WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

The Best Vape Juice/E-Liquid Flavors List in 2021

2nd Apr 2021 | 196 | upends v

UPENDS guide to the Best Vape Juice/E-Liquid Flavors in 2021

As you start vaping or as an expert in the vaping world, you need different vaping equipment and other vaping facilitators, one of them being vape juice or sometimes referred to as e-liquids. We cannot accomplish vaping without mentioning vape juice. Vape juice is a viscous liquid that you can use to fill an electronic cigarette to give you the vaping hit of your choice and flavor.

Many vapers, more so beginners, complain over numerous vape juices that are available in the market. The high number of vape juices in the market makes it hard for you to choose the best for you that will satisfy your vaping needs. 

As experts in the vaping world, we have sort out the best vape juices. We have only set aside the highest quality premium brands that you can always count on. The listed vape juices here ensure that you enjoy the best flavor, smoothness in vaping, vaping consistency, and vape-ability.

Before getting to the best vape juices, let us first understand some fields related to vape juices;

  1. Which Flavors are Right for You? How to Choose?

Vape Juices differ in flavors and strength. Different vapers prefer different flavors and different strengths depending on the one that will work for you. 

In matters of flavor, here are the best flavors we have set aside, and you can choose them depending on your preference.

  • Menthol Flavor- this is the best flavor if you want to keep a cool vaping experience.
  • Nic Salts- this is a vape juice with a nicotine hit and is the best for you if you want to experience a bit of punch as you vape.
  • Tobacco Flavor- this is the best flavor that can give a smooth aromatic flavor. 
  • Fruit Flavor-this vape juice flavor gives you fruity flavors. They come in different common fruit flavors like strawberry.
  • Desert-this is the best flavor for you if you prefer sumptuous and sweet flavors.
  • Cereal Flavors- these are the best flavors that you will love if you are looking for breakfast flavors.
  • Pods- this gives you a collection of more flavor options. You can choose the pods if you want many other options to add to your preferred flavors.

There is a wide selection of flavors that you can choose from. If you are not sure of the flavor you need, let's keep reading; we are almost there;

  1. What are PG/VG Levels in Vape Juice?

Every vape juice in the market comes with its own PG: VG ratio. The PG: VG vape juice that you choose depends on your preference on whether you want a strong throat hit or you want a large vaping cloud. 

If you choose a vape juice with a high VG ratio, then you choose a chunk of massive clouds and a super smooth hit on your throat.

On the other hand, a high PG ratio gives you a strong throat hit but less vaping cloud.

  1. Nicotine Salts Vs. Juice: What are Nicotine Salts?

The nicotine salts and nicotine juice only differ in strengths and the vape sub-ohms that they can be used in. Whereas the nicotine salts come with high nicotine and can be used in low-wattage sub-ohms, the nicotine juices give you a friendly hit, and it is used in high-wattage sub-ohm devices.

You need to understand the nicotine salts, a very strong form of vape juice that is designed to work well on low-power vaping sub-ohms. Since it is used in low-wattage sun-ohm devices, it produces fewer vapors. It is advisable that you use the nicotine salts on low-wattage sub-ohm devices as they are strong nicotine strength and if you use it in a high-wattage sub-ohm since this can result in a harsh throat hit, making vaping unpleasant.

Safety Advice

Vape juices are meant to be consumed and to be accessed by adults alone. For safety;

  • Make sure you choose the correct PG: VG ratio to make sure you enjoy the best vaping experience.
  • Keep your vape juice and vaping equipment out of reach of children and other minors. Make sure you dispose of all the used vape bottles well to prevent your kids from accessing them.
  1. Top 5 Vape Juice Brands

Here are the best vape juice brands that you can count on;

Aqua Vape Juice

Aqua vape juice is among the top vape juices that you can always trust. If you need a straight fruit vape juice with a refreshing and crisp vape to feel, then always go for Aqua Vape Juice.

Aqua Vape Juice combines a trio of fruits that blends it with a flavorful vape juice. It brings together a blend of Mango, Pineapples, and super-sweet guava that gives you the best vaping experience.

Some of the best Aqua vape juices that you can trust include Aqua Flow vape juice, Aqua-Pure vape juice, Aqua Rainbow Drops vape juice, Aqua-Pure Ice vape juice, Aqua original Oasis nicotine salt, and many more that you can choose.

Candy King Vape Juice

Candy King Vape Juice is another vape juice brand that you can always count on as a beginner vaper and expert vaper.

Candy King Vape Juices are deliciously yummy, sweet, and sour, which provides the vapor and goodness you must crave.

Candy King Vape Juice comes in different flavors, giving you the freedom to choose the best depending on your preference. Some of the top flavors include; Sour worms, Candy king strawberry and watermelon, Swedish, Batch, and many more.

Humble Vape Juice

With Humble Vape Juice, you will have the opportunity to choose from the mouth-watering and a wide selection of different flavors like Creamy, Tropical and Fruits, Menthol, and even tobacco mixes.

Many vapers all over the globe love and adore Humble Vape Juice because of the wide collection of flavors that you can choose from. Their availability in the leading vape shops also make it easy for vapers to access them and enjoy vaping.

Grab your Humble Vape Juice today and redefine your vaping experience.

Naked 100 E-Juice

With Naked 100 E-Juice, you will also find the best vape juices ranging from tropical pineapples, tasty tangerines, tangy oranges that will light up your vaping experience. You will also enjoy the best flavor that brings together the taste of citrus fruits and powerful nicotine salts.

From Naked 100 E-Juices, you can decide to choose vape juices like Naked 100 Menthol vape juice, Naked 100 Lava Flow vape juice, Naked 100 Strawberry vape juice, Naked 100 Melon Kiwi vape juice, and many more.

You will access Naked 100 E-Juices in different capacities, including 100ml, 40ml, 60ml, and 30ml. This will depend on your vaping frequency.

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  1. Conclusion

Vape juices play an important role in the vaping world. Choosing the right vape juice will translate to the best vaping experience. Before landing on a specific vape juice, make sure you check its strength and flavor to make sure you choose your favorite vape juice.