Top 11 Vape Shops (stores) in Windsor, United Kingdom and Canada

    Top 11 Vape Shops (stores) in Windsor, United Kingdom and Canada

    Vape shops in Windsor

    Are you a resident from Windsor and you may like to locate a vaporizer shop near you, don’t look further as I got your back? I will guide you on the best vaporizer shops(stores) where you can find the best collection of e-cigarettes, e-liquids, pens, mods, and other vaping materials you may like to have at fair and friendly prices. Such shops(stores) are open 24 hours a day and they include;

    1. Vape 360 Windsor

    Vape 360 Windsor is located at 94 straight Rd. Old Windsor, they store plenty of good vape juices, starter e-cig kits, and pod vape kits. They also have the best staffing with the right knowledge of their products and they are always ready to give out advice when needed.

    Vape 360 Windsor prides itself on the best pricing on their products, thus, been one of the best vape shops in the area. Contrary to other shops, they go door to door free delivery, therefore, they are open for online ordering.

    • Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday: 10 am -7 pm
    • Sunday; 10am -4pm
    • Location: 94 Straight Rd, Old Windsor, Windsor SL42RX, United kingdom
    • Contacts +441753357577

    2.  Wicked-E-Cigarette and E-Liquid shop

    This is one of the best vaporizer shops in Windsor, located at the main shopping center, at peasant street, near the Victorian junction, England. The store is open 24 hours thus making it easy and convenient for vaping lovers to access the premises any time.

    They do have the best staff, equipped with the right knowledge about their products. This store is well known for its fair prices on their products within the city and also good customer services. They also store all products from a wicked range of products such as e-liquids, spares and accessories, starters, and advanced kits.

    • Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday: 9am-5;30 pm
    • Sunday; closed
    • Location: 78 Peascod St. Windsor sl4 1DH, United Kingdom
    • contacts; +4417538280

    3. Evapo Uxbridge vape Shop

    Evapo Uxbridge vape shop is a premier e-cigarette and vape shop found at Uxbridge in England. The shop has employed the best-qualified staff ready to give the necessary advice to both starters and advanced customers.

    The store has plenty of favorite e-liquids from the best brands such as Riot squad, Vampire vape, Ohm Brew, and all fully packed with flavor bars to help you do a sample for almost 200 r-liquid samples thus choosing your perfect one. 

    They do also have the best devices from well-known brands such as Innokin, SMOK, and VOOPOO, Aspire. Once you purchase from the Evape store you can sign in to the Evap club, therefore, earning more points for your purchase.

    • Opening hours: Tuesday- Saturday; 9 am-7:30pm
    • Sunday 11am-5pm
    • Location: 6 Windsor St, Uxbridge UB8 1 AB, United Kingdom
    • Contacts: +44 7393016144

    4. West Windsor Vape shop

    It is a vaporizer shop found at 1108 California Ave that is open daily up to 10: 00 pm. When you pop into West Windsor vape shop you will find it amazing, very helpful, and ready to listen to staff.  The shop stores the best e-cigarette and other vaping products from the best brands. 

    • Opening hours: Monday to Sunday: 8 am -10 pm
    • Location: 1108 California Ave, Windsor, ON N9B 2Z0, Canada
    • Contacts: + 1 519-973-9280

    5. Vape and CBD Store Windsor

    The store allows online shopping with free delivery from Monday to Saturday. They do have a wide range of products from the best cannabis-selling brands. They do pride themselves as one of the best cheapest shops around with quality non-compromise. They have a diversified staff to help is assist customers. For those who would love to visit the shops, they are provided with a convenient parking place and easily reach out.

    • Opening Hours:  Monday to Saturday 9 am-11 pm
    • Location: Windsor, ON N8T 3H1, Canada

    6. Vaper’s Attic

    Vaper's Attic is located at 138 Gerrish St. Windsor at they specialize in electronic cigarettes, E-juice, tanks, coils vape supplies such as all types of e-liquid flavors. The store management has employed the best staff with the right knowledge about their products. They do also have the best fair prices in the town.

    • Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 11 am-7 pm
    • Saturday: 11am to 6pm
    • Sunday: closed
    • Location: 138 Gerrish St, Windsor NS BON 2TO, Canada

    7. Apothic Vapes

    This is one of the best vaporizer stores near me in Lasalle in Canada. They are more dedicated to help people shift from smoking to a healthier way to quench their thirst which is vaping. They do provide the best advice to both starters and advanced customers. From their shop, you will meet the best staffs ready to serve you according as well as stocking a wide range of products from a certified brand thus making them more trustworthy.

    • Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday: 11 am to 5 pm
    • Monday to Sunday: closed
    • Location: 1579 Front Rd, Windsor, ON N9J 2B5, Canada

    8. Vapeme. Net

    It's of its kind shop found in 167 Tecumseh Rd. W. in Windsor They do specialize in helping smokers shift to vaping which is more- healthier although they still cater to other vaping materials. Their e-liquid is custom made, they do concentrate on producing the best unique flavor from their 106 flavors plus two other flavor shots. Their liquids are produced from high- standards in an ISO-compliant cleanroom. They not only store e-liquids but also sells mods, coils, tanks, and even spare parts.

    • Opening hours: Monday to Saturday: 12 am -8pm
    • Sunday: closed
    • Location: 167 Tecumseh Rd. W, Windsor, ON N8X 1E8, Canada

    9. Havana House Windsor

    Havana store is located at royal station 52, in Windsor and it's the only tobacco and alcohol seller in the area.  They do provide a humidor full of Cuban, Dominican republic, Honduran, and Nicaraguan cigarettes. They also sell accessories such as shaving and tobacco pipes. Once you visit haan you won't regret your decision as you will enjoy the best prices as well as well trained staffs ready to serve the customers.

    • Opening hours: Monday to Saturday: 10 am -6pm
    • Sunday 11 am -5pm
    • Location: Royal Station 52, Windsor SL4 1PJ, United kingdom

    10. East Windsor Vape Inc

    The East vaper shop is situated at 1155 Lauzon Rd, is the only vaporizer shop that has all the vaping products you may need. The stock, vape pen, vaporizers, vape juice, tanks, Breeze, type, use, and many more. Once you pop into the store you will meet welcoming staff ready to serve you. The shop offers one of the best and friendly prices for their products.

    11. VapeVine.ca

    Vape vine.ca is one of favorite Canada's vaporizer shops. This is one of the shops which deals and sells online. Since 2014, vape vine has been acting as the nation's premier option for selling vape pens, mods, tanks, starter kits, coils.

    They also provide a huge package of priorities from both America and Canadian e-juice brands as well as e-liquid flavors such as pods, Nic salt juices, and also disposable vapes, Vape vine store is the only store authorized JUUL in Canada.

    Apart from the best quality products, their prices are friendly and they have employed qualified staffs to take care customers needs.

    • Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 10 am-7 pm
    • Saturday to Sunday: 11am- 5pm
    • Location:2814 Howard Ave #4, Windsor, ON N8X 3Y2, Canada

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    Wrap Up

    In conclusion, it's advisable to research the vape shops( store) where you would like to buy your vaping materials for your safety. The above-highlighted shops are certified and mostly run 24 hours and they are convenient to reach near you.


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