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Top 10 Vape Wholesale Distributors In Russia

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Russia is one of the best countries to do business. It brags of the largest market in Europe with a population of close to 150 million people. As a matter of fact, Russia is one of the top three most profitable markets in Europe. There are a lot of business ideas you can venture into in Russia, but one of the surefire profitable businesses that will give you a great catch is the vape store business.

Vaping is increasingly rampant in Russia. Russians have been trying to find the perfect remedy to traditional smoking. The fact that vaping solves most health issues brought about by traditional smoking gives you a great opportunity to open up a smoke shop and exploit the growing market. If you are to venture into this business, here are some of the best vape products dealers, distributors or wholesalers that you can use.

Name of Wholesaler/dealer

Main Products

Novosibirsk Russia Vape

E-liquids, E-cigarettes, MODs, Tanks, accessories, disposables

Vaping 365

Nic salts, Disposables, Pod Systems, E-juices

Ilfumo distribution

E-liquids, E-cigarettes, MODs, Tanks, accessories, disposables

E-liquid boutique

Vape kits, E-liquids, vape pods, tanks, coils, accessories, disposable pods to anything related to vapes


Vape, E-liquids, NIC Salt, Tanks, disposables, accessories, Heets

Vape wholesale

E-liquids, E-cigarettes, MODs, Tanks, accessories, disposables

Lotus vape distribution

Vape, E-liquids, NIC Salt, Tanks, disposables, accessories.

Russian E-liquid Laboratory

Vape kits, E-liquids, vape pods, tanks, coils, accessories, disposable pods to anything related to vapes


Nic salts, Disposables, Pod Systems, E-juices

1.Novosibirsk Russia Vape eJuice Wholesale & Eliquid

This wholesaler is located in the USA, but it ships its products to Russia. It majorly operates an online front where buyers can visit their website, select the products they want to purchase and have the products shipped. The wholesaler has some of the best e-juice flavors and vape products such as Cherry Lime Cola, Taffy Man, Juice Man, Unicorn Frappe and Nicotine salts. More details about this store are attached below.


2.Vaping 365:

Vaping365 is one of the best supplier options to go for when you are in Russia. The wholesaler is forever passionate about the products that they offer to their customers in Russia. Vaping 365 offers nothing other than top-notch e-juices at excellent prices.

Vaping 365 allows customers to taste their e-liquids before finally purchasing for their smoke shop. This approach allows customers to know what is best for them and what is not. But let it be known that most of these products are top-quality, which might actually bring a sweet problem when customers get confused on what to pick and what to leave out. But this again should not worry you because, with their quality support staff and knowledgeable team members who guide you through your shopping journey, you will surely get what is best for you.

At vaping 365, you will get all sorts of vape products such as e-liquids, Pod systems, tanks, accessories, disposables, among others. You can visit their website today to check out some of their products. The website link is attached below.


Website:Russian wholesale e-liquid

Contact:+353 1 4507478

Email: info@vaping365.com

3.Ilfumo distribution: electronic cigarette and vape Wholesaler in Russia

This is arguably the largest Russian-based distributor of electronic cigarettes and vape liquids. The store runs a network of its retail shops, but it also supplies its products to global customers and retailers. Its warehouses are located in Moscow and Novosibirsk. The store location covers over close to 2000 sqm, which makes it able for them to serve their Russian customers. This is also advantageous to customers since it will help them save time and money.

The wholesaler has a team of close to 150 competent and qualified specialists who ensure the smooth operation of all shopping and shipping processes. It sells over 50 different products plus a host of e-juice flavors.

ilfumo distribution



4.The E-Liquid Boutique:Premium E-Liquid Wholesalers Russia & Cis

The E-liquid boutique has established itself as one of the leading suppliers of e-liquids, not only in Russia but also in other countries such as the UK and USA. In 2014-2015 alone, the store supplied over 5 million bottles of premium e-liquids. Close to 90% of retailers that have been served by E-liquid boutique report that they had a seamless shopping experience. This is the reason why the store has positive reviews and 5-star ratings.

The store deals in E-liquids, Nicotine shots, vape hardware, and many more.



Contact:+44 20 3291 2973

5. Vaperanger.Com: E-liquid Wholesale and Distribution

VapeRanger offers a taste of Russian e-juice and a great selection of wholesale vape juice brands. The wholesaler brags of a wide selection of inventory from some of the best e-juice manufacturers such as Bo Vaping, Country Clouds, Juul Vapor, Jam monster, Naked 100 E-liquid, keep it 100 juice, cuttwood vapors, among many others. Vape products you will find at VapeRanger include Disposable Pod systems, pop pods, puff bar disposables, mojo disposables, NIC salts and others.

vape ranger


6.Vape Wholesale: Online supplier of vape wholesale

Vape wholesale Russia is an excellent option if you want to have excellent products at excellent discounts. The wholesaler is known for offering massive discounts of upto 80% on purchases. In addition to that, the wholesaler also gives free samples for most of its products. You want such a wholesaler, especially if you are a newbie in the business. Discounts are a great way of growing your business speedily.

In addition to offering lucrative incentives and discounts, the wholesaler also offers some of the best vape products on the market. Quality has been their main goal, and they have done so great to ensure they achieve their goal. With a wide range of product lines, you can be sure to get any product you are looking for. The wholesaler has also invested much in research to ensure that it keeps up with the pace of the changing customer needs. With knowledgeable staff who are ever willing to help, you can be sure to receive the help you need within the shortest time possible.

Some of the popular products you will get at vape wholesale Russia include E-liquids, E-cigarettes, MODs, Tanks, accessories, disposables. Please note that the wholesaler only operates an online store, not a physical store. You can visit its website to browse through some of the products. The website link is attached.

Website:  https://www.vapewholesalen.com/vape-wholesale-russia/

7.lotus vape distribution Russia

This is another notable distributor of vape products. The store distributes an average of 14000 e-liquids bottles in Russia, 8,000 in the United Kingdom and 3000 in other European countries. Such huge sales tell you that many retailers trust the store and that it is a preferred option for many. All their products come at budget-friendly prices, and you will surely make a huge catch by buying from them.


8.1Ejuice: Wholesale E-Liquid Distribution Russia

1Ejuice is a fully compliant distributor and wholesaler of vape products. It is an online global E-juice distributor that has extended its wings to include services to Russian customers. 1Ejuice is known to supply a wide range of vape products and e-juice product lines such as Pachamama, naked 100, cosmic vapors, beard, round. Vape. Cp, burst e-liquids, space jam e juice, kilo e-liquid, charlie's chalk dust. You should fill this form for the wholesale application.


9.UPENDS is Recruiting exclusive global distributor

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