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The Comprehensive Guide to the Best Vape Pens: High Delivery and Style

11th Jul 2023 | 501 | upends v

In recent years, vaping has gained immense popularity as a safer alternative to traditional smoking. Vape pens, also known as e-cigarettes or electronic vaporizers, have become the go-to choice for many enthusiasts. These compact and user-friendly devices offer a convenient way to enjoy the flavors and effects of various e-liquids and oils. With numerous options available on the market, finding the best vape pens can be overwhelming. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore and review some of the best vape pens to help you make an informed decision.


The UPENDS Gt is an innovative and unique vape pen that stands out from the crowd. It features patented Etchip™ coil technology, which allows for exceptional heating and vaporization of e-liquids. The GT utilizes disposable e-liquid pods called UPENDS Uppen Plus PCTG Tank, which provide a convenient and mess-free vaping experience 

The UPENDS Gt boasts a sleek and elegant design with a comfortable mouthpiece, making it a pleasure to use. It offers a draw-activated firing mechanism, eliminating the need for buttons or settings. With a focus on simplicity, the GT is perfect for beginners or vapers who prefer hassle-free operation.

One of the notable features of the UPENDS Gt is its long-lasting battery life. It utilizes a 450mAh battery, ensuring extended vaping sessions without frequent recharging. Additionally, the GT employs a USB Type-C charging port for quick and efficient charging.

The Etchip™ coil technology in the Gt delivers outstanding flavor and vapor production. The unique coil design allows for even heat distribution and prevents dry hits, ensuring a consistently satisfying vaping experience. The UPENDS Uppen Plus PCTG Tank pods are available in various flavors, providing vapers with a wide range of options to suit their taste preferences.

UPENDS prioritizes quality and safety, ensuring that the Gt meets international standards. The device is made from high-quality materials and undergoes rigorous testing to guarantee a reliable and durable vaping experience.

The UPENDS Gt stands out as an innovative and user-friendly vape pen with its Etchip™ coil technology and disposable UPENDS Uppen Plus PCTG Tank pods. Its sleek design, long-lasting battery, and exceptional flavor make it an excellent choice for vapers looking for a hassle-free and satisfying vaping experience. When considering the best vape pens, the UPENDS Gt deserves a spot on the list, offering a unique and enjoyable vaping experience for both beginners and experienced vapers.



Unique Etchip™ coil technology for exceptional heating and vaporization

Disposable UPENDS Uppen Plus PCTG Tank pods for convenience

Sleek and elegant design

Long-lasting battery life

Quick USB Type-C charging


Limited pod flavor options compared to some other brands

Vaporesso XROS

The Vaporesso XROS is a sleek and portable vape pen designed for both beginners and experienced vapers. It features an adjustable airflow system and comes with two different pods, allowing you to switch between mouth-to-lung (MTL) and direct-to-lung (DTL) vaping. The XROS offers excellent flavor production, a long-lasting battery, and convenient USB charging.

Vaporesso XROS:


Adjustable airflow for customization

Two pod options (MTL and DTL)

Excellent flavor production

Long-lasting battery life

Convenient USB charging


Limited e-liquid capacity compared to some other models

SMOK Nord 4

The SMOK Nord 4 is a versatile vape pen that caters to a wide range of vaping preferences. It utilizes replaceable coils and offers adjustable wattage, enabling you to customize your vaping experience. With its large battery capacity and a choice of pod or tank options, the Nord 4 ensures a satisfying vaping session with rich flavor and dense vapor production.

SMOK Nord 4:


Versatile with adjustable wattage

Replaceable coils for customization

Large battery capacity

Choice of pod or tank options

Rich flavor and dense vapor production


Some users have reported occasional leaking issues

GeekVape Aegis Boost Pro

Built for durability and performance, the GeekVape Aegis Boost Pro is a rugged vape pen suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It features a powerful battery, adjustable airflow, and a wide selection of compatible coils. The Boost Pro is also water, dust, and shock-resistant, making it an ideal option for vapers who lead an active lifestyle.

GeekVape Aegis Boost Pro:


Rugged and durable design

Powerful battery

Adjustable airflow

Wide selection of compatible coils

Suitable for outdoor use


Larger and bulkier compared to other vape pens

Vaporesso Luxe PM40

The Vaporesso Luxe PM40 is a stylish and compact vape pen that delivers exceptional performance. It boasts a large e-liquid capacity, adjustable wattage, and a long-lasting battery. The Luxe PM40 utilizes GTX coils, which provide outstanding flavor and vapor production. Additionally, its ergonomic design and intuitive controls make it a user-friendly option.

Vaporesso Luxe PM40:


Stylish and compact design

Large e-liquid capacity

Adjustable wattage

Long-lasting battery life

GTX coils for excellent flavor and vapor production


The fire button can be a bit sensitive for some users

Uwell Caliburn G

The Uwell Caliburn G is one of best vape pens known for its simplicity and reliability. It offers a draw-activated firing mechanism and utilizes replaceable coils. The Caliburn G has a compact form factor, a decent battery life, and a leak-resistant design. It is an excellent choice for MTL vaping enthusiasts who prioritize ease of use and flavor.

Uwell Caliburn G:


Simple and reliable design

Draw-activated firing mechanism

Replaceable coils

Compact form factor



Smaller battery capacity compared to other options


Selecting the best vape pens depends on personal preferences, vaping style, and desired features. The UPENDS Gt, Vaporesso XROS, SMOK Nord 4, GeekVape Aegis Boost Pro, Vaporesso Luxe PM40, and Uwell Caliburn G are all exceptional options that cater to different needs. When choosing a vape pen, consider factors such as battery life, e-liquid capacity, coil compatibility, and overall performance. It's crucial to prioritize safety and quality by purchasing from reputable manufacturers and using authentic products. Remember to familiarize yourself with local vaping regulations and practice responsible vaping habits. Ultimately, finding the best vape pen will enhance your vaping experience and help you achieve satisfaction in your journey to quit smoking or simply enjoy flavors more healthily.


What is a vape pen?

A vape pen, also known as an e-cigarette or electronic vaporizer, is a compact and user-friendly device used for vaping e-liquids and oils as a safer alternative to traditional smoking.

Why should I choose a vape pen?

Vape pens offer a convenient way to enjoy various flavors and effects of e-liquids and oils. They are portable, easy to use, and have gained popularity as a safer alternative to smoking.

How should I choose the best vape pens for myself?

When choosing a vape pen, consider factors such as battery life, e-liquid capacity, coil compatibility, overall performance, personal preferences, and vaping style. It's important to prioritize safety and quality by purchasing from reputable manufacturers and using authentic products.

Where can I purchase these vape pens?

These vape pens can be purchased from authorized vape shops, online retailers, and directly from the manufacturers' websites. Ensure you are purchasing from reputable sources to guarantee authenticity and quality.


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