WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

The W vape pen Review. Features of the W Vape Pen Starter Kit

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For a high-quality, almost luxurious touch, W vape pen has the perfect value for your hard-earned money. This disposable, direct-inhale vape pen is something that will take your cannabis experience to a literally high-level encounter.

About W Vape Pen

Four memorable step-by-step processes can summarize the W vapor process. The first being extraction: the brand boasts of only flowers, no stalks or leaves, solventless extraction process. The second process tests: the oil and the pen are tested to give a genuine world-class vaporizer encounter. The third process is delivery.

Vape pens are on all certified dispensaries in California and Nevada, and you can also find them on various websites online. Lastly, the final process is honored to you, consume. As the product user, the company sees you as a VIP as it gives you a wide range of products and preferences to customize your vaping moment.

They offer many strain-specific infusions to vaping in the industry, so anyone can select a one-of-a-kind strain from their range-rich catalog that they see fit. This strain range capability shows that extra work and research has been invested in creating a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you.

Features of the W Vape Pen

The pens have been given a delicate feel that is further enhanced by a glass quartz container that lets you peep through to see how long the disposable pen will last. They are also gentle companions that you can carry with you whenever you desire.

The product’s innovation has been lauded across the industry sweeping iconic awards in the exclusive cannabis community. The pen bagged best Sativa concentrate during the Green games in California recently, to mention a few.


The product has two kinds of batteries that you will enjoy. The push-button battery rechargeable vape kit comes with a 350 mAh and an impressive output current of 3 A, 3.7 V. It also comes with a handy USB charger for you with a charging current of 1A. Above all, as the brand marvel in giving alternatives offering for your unique preference, the batteries come in four range of colors for you to choose. That is red, green, purple and silver.

The battery has been given a handy boost to elongate the time for you to get intimate and enjoy the product. With a 3.7V 350 mAh battery, the brand sure cares for what they offer to the user. The colored battery and a wickless cartridge give a discreet feel when vaping, which you will appreciate.

The second type of battery is the one that offers a directly inhale battery 2-pack. It also comes in four colors of green, red, silver, and purple. The two sleek are 280mAh and give an output current of 3A, 3.7V, to experience an incredible vaping moment.

The cartridges

What about the cartridge? First of all, the brand prides itself on having high cannabis concentrate, which is also strain-specific, and local growers ensure that the oil is pesticide-free. The fancy glass cartridge houses potent organic cannabis oil.

The pre-filled cartridges have also been given various range of capacity range, from a modest 300 mg to a medium 500 mg and a generous 1 G for you to decide which one best for you.

Depending on the type of strain you fancy, w vape pen let you decide from their impressive catalog of specific strains. You have the luxury to choose among three major categories. That is Sativa, Indica, and hybrid. Pens have letters to indicate what type of strain you are acquiring. S stands for Sativa, and I stand for Indica, while H stands for a hybrid.

Experienced experts in the industry have cleverly engineered the cartridge. It boasts of a state-of-the-art Central pole that has been designed to boost airflow inside the vaporizer that lets you have a smooth and less laborious hit. The oil capacity also lasts longer than you might expect.

W CO2 oil syringe

You can also acquire the sleek W CO2 oil syringe for a precision refill. The hard glass syringe is quite resilient is quite a shutter resistant. The syringe has been cleverly designed to reduce spillage and mess during the refilling exercise. The oil syringe comes rich in terpene and is also strain-specific just for you to enjoy your favorite strain without a doubt. Lastly, the non-sticky glass means that after use, less mess and waste are left. You can buy the syringe at the same place that you acquired your W vape pen.

Organic strain-specific cannabis oil

Organic produce is becoming quite rare nowadays. But with a knack for working closely with local cannabis farmers, the brand has ensured that the cannabis oil in their cartridges is free from the corruption of pesticide traces which you will genuinely appreciate this initiative that aims to give a healthier high.

To preserve an exquisite flavor and retain the terpene profile from the original flower, the oil is extracted through the super critical CO2 extraction process. This Preston’s approach ensures that the bud aroma and most medicinal packages are also at your disposal during the vaping experience.

It is hard to deny that W vape pen partner farmers are mostly clean green certified, with potential growers’ partners having pending certification.  The company goes through these painstaking measures to put your well-being above profits. Experts select the most delicate cannabis flowers at the company that is extracted in small batches to give a consistency that ensures you have a consistent kick over and over.

The strain-specific supercritical CO2 extraction process is a solventless based one, as mentioned before, and with a keenness not to mix strains. It ensures if you are vaping on that True OG Indica 500 mg premium, the taste, potency, and experience are indeed and exclusively the strain. The terpenes are only reunited with the oil in the post-extraction process. It is a careful process that keeps you in mind.


Another great future of the W pen ingenuity is that it lights up with a mellow glow to put you right in the mood when taking that relaxing hit.  While the brand makes the pens with an inclination towards the medical segment, it doesn’t mean it should be a dull product to use; with a bit of subtle playfulness, the pen not a simple cumbersome thing you tag along with.

When you buy a W vape pen, you will realize that it comes pre-charged and pre-filled with the preferred cannabis oil. You can take your first hit just as soon as you unbox it. This hassle-free enabled experience is a time saver.

Make sure you watch this video to learn how the battery and cartridge works.


W Vape Pen Cartridges

Here are some of the cartridges found in their extensive offerings.

  • Durban Poison Sativa 500 mg
  • Wild Thai cartridge 0.5g
  • Spacecake Indica IG
  • Segerblom haze sativa 500 mg
  • Animal cookies hybrid IG
  • Fire OG hybrid premium
  • Sativa premium cartridge sour diesel
  • True OG Indica 500 mg premium
  • GG4 500 mg premium

Pros and Cons


  • Of a high quality
  • User friendly
  • Tastes better
  • Enhanced battery
  • Very potent
  • Available in strain-specific


  • It shouldn’t be stored above 77 degrees
  • Made of glass
  • It doesn’t last long
  • Five button-on push and five button-off push
  • Should always be kept upright


Here are some of the most asked questions about the W vape pen. The questions are accompanied by answers to help you if you find yourself in similar hitches.

How does the button work on the W-vape pen?

The button is meant to activate the battery to heat the cartridge. To put it on, you have to push it five times until it flashes.

This way, it is ready to heat the cartridge, so put the mouthpiece and take a hit; when you are done vaping, press it five times again to switch it off.

The battery keeps on blinking but doesn’t heat the cartridge?

When such a thing happens, there are two possibilities to the course of the problem. The cause could be that your battery has a low charge. Or, your pen might have lost connectivity between the battery and the cartridge.

All you need to do in such an instance is to ensure that the battery and the cartridge are entirely in sync and then try to activate the battery again.

How Long Does the Oil in the Cartridge Last?

To get to learn more about that please watch this video.



The w vape pen is designed to customize your vaping moments; the design and user-friendliness are something that you will love. Then again, organic pesticide flowers with no additives are used to make the high concentrated cannabis oil.

This signifies that your health is kept in mind when the product is being developed for your senses and body—not forgetting that the purity of buds brings pure joy. The product can be found in multiple dispensaries in California and Nevada. I highly recommend getting the vaporizer from UPENDS also.