanks, coils, disposables, MODs, batteries, MOD batteries, accessories, cartridges, and cartomizers

Tilburg, Netherlands

Smoke Market


E-liquids, E-cigarattes

France-based global distributor

Dragon Vape


E-liquids, E-cigarettes, MODs, Tanks, accessories, disposables


United Tobacco Vapor Group


Refill Cartridges, Starter Kits,  Batteries, Accessories, E-liquids, E-cigarettes

Global distributor

ADNS wholesaler


E-liquids, E-cigarettes, hardware, disposable PODs, accessories

Global distributor

Greenlane Wholesale


E-liquids, E-cigarettes, MODs, Tanks, accessories, disposables

Amsterdam, Netherlands

RVG Distribution

Refill Cartridges, Starter Kits,  Batteries, Accessories, E-liquids, E-cigarettes

UK-based Global vape distributor

E-Wolk Wholesale

Starter kits, POD, Tanks, RDA/RTA, MODs, Accessories, E-juices

Heinenoord, Netherlands

Joyetech Distribution Company


Kits, Pods, Tanks, Mods, and coils, e-juices, e-cigarettes

Chinese-based global distributor

Magic Wholesalers

Kits, Pods, Tanks, Mods, and coils, e-juices, e-cigarettes\

Swedish global distributor

1.Vape Wholesale Netherlands: A Premium Global Distributor of E-Juices

Top on our list of the best vape distributors and wholesalers in the Netherlands is Vape Wholesale Netherlands. Vape Wholesale is one of the most popular global distributors of electronic cigarettes and other related products. From previous customer reviews and feedbacks, the wholesaler offers its products at extremely low prices. Despite the ongoing pandemic, customers can be sure to receive their products within the shortest time possible. Their support team will stay in touch throughout the shopping process to keep customers updated about the status of their orders.

The store is also known to provide a variety of vape products with excellent qualities. Some of the major products they offer include e-liquids, pods, tanks, accessories, disposables, among others. If you are a retailer located in the Netherlands and considering a wholesaler for your store, this is an excellent choice for you.


2.TGC Trading: An All-In-One Global Distributor for All Vape Products

TCG Trading is a global distributor of smoke and vape products. In the Netherlands, the company has established itself as one of the leading distributors of electronic cigarettes and vaping products. The company offers close to twelve thousand items and three thousand articles, which users can leverage to make their business a success. As a retailer, you aim to provide quality products to your customers at the best prices and best margins. TCG Trading company is available to offer you expert advice and quality products at favorable prices to make you succeed.

You can make orders using an email, phone, or you can visit their website to make orders. With the website option, you will have to create a user account, which will take you just minutes, and you will be good to go. Some of the popular products you will get from the TCG trading company include starter sets, e-liquids, clearomizers, tanks, coils, disposables, MODs, batteries, MOD batteries, accessories, cartridges, and cartomizers.


Contact:+31 (0) 13 57 22 959


3.Smoke Market: Your Number One Vape Wholesaler in the Netherlands

Smoke Market is a vape and electronic cigarette distributor that is based in France. The company supplies some of the most popular vape products across Europe, including the Netherlands. As a wholesaler, it avails a variety of products at some of the best prices. The company is also committed to ensuring that all products meet the required quality standards. Moreover, the wholesaler brags about unbeatable delivery deadlines. The wholesaler offers a wide range of suits that your customers will love. For instance, e-liquid flavors such as AlfaLiquid, D'Lice, Flavors art, Tjuice, vampire vape, among others, are all available. There is something for all customers at Smoke Market. You should contact them today for your supplies needs.


Contact:09 72 09 51 87


4.Dragon Vape: Holland's Leading Vape Supplier and Wholesaler

Dragon Vape sells E-liquids in Holland, produced with the best flavors. All products they sell are TPD compliant, which means that the products are of the highest quality. As a retailer, you should aim for some quality products for your customers, and this is why working with a wholesaler that offers quality products is crucial to te success of your vape shop. Dragon Vape is one such kind of wholesaler. With their budget-friendly products, be sure to get some of the best e-liquid flavors from Dragon Vape. You should visit their wholesale page to learn more about their products and what they offer.


5.United Tobacco Vapor Group: A Leading A Supplier of Top Brand Vape Products

United Tobacco Vapor Group is a collaboration of five unique and top-notch electronic cigarette brands that work in unison to give customers some of the best quality products. United Tobacco Vapor Group supplies its products in more than 22 countries, including the Netherlands. If you are a retailer in the Netherlands, be sure to find some of the top-notch online. The top electronic cigarette brands that form the United Tobacco Vapor Group are vape master, flavor vapes, premium vapes, wannavape, and Ehitter.

You will be required to fill this form for wholesale and distribution services, and their support team will be available to help as soon as possible.



6.ADNS wholesaler: Top-Notch Vape Products Global Distributor

ADNS wholesaler is a leading dealer and distributor of electronic cigarettes and e-liquids in more than fifty countries, including the Netherlands. Over five thousand physical and online vape stores have worked with this wholesaler before and have been pleased with their services. One of the features that make ADNS the leader in the vape distribution industry is that they offer a wide choice of products. ADNS has also been successful in ensuring customer satisfaction by providing qualitative and authentic products. With its vast stock, ADNS promises a steady supply of products, so your store can never run out of much-needed vape products. It is an excellent link between premium vape manufacturers and retailers, which is the reason you should consider it if you are in the Netherlands.


Contact:+33 1 64 80 54 42

Email: contact@adns-grossiste.fr

7.Greenlane Wholesale: Your Number One Vape Wholesaler in The Netherlands

Greenlane Wholesale has been in operation since 2005. It has built its reputation as one of the most reliable vape distributors in the Netherlands and the world at large. It has committed itself to meeting customer needs by offering some of the most innovative vape products at competitive prices.

Greenlane established a wholesale branch on 1st October 2019. It has since then been a committed distributor in the European market. If you are looking for some of the best e-juices, electronic cigarettes, or other vape products, do not hesitate to contact Greenlane. More details about its website and contact are attached below.


Contact:+31 (0)20 4707744

Address:Greenlane Wholesale, Van Slingelandtplein 13A, 1051 DD Amsterdam, The Netherlands

8.RVG distribution: the E-Liquid & Vaping accessory distribution company

RVG distribution is one of the most reliable E-liquid and vape products wholesale and distribution companies. The company has dedicated itself to providing tailored solutions for both retailers and end-users. It serves retailers and customers across all European countries, including the Netherlands. RVG distribution company believes that all customers deserve the highest level of customer service and satisfaction.


Contact:+44) 023 92 175070


9.E-Wolk Wholesale: A Wholesaler for All Your E-juices Needs in the Netherlands

E-wolks's commercial vape sales were so successful that the management decided to expand their operation to offer wholesale services to the Netherlands and the European community. E-wolk sells thousands of products, including Starter Kits, POD, Tanks, RDA/RTA, MODs, Accessories, E-juices. Their Electronic cigarette wholesale program will provide you with a shoulder to lean on when launching a vape shop or expanding one.


Address:Nijverheidsweg 27, 3274KJ Heinenoord, Netherlands

Contact:06 - 185 86 613

10.Joyetech Distribution Company: Top-Notch Vape Products Global Distributor

Joyetech distribution company was founded in 2017 in Shenzhen, China. It is one of the leading global vape manufacturers and distributors. It offers distribution services to China, the USA, and a goods number of European countries, including the Netherlands. If you are in the Netherlands and you are contemplating starting a vape store, Joyetech distribution company will help you a great deal. Some of the products the company offers include Kits, Pods, Tanks, Mods, and coils.


Contact:0086 755 81737161


11.Magic Wholesalers: An All-In-One Global Distributor for All Vape Products

Magic Vaporoizotrs was established in 2013 with a new industry vision. It has grown to become one of the leading vape products distributors in Europe. It has a competitive pricing model on all its top products, making it an excellent option for retailers. If you are in the Netherlands and looking for a distributor, you should consider working with Magic Vaporisers.


Contact:+46 (54) 2410154

12.UPENDS is Recruiting exclusive global distributor

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UEG is the exclusive Dutch Authorized Distributor of UPENDS Vape!

UEG Holland is the wholesaler for E-cigarettes, E-liquids and accessories. Years of trading history with Asia have shown that it is much more cost effective for a retailer or webshop to order from an E-cigarette wholesaler in their own region, than to order from a wholesaler in Asia.