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The best vapes for beginners. All Vaporizers for Vaping Beginners You Need to Use

22nd Sep 2021 | 277 | upends v

Do you know it all yourself? Then here's a section on vapes for beginners.

No introduction - first choose a puff: cigarette or free puff. Cigarette draw gives you less vapor, wastes less charge and liquid, while free draw gives you clouds, more flavor, and drains battery faster. If you have chosen, then let's proceed, first we will tell you about the best vapes for beginners on a cigarette draw, let's go.

This article is common to all cities and it may be that a certain device is not available in your city.

Cigarette-powered Budgets


The MINIFIT is the very first sub-system, at the time of its introduction there wasn't even such a term. It is a very miniature device, the size of your thumb, and despite the abundance of newer and more advanced compacts, the Minifit is still popular.

There's also the MINIFIT clone - a clone is a fake, a copy, a replica. In this case, the clone is relatively good, it works and is in high demand, but we would advise to take the original, especially since the price difference is negligible. Both devices work on cartridges, the battery is built in and lasts about a day. The flavor transfer is mediocre here, but the main purpose of the Minifit is to satisfy nicotine hunger, not to reveal the rich bouquet of flavors.


Vaporesso OSMALL.
It's practically MINIFIT, no appreciable difference, everything is also very good, also popular, cigarette, on built-in power... Just from another manufacturer, in the world of vaping Vaporesso is considered cooler.

OSMALL is tastier than MINIFIT, but can sneeze. Also, if you push hard on its bottom, for some unknown reason it can turn on (as if there is a button, but there is no button). But otherwise - good, tasty, handy, insanely easy and usable device, different colors below.


Elf Bar RF350.
This is a Podic from a disposable electronics company (very popular!), also an extremely simple device. Nothing is adjustable, there are no buttons, you fill up the cartridge and vaporize. You can not even fill the tank with your own vape, and buy one of the pre-filled variants, the flavors there are the same as in Elfbar disposables.

In practice empty cartridges will cost cheaper because the vaporizer life lasts for several refills, but if you want "like Jule" you can take one with the vapor at once. The Elf Bar RF350 is slow to charge, but at least it's Type-C, so you'll always have the cable you need on hand.

Budget cigarettes on a free puff

Up to 2000 rubles
What free-flowing vape is better to buy for a beginner if you are not ready to spend a lot of money? There are a lot of choices, but the price tag on a free-flow vape is generally higher, let's take a look:


Eleaf iJust AIO

This is a device with interchangeable vaporizers and a good battery. It is basically designed for a tight draw, but there is a vaporizer on the half free. It's not the best solution, because the vapor is "not cloudy" and the draw will be stifled, but it's super budget-friendly.


Vaporesso GTX GO 80

The price tag is higher, but it can still be considered a budget vape if we are looking at something for a free puff. In its class it is an extremely good vape for beginners: still compact, battery built in, good charging speed and as much as 80 watts (about 10 times more than the Minifit). The only disadvantage is the lack of power adjustment, the board itself decides what value is suitable for this or that vaporizer. Although so do not bother about the correct values, if you are not particularly versed in it so far.

Works on interchangeable vaporizers, of which there are a lot, including free and good flavor (because on the grid), with a lot of vapor. You can also use it on a tight draw if you choose the appropriate replacement coil. There is also an RBA base, that is a head where you have to install your coils - if you are aiming for the future and want to coil spirals yourself (it saves money).



This is an interesting Pod from HUGO, which specializes in the budget segment, where it has been popular and successful for several years, and in completely different classes.

HUGO Boxer AIO has display and power adjustments, can give up to 40 watts and most importantly, it is fed with interchangeable vaporizers from SMOK RPM. It is a big series, which has services and different puffs, including free puffs. In general, very good decision from HUGO - to release the device with good vaporizers and make it a little bit more interesting and cheaper than SMOK's analogues.


We take the original mod iJust S (without atomizer) and put on top of a cheap vaporizer or tank, what - you decide, there is a choice, with a high probability you will exceed two thousand, but only a little bit.

You get a built-in battery and power up to 80 watts, which is enough for clouds of vapor. However, drips are not really a "beginner's choice" because you have to rewind them. But you can go rewind to us or somewhere else, it's cheaper than buying replacement vaporizers.

As it seems to us, such a self-assembled kit is the best vape for a beginner - you can both wind up a disposable tank that serves about a week, there is free blow and cigarette blow, and choose something solid at once. If then you want another - please, there is already a mod, and if vice versa, then change only the mod.

Medium price segment

POD systems, POD systems, POD systems


Vaporesso Renova ZERO

There are a lot of colors and it is very popular. Cigarette, feeds with replaceable cartridges, medium battery, good quality. Super popular device, one of the best vape for beginners because of the extreme simplicity - just fill and smoke.

The attitude of buyers to ZERO double - some like it very much, and some hate it, so be careful.


Smoant Charon Baby

Super simple, compact, cigarette, "fill and steam". It is powered by replaceable vaporizers, you can pour any liquid, the autonomy is not the highest, but it is very beautiful, just "Wow".

By the way, since the end of 2020 Charon Baby is the best-selling vape in our assortment. Despite the extreme simplicity and not the highest specifications, this is the device that has earned itself fame. The color of choice is blue.


GeekVape Aegis Boost

There are many Aegis, and their main feature is IP67 protection. This means that Pod is not afraid of dust, moisture and shock, it is harder to break or pour liquid (but still possible, you should not kill it on purpose).

If you are a beginner and do not know anything about vaping, want a compact and simple, but with gadgets, it will be a very good choice. In its segment Aegis version Boost is one of the best e-cigarettes not only for beginners but in general. It has a tight and free puff, good battery, and for an extra fee you can buy a serviced base (if you want to do it yourself).


VooPoo DRAG X.

This is already "cool Pod", i.e. expensive, you need to buy an extra battery, there is a display and power settings. But it is relatively simple, powered by interchangeable vaporizers, for the beginner again "there is liquid, you can vaporize".

In the paradigm "I'm a beginner, but to grow up" DRAG X offers different vaporizers, both tight and free, separately there is a serviced base (need to buy more) and even an adapter to the 510 connector (to put regular tanks or drips instead of the cartridge). Also note that replacement batteries, although more expensive, but you can take a few to change if one runs out.

We would call this device "the best vape for a technical beginner", but only in the class of POD systems. If you don't feel bad about the money and the Pod format is good enough for you, here you go.

That's it, we will not look at more expensive pods, because there is nothing "much better", but there is more complicated, and this is not a format "for beginners". Let's move on to the kits.

Kits: expensive-rich

A kit is when the atomizer and the mod are interchangeable. For example, the Ijust from the example above is a kit, there you can replace either the tank or the mod itself (battery pack). Kits are more interesting than POD-systems precisely because of this: if you do not like atom - change it for a drip, lack of autonomy - take box mod for 2 batteries. So, kits:


iJust 3 or Pro

If in the budget segment we mentioned the iJust S, now let's talk about the iJust 3 and iJust 3 Pro - they are classics, some of the best e-cigarettes for beginners. Both work on interchangeable vaporizers, you do not need to coil anything, both on the built-in battery.

The vaporizers are identical, there is a lot of flavor and vapor, and the tank volumes are great. With the Pro version you can adjust the power, and the triple does it automatically, otherwise there is no big difference (only the design).

Compared to POD-systems, ready-made kits are more expensive, but for that money you get better flavor delivery and a lot more vapor. Both models are great as a vape for beginners, but if you do not need a lot of vapor, you can save money and stop at the version S, which was told above, it is also cheaper to use, because it eats less liquid and replaceable heads are cheaper.



And now the very top, really the best vape for a beginner: Vaporesso GEN or GEN S. They are almost identical kits (but the S version is newer) with a good maintenance-free tank, which is fed by vaporizers from iJust 3 and Pro - a mountain of flavor, tons of vapor, thanks to the grid heaters.

The battery pack itself is powered by 18650 batteries, you need two of them, they are not included, add to the cost. But autonomy is high, the power limit, in practice - no one ever need more power. If you get bored with the complete tank, you can replace it with anything, the battery pack is enough for any drip or bacodripku.

With the control is ambiguous - there are almost automatic modes, with which "refill, press a button", and there is a mountain of things customizable, this is one of the most functional chips. If you suddenly comprehend all the nuances of vaping you will not have to change the box mod, there is nothing better yet, as well as more functional. In general, "to grow up", and you can grow over the ceiling.

Top 10 vapes for beginners

Now without categories, prices or anything else, just our opinion on what we think is the best e-cigarette for a beginner. Let's go:


We don't recommend vaping exclusively disposable e-cigarettes, as they are generally worse than reusable ones and more expensive in the long run. However, to get acquainted with vaping, disposable cigarettes will be enough for a beginner - if you like it, you can look at something more basic, and if you can't give up tobacco, you'll save money.

If you're wondering what we consider a good disposable, here are the Top Disposable Electronic Cigarettes.


Already told about it above, as a cigarette device and in the most compact segment, this would be a very good choice - budget, tasty, quite autonomous.

Smoant Pasito

This is a deservedly popular Pod, relatively old and proven from all sides. The device is designed mainly for a tight draw and offers customization, interchangeable vaporizers and serviceable base. You can take it safely if you are for practicality.

There is also an older version of the Pasito - Pasito II Pod, there is a free puff, high power and a lot of vapor.


We told you about it above, in the "best vape for beginners in the mid-price segment" block. The device is cool, handy, unbreakable, and also beautiful. If it had an interchangeable battery, it would not be worth the price.

If you want a newer one, look at the Aegis Hero, it has slightly different characteristics and most importantly the format (box). The characteristics are not better or worse, but where-so-ever, so the main difference for the user is just the form factor.

Although wait, there are Aegis with replaceable batteries too! :) The Plus version gives you up to 40 watts, the Pro version - up to 100 watts, quite a monster. But it's big and heavy enough to hammer nails in.


We already told you about X, and S version is the same, only the power is built in. Both devices are easy to use, they are one of the best vapes for a beginner, and in the segment of POD-systems in general, judging by the technical data. Ready-made kits are of course cooler, but they are in a different class.

Of the minuses, they're not very pretty, for a lover. Both are large, there are smaller counterparts, and also the plastic flasks on top... in general you can not drop. If you like the appearance and the size, you can consider, our employees have these Pods in use.

The replacement for DRAG is the ARGUS line, it is still very new, but technically almost identical. We will not say that new is always better, it is not yet tested and not known, but keep in mind. The series similarly has a built-in and interchangeable battery, as well as a smaller version. If the ARGUS proves to be better than its predecessor, it will take its place in the ranking.

Smoant Knight 80 Pod Mod

Knight 80 is a lot like another device from Smoant, namely the second Pacito. This one also has 80 Watts of power and a bunch of different modes, but it is supplemented by an external battery of 18650 format, which positively affects the autonomy.

The cartridge holds 4 ml of liquid, there are maintenance-free and serviceable vaporizers, and with a special adapter you can use the heads from Pasito. Not only we think that Knight 80 is good, but the customers also think that it is one of the most popular devices in its niche.


We already told you everything above, let's add that despite the fourth place, it is the best choice if you need a lot of vapor. A lot of people start their vaping experience with these devices or their past generations, the "people's choice".

However, you will be limited to a relatively large amount of vapor, there are no tight vaporizers. Also take into account that the battery is built-in, over time it will degrade and the device will fall into disrepair, and replaceable batteries can be... replaced.

If you don't want this particular tank, but like the battery pack itself, it's sold separately. On top, you have to screw something of your own that you like, it can be a cigarette or something with clouds of vapor. However, self-assembled devices, it's not quite the "electronic cigarette for beginners" format, but just know: you can do it.


This is a kit, the little guy for 1 removable battery, which you can take a few and carry with you. The tank is on maintenance-free vaporizers, you can shove heads from iJust 3 into it, they are very cool, vapor mounts, the taste is maximum steep, there is no better yet (among the maintenance-free) (there are more powerful, but not better).

The board has a mountain of modes, but there are semi-automatic, so you do not adjust anything. Of the minuses: the lid prevents screwing super huge tanks, but almost all of the usual ones will fit here (if you want to change the tank, for example on a drip).

If you like the single-battery format and are willing to change the battery during the day, it's a very good option, better than iJust as there are more modes. But SWAG II is more expensive and don't forget to add the cost of the tanks, they are not included.

DRAG 2 with PnP

DRAG 2 is a two-battery box mod, simpler than Vaporesso, but pretty cool too. On the whole the kit has no weaknesses, you can put as maintenance free vaporizers with a free puff and a lot of vapor, and something cigarette, to smoke at low power. Well, you can change the tank for anything, but it makes no sense to change the box mod, it is cool enough to pull any atomizer.


About it we have already written, there is nothing to add - for a novice vaper there is no better option. But wait: there is also GEN Nano, it is the same, only smaller and with built-in battery. It has less power and autonomy, but it is tiny.